Build a Web app with me – Choose your favourite idea | Episode 1

I have been so excited to start this series with you. In this series, we are going to build a web app together. I will take you through a journey where we will end up with a web app and I will ask you for feedback and direction in the entire process.

My plan is to reward everyone when we have an MVP ready to launch. In today’s episode, we need to figure out what idea is the most interesting for you. I will present two ideas that I have built out and all I need you to do is to go in the comment section below and like the comment with the idea you like the most. And if you have any feedback or ideas, please do also comment them. Now the first idea I want to share with you is a project management software built for freelancers.

And the reason why is because freelancers are increasing more and more.

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And my idea about this project management software, is not like we see it with, Trello and Asana. We will build this project management software in a way that’s not seen before. My first idea is to start out by building an estimation module. This will help you estimate all of your project so you are sure that you always do the right estimation for your client. Now this is the first module that I want to build in with you in the project management software.

Later on I have more great ideas like integrations to multiple other project management software and why this is important is because as a freelancer often your client is using their own project management software. And to avoid that, you have to go into five, six different project management software. Then you can stay within one project management software and bascially control all of the other software out there with just one login.

Furthermore, small ideas I have is to build an offline desktop app so you can take your computer and sit without internet somewhere and then you can still work on the project. So basically the idea to collect everything within one software and this is not only based on my own experience, but other freelancers that I have heard it from. So please do also share your opinion on it and give this video a like if you really liked that idea.

Now my second idea is an affiliate dashboard. The reason being that I and many other affiliaters have this problem that you have to go into multiple different affiliate systems like ShareASale, and many more in order to see how it’s going and track our progress.

This is very time consuming, and often you lose the overview very fast. Now my idea is to build a dashboard where we collect and fetch the data from all of these different platforms into one platform, so you can access all of your data from links, clicks, revenue and even impressions within one system. This will save us an enormous amount of time, and we will never lose the overview again. My idea is to integrate with the largest systems first, like Impact and ShareAsale, and then later on, go to stuff like Tapfiliate and all those minor systems to build it in into one system.

That is my second idea. If you liked that idea, please go down in the comment section and like the comment with that idea. When we have chosen the idea, I will ask you to help me test and give me feedback on what direction we need to go with that idea. But that will be in the next video. Thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to vote and leave your feedback.

Phillip Stemann
Phillip Stemann
I have been in the software industry for 10+ years, and I’ve gathered a ton of experience I’m sharing with you. I test out tools each week and share my findings with you, for you to easily choose the right software for your needs. I have so far reviews many types of software and even built software myself, it’s a huge passion for me.