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Running ads in 2021 can be so exhausting and how do you even get started? You have to create ad accounts, you have to create pages and so much more. And because of this then today’s product showcase is AdYouNeed. AdYouNeed is a platform where you can advertise on Facebook and Google right now. Furthermore, Instagram in the near future, they will at TikTok, which I will talk about later in this video. Furthermore, they have an AI algorithm that can help you easily set up your audience.

So you are sure that your ads are targeted to the right people within two minutes using ads you need, you will have your entire ad set up ready to go. So without further ado, let me show you AdYouNeed and what it can do for you. Signing into AdYouNeed this is the dashboard where you can do everything from, as you can see already up here, we have the TikTok logo, which is coming soon, and then we have the Google logo, which is what I’m running on now.

If I had added Facebook as well, it would lay up here also. Furthermore, down here, we have an overview of all our campaigns. On this demo account I’ve just added Nifty PM review. It’s a previous YouTube video I’ve made where I have set up a campaign for this. And I will show you in a minute how you set up a campaign. As of right now, they support Instagram, Facebook and Google and everything begins with you creating a business.

I have already created my business here, but let me just take you through the process, it is quite simple. In here all you have to do is upload a logo enter your business name, choose your business category, whether it’s e-commerce, local store, marketing agency, freelance marketing or other. And then based on whether you want to run Google, Facebook or Instagram ads, then you need to connect your account to it. So if I want to run Facebook ads, I would connect my account and choose a page and then ad account.

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Or if I wanted to run Google or both, then I would connect my ad account. And when that’s done, you are ready to create ads. In here you can see how it looks with my business where I have uploaded my logo. I have my business name, business category and the different channels that I’m advertising on. At the moment I’m only advertising on Google and I will take you through the process just in a moment on how we create a campaign.

So the overall design and everything within AdYouNeed is very simple and to the point. We have our dashboard where we can see basically everything about our campaigns, the budget, the impressions clicks, CTR, the click through rate. How many is clicking compared to how many seeing it, the CPC, how much we pay per click our conversion rate, if that’s what we’re tracking, the total spend and all of our conversions in an amount. And then we can fast and easy disable or enable our campaign, which is running right here.

And they do also have so you can do it on multiple campaigns at the same time. Then you just click the button here and then you click, edit or disable enable up here based on what it is you want to do. Furthermore, over here we have our accounts, which I have connected. I have connected both of my Facebook Instagram account and my Google account. And when they have TikTok, I can create an account and attach it here as well.

As you can see, they have more platforms coming, and they do have a voting down here where you can vote on the platforms you would like to see the next. The last element over here is their small university they have made, where you can see how you use AdYouNeed how to use it in general, what it is, how you create an ad and how you optimise an ad. Because the whole optimising point is basically where you see what target group converts the best for your campaign and then you just filter away all of the other target group that makes no sense for your campaign.

Now let’s try and go in and create a new campaign. So as you can see here, I have not connected Facebook, Instagram to my business, only to my AdYouNeed account, so I can only choose Google and soon, hopefully I can choose TikTok, but let’s just choose Google in this case. And then we choose whether we want dynamic search ad or display ads, which is also coming soon. So at the moment I can only choose dynamic search ads.

Here at this moment I choose whether I want conversion or I want traffic to my website. If I want conversion, I need to choose an event which I can’t right now because I do not have any events. So we’ll just use traffic to my website. Down here we need to give the campaign a name. So I’ll just call this YouTube campaign and then go to the next step where it is that we need to define our audience. Now, in the intro I talked about that they had an AI algorithm that could help you define your audience.

This does not work within Google. It only works within Facebook at the moment. I hope that in the future they will add this so it works across all of the platforms that AdYouNeed support. But we can filter away on location what website we want to link to and our audience name we can give it, so we can say that, for instance, we want to target Germany, and we want to target France. The website I want them to go to is not all of my pages.

It is a specific page. So I will just tell them to go to my front page down here. My website language is in English and the target audience I choose is also in English. But you can choose all of the languages right here and the same in website language it is basically the same. In the last part we need to give the audience a name. We’ll call this Germany and France. And then we go to our next step where here we basically set up our ad.

As you can see up here, they have an ad score where they help us show how you can have better ad score and how your ad can perform better. And based on these elements, the more of them you perform, the better. Your ad will hopefully perform. But we can add here a description, description one and description two for this specific ad. And then we can make different variations and by making multiple variations, we’ll also make it possible to A/B test and choose the one that just performs the best.

As you can see here, when I start to type description one, description two, then it also shows it in the image over here. However, the dynamic generated headline is because it takes what it finds relevant based on what searched. So, for instance, this one is a YouTube ad, so let’s say that they search something about YouTube, then they will take the keyword that the person has searched on and put into the headline so that when the searcher searches on this, they find my ad extremely relevant for what they’re searching for.

Now, I can also add more variations down here. So let’s call this a version two description one. And I’ll just add one more variation, because up here, it says that we have to create at least three ads, which will add 40 percent to our ad score. Now, down here, we have our ad extensions where we can add Sitelinks, call outs and call extensions. The more of these we add the higher ads score we’ll get again. So let’s try and add some sitelink extensions right here.

We need to give it a text, a description, one description two, and the URL. It’s the same as we saw up here. Now, I have added two sitelinks. As you can see right here. We have added an about me sitelink and a contact me sitelink these will be shown under the ad. One thing I’m missing here is that they are not showing it in the ad example. I think this ad example is so great, but it should also include these extensions for me to get an idea of how it looks.

Furthermore, down here, we can add some CALL-OUT extensions, which is just 2 texts. This can be if you are a webshop, it can be free shipping or it can be free shipping above 500, or it can be contacted me today and get this offer and so much more. This is just text to encourage them to take action on your ad. I have added this now. Again, it is not showing in the ad example.

And the last one is our call extension where we can add our phone number. Let’s just choose Denmark because I’m from Denmark and we’ll just add a number right here. Now we have filled out everything and it is still not showing in the example. I hope that they will fix that in the future because it’s helping me creating a better ad. But we can now go to the next step, which is where we see everything and we choose our budget and what time that this ad should run for.

So let’s say that the budget for this ad should be 20 DKK per day and it should be ongoing. So I will stop it one day when I feel that now it’s time to stop it. Here it’s showing in DKK and I’ll now publish now. And as you can see, it’s showing in Euros it is a small mistake and do not get confused by it. It is just a temporary bug because it is keeping the currency that you just chose.

Now the ad is ready and you can see that it has created the campaign right here. It is running and in Google ads it has now also set this up so it is ready to run. So now I have two campaigns which is running using 20 DKK per day, both of them, which add up to, of course, 40 DKK per day. It’s just that you have to be aware of this, it is not sharing the budget of 20 DKK.

Now, when this starts to get some traction and get some data and some statistics, then we can start to optimise on this. For instance, our Nifty PM review right here. When this starts to gain traction and statistics and data, then we can see what type of target group is clicking on my ad and is actually watching my video or is spending a certain amount of time on my page because the longer time they spend, the better of a conversion this is in my case.

And if I see that, for instance, 18 to 25, they are not spending so much time, they’re just always clicking away from my ad. Well then maybe I should exclude them. Or if I see that people from France, specifically from France, they don’t like my ad because they don’t click on it, or they click on it, and they quickly just go away from my website. Then again, I should exclude France.

And this is the way that you optimise your entire campaign. I hope they do give more features in the future. And I will also talk about that in a moment. But this is just a great way to easily get started and just set up your campaigns and how you optimise everything. In here you have the statistics element. Right now it’s not showing anything because there is no data on this ad. But in here you can also fast edit your ad if you want to change either the language, the website or the domain, it goes to or you want to update the start date, end date or even the extensions that we have set in here, then you can also easily do that.

The last thing I just quickly want to show you is their entire FAQ and help section. They have 42 articles in here on how you use your ads or what you do in certain situations. For instance, if it’s rejected how you set up a Facebook pixel because this you need in order to run Facebook ads successfully. What is the AI finder. How can I send a screenshot to the support team. Less relevant for your advertising, but it’s just for them to be able to fast help you help them.

What is retargeting? How can you get in touch with support and so on. By having all of these articles it makes it so much easier for you to easily make changes and fast change your advertising, because the longer you wait, the more money you basically throw out the window. It’s so important that your advertising is always relevant for your target group. Taking a look at the pricing structure of AdYouNeed, it is very simple, they do have two plans.

The first plan, which is the starter plan, cost 50 US dollars and their full plan, where you get all the features, cost 100 US dollars. This might seem like a lot of money for you, but when we take a look at the competitors AdEspresso and Wordstream, it is quite in there, in between. All of them has one plan that cost 50 US dollars. But when you take a look at the future for AdYouNeed, it is really justified in the price.

They are adding so many extra products that you can advertise on and using AdYouNeeds platform, you can easily get started within minutes, as you just saw when I showed you. When I started out using AdYouNeed, I had some issues in the beginning, which is why I used their support. They do have a live chat support, and they answer within a day. So that’s great, because when it comes to advertising, if you do not get answers and can make changes within a day or so, then you might lose a lot of money because it’s expensive to advertise to the wrong people or to the wrong audience or just to a wrong market.

Which is why it’s great that I’ve got a very fast response from AdYouNeed. Going back to the competitors WordStream and AdEspresso they are right in there between AdEspresso is definitely the biggest player in the market at the moment. However, they do only support Google and Instagram and Facebook and it is the same as AdYouNeed now, but AdYouNeed is adding way more platforms in the future, as mentioned TikTok, but they are also adding more platforms within Google, and they are looking into LinkedIn ads and YouTube ads.

So when we take all that into account, that I definitely see AdYouNeed with a more interesting future compared to the competitors. Furthermore, the design of AdYouNeed is so appealing and it’s so modern in 2021, whereas AdEspresso is a little bit behind, so I’m definitely sticking with AdYouNeed and I can wait it out and wait for the future because it’s going to be very exciting. And talking about the future. They are working on TikTok as mentioned and that will come as the next big platform that you can use.

And what’s cool about the platform, as you just saw, you can get started within minutes. So if you want to test out TikTok, you don’t have to allocate hours to set up an ad account and figure out how to do these ads. You can just get started right away. Furthermore, I’m using an app called Crello and AdYouNeed right now is integrated with Canva, but they are also going to integrate with Crello in the near future, which is going to make it so much easier for me to create Facebook Ads in this sense.

They are also expanding their Google platform where they’re going to add Google Smart Display ads. Again, this is great because using their platform, you can test it out within minutes. And that’s the overall greatness of AdYouNeed. In their Facebook segment, they are also adding another platform type called Facebook Creative Dynamic Ads. Again, if you want to try this out, you can do it within minutes when it is that they have added it to their platform.

So with all these features getting added and all the new platforms and them working on improving the platform and making it more easy for us to optimise our ads, it’s just going to be so interesting to see where AdYouNeed is going to end up in the future. Using AdYouNeed I’ve definitely been able to optimise my advertising and just make better ads in general. I can easily optimise them. I can easily test out new audience using the AI algorithm and I can just in general works so much more efficient.

It’s great with a platform that utilises all of these elements. I do, however, hope that they will start to take the elements from Google Ads more. As you know, if you’re using Google Ads, they have this recommendations tab. It would be so awesome if we could get that recommendation tab within AdYouNeed. So we in there could optimise our ads based on the recommendations from Google. And if you do feel excited, as I am about AdYouNeed, then you can test it out completely free.

They do have a 7 day free trial where you can sign up and test out the product completely. And if you do like what you see, then you can sign up for their premium plan and continue your advertising. So, yeah, that’s my review of AdYouNeed if you liked the video, please give it a thumbs up. If you’re new to this channel, don’t forget to subscribe. And if you have any questions about AdYouNeed or other products you would like me to review, please leave a comment down below.

Thank you so much for watching. Let’s catch up on the next one.

Phillip Stemann
Phillip Stemann
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