3 simple steps to gather leads | Ep. #13

3 simple steps to gather leads - Ep. #13

Hi, my name is Phillip Stemann, and I’ll be learning you how to succeed with your website.

No matter what type of company you are, you need leads, it could be a potential buying customer. It could be a lead for your email lists, your newsletter, or it could be a lead for a product that you offer or a service. Today, I have three steps for you on how you gather leads easily, but it require an amount of work for you.

The three steps are first. You need to get to know your target group. You need to gather information about who they are, what are their pain points and more. I’ll dig into this, don’t worry. Then you need to process all of this information and data. And based on this analysis, you need to make what’s called an info product. More on that later. Let’s get started.

So you need to get to know your target group. This you do by asking them questions. It’s important you don’t ask them what they need because they don’t know what they need. If they knew, they would basically just go out and find it. You need to ask questions around that subject, you need to ask questions about their pain points. What issues do they have during the day that you maybe can solve with an info product? What do they want to learn more about based on all this data that you gather from them. You can process this and move further. But before you do so, the way you gather this information is either by calling them doing a survey or doing polls on your website.


It’s a great plugin for WordPress, you can make all the surveys and forms you need and easily distribute them on your website, definitely worth a try.

If you choose to do polls via your website and you’re using WordPress, I can recommend the plugin called WPForms. Otherwise, TypeForm is a great alternative and it’s very intuitive and with TypeForm you can also make surveys. A protip when you start gathering information about your target group. Make sure that you save all the information even when they’re not done. We often see that people, they start on the survey and then halfway they just stop because maybe it’s too long or they got a question they couldn’t answer or they got a question they didn’t like.

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    For instance, you could ask, what is your email or what is your phone number? And maybe this potential lead didn’t like that, and then they dropped out. But then you’ve basically lost all of their information. So make sure that whatever tool you’re using is saving all the information on the fly. Now, when you have all of this information from your target group, you need to process it. You need to figure out based on all this what pain points are going through each of these leads.

    What do they have in common? Because based on all of this data, you need to make what’s called an info product and info product is basically a text format. It could be an ebook. It could be videos, images, infographics. And what I often recommend is that you basically do all of them. You don’t have to do an e-book videos and infographic, but the more you do, the better.


    TypeForm is a great tool to build intuitive user friendly forms for your visitors to easily go through and answer questions.

    Because try to imagine you in the school images in the books. Did you did you read through all of those school books? Because I certainly didn’t. But nowadays videos works so well and I know an infographic works as well. However, it takes an amount of time and you need to make sure that you have the time to do this, because if you just go ahead and do an info product immediately, it might be a waste of time if it’s not based on data. That’s why the first step is so important.

    It’s so important that you gather information where you figure out what is the pain points from your target group and how can you solve that. Of course, you don’t have to ask how you can solve it. You need to ask them around this subject. For instance, if you’re in the plumbing business, then ask them what issues do they have during the week that they would like to be able to solve themself? What is annoying them about their plumbing?

    Is there an infographic you can make that’s going to solve this? Then go ahead and do it right away. And when you have these three steps, then it starts to get funny because then you put it on your website. Let’s say you have made an infographic and an e-book. Then on your website you make a landing page where you basically offer this info product completely free. The only thing you ask for in exchange is their email or maybe even their phone number.

    People don’t care about giving that up. They just want the free stuff. And if it’s relevant to their problem, then it’s even better. And based on this, you can see now that you start to get phone numbers and emails and all of this is the leads that you need to process.

    So just to sum up, gather information and get to know your target group. Process and analyse all of this data, make the info product. And when you have these three steps, make a landing page on your website. It could even just be a section on your website and then start to gather those leads.

    Thank you for listening, guys. I hope it’s been helpful today. Remember to leave a review wherever you are listening to this podcast. Let’s catch up on the next one.

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