3 simple tips on how a search option can higher your conversions | Ep. #1

3 simple tips on how a search option can higher your conversions - Ep. #1

Hi, my name is Phillip Stemann, and I’ll be learning you how to succeed with your website.

Therefore, you can see that you’re really cutting down the seconds between the visitor visiting your website and the visitor finding the product. The same happens with articles. If you’re a service website or you are a blog that writes articles. Well, if a customer visits your website, they probably come into an article you have written, and if they like your article, they would like to find other articles. And having a search option makes it really, really easy for them to find it.

Well, now you have a search option. And for that, I have three tips for you with one pro tip the first tip is when they start searching in your search option, you should suggest them options. So let’s say that I start searching for a knife on a website. Well, then you should just different types of knives. So I know, OK, you have these different types of knives, so I will not spend time searching for other types.

And you do this simply by showing suggestions in a drop down under the search option where I type, again this makes the seconds between me visiting your website to me finding what I need shorter. This can easily be done by plugins to your website. The second tip is if they search for a product or an article that you don’t have, then do not give them a dead end. What I mean by that is you should never give them a blank page.

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    It’s fair enough that you don’t have the product or the article that they are looking for, but you might have something similar. And giving them the option to go some other place to find another article or another product is gold to you. Imagine that you search for a product and you just get a blank page saying we don’t have this product, then you don’t know what to do. And instantly you think, OK, I will go to another website to find this product.

    However, if you suggest, let’s say, similar products or a similar article, well, I might be interested in checking it out. Therefore, do never give a visitor a dead end.

    The last tip, which is my pro tip, is that you should save all your searches, even the empty ones. The reason being, imagine you have a website and you sell kitchen equipment and you get a lot of searches on a specific plate. You don’t have this plate, but a lot of people search for this plate. Well, if you save your empty searches, then you will be able to see what people are looking for. And you might be thinking about adding that to your website.

    So when the next one come and search for it, you will have the product. The same goes for articles. If you see that a lot of people are searching for a review on something that you normally write about, but you don’t have the review on this specific product. Well, maybe you should make a review on this product. So the next people that comes and search for it, they will see this new article. Well, how do you do this then?

    There are two simple ways you can do this. You can either do it via Analytics, Analytics is a very diverse way of doing it and will be able to work on all website types. Of course, it requires that when you search the search query needs to be in the url, but it often is. The other way is that if you’re using a system like WordPress or Joomla or Shopify, well then there is most likely a plugin that can solve this for you.

    And this plugin might also solve the other tips I have given you.

    So I hope these three tips will benefit you. And thank you for listening. Let’s catch up on the next one.

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