Copy Shark – More than 50+ AI Copywriting Tools

Copy Shark - More than 50 AI Copywriting Tools

Having a lot of AI tools sounds great, but is it really great? Todays productshowcase is Copy Shark and they have more than 50 AI tools where you can produce anything from a product description to Amazon until a YouTube description for your video. They have built an entire university around all of these tools so you can easily get started and generate the best possible content. But the big question is 50 AI tools. Are they all then really that good? Let’s dive in and find out.

Here we are in Copy Shark, and then we can basically just generate content. However, I just said that they have more than 50 tools. And when we take a look here, there are not 50, and that’s because this is just a selection of some of the tools that Copy Shark offers, because if we go into the menu over here, you can see that they have a lot of different tools under each of these menu points.

And one of the things that I haven’t seen in other AI tools is the product description for Amazon. Of course, this is just a product description where they have used the Amazon logo, but it gives me another vibe about this product description tool which we will test out in a minute. As you can see up here, they have the Copy Shark University. In here you can learn everything from the onboarding process to how you get better results and different examples on how to fill out the different tools, directions and so on for you to get the best possible output.

Furthermore, down here, we have our settings. But one thing, I’m really missing and that I haven’t personally figured out is how to save the content you generate because I can generate content without issues. However, if I want to save it, it’s not possible. The only thing I can do is that I can copy it and I can make more of this type of product description in this case, I can’t save my generated content. And that’s a huge bummer.

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    If you ask me. That should be a huge, huge priority for them to get fixed right away. But without further ado, let’s try and generate some product descriptions as mentioned. I have just now filled out a brand name and a product description. This is for a piece of software. So this is not a physical product. So it will be interesting to see how it can generate content for this. Now a cool thing is that we choose here our input language and you can write in these different languages.

    And then of course, you can choose the output language you want the language to come out in. Which means that you can actually write content in English and then get content in Portuguese, for instance. Furthermore, down here, you can choose how creative you want the AI algorithm to be. To be honest, I haven’t seen the biggest difference when I choose a high output of creativity and a low output of creativity. But without further ado, let’s try and generate a product description with one hundred percent of creativity and English input language and English output language.

    So here is the result and I’m actually kind of impressed by the results we see here. The first one is talking about how can streamline your business and improve how you work with your clients. It integrates with all the tools that you use email, video conferencing, messaging apps and more. This is not truly correct, but I understand where they’re going and this can easily be changed. Furthermore, they also mention it’s one central place for sharing information about schedules, budgets, staff rosters.

    So this last sentence is maybe more directed to a business management tool and not so much a project management tool. But the idea is there and this can definitely be turned around into something useful. Now, the next one product description two here has some good elements and some less good elements. It, says the is based in San Francisco and in Sydney and it makes project collaboration about process over tools. So this is kind of great. This needs to be changed, of course, because is not based in San Francisco or in Sydney, but the next part is good where it says use our intuitive Web based software or join your existing tools like Slack, Flow, BitBucket, etc., to close the loop between processes and tech teams by adding useful features like notifications and so on.

    Overall, it’s good, but it needs some alterations in order to be perfect. Now the last one has missed the target quite a lot. It is talking about freelancers. Who is the target group of, however, it’s just talking about these freelancers and how you can choose projects will be Upwork, 99designs, Freelancer and Google Drive, Dropbox.

    It is talking about integrations, which is a big thing for, but it’s not specific enough and it’s talking just way too broad. Now let’s try and generate some content in another language to see how it actually goes. Now, luckily they have Danish, which is my native language, so I will try to generate the output language in Danish just to see how the results are. Now this is the result in Danish and it’s OK. It’s not perfect Danish, but it is OK.

    There are some words that it doesn’t translate, for instance, job roles, but it is great to see that it actually generated new content. However, the first piece of content here is not so relevant. The next one, though, is quite relevant, even though this is not translating one hundred percent correct. The next product description is better. It’s still not very good, but it’s better. However, it’s still not translating this part here and the last one is basically the same as this one.

    So the value here is not that big, to be honest. Now let’s try and move on and try and test their blog intro, because this is a tool that I have tested out in all the other AI tools that I have made. So I will try and enter my brand name and my product description, apparently. So here is the thing that I’m in the blog intro generator, and it should, if you ask me, ask for a blog headline and a description of this blog post.

    But it is still asking for brand name and a product description. I have now entered a heading 7 SEO tips for boosting your Shopify store traffic and a description for this heading over the years, the Shopify platform and so on. So let’s try and generate blog intros to see how it does. Notice here that the creativity of the output is 85 percent and then let’s see if we can see any difference compared to the last time where we had it on one hundred percent.

    So here the results are and it’s a big mix. The first one is OK, but it’s talking very generic about SEO. However, it could be a start. The next one is very short where it’s also just talking in general about SEO. It’s not until the third one we see down here where they actually mention Shopify and they are starting more general to talk about Shopify and their user base and, then they narrow it down to talk about SEO and rankings and how does it happen and options.

    So this one is actually quite good. Now, the last one blog intro 4 is very generic. It’s not talking about SEO at all, but it is talking about Shopify. But I would like to see more SEO talk as we see here. So I would definitely go with this one here. However, notice here that it says source. It looks like it’s missing something or this is a link to a source somewhere. However, it is still not very good.

    In the last tool I want to show you is the SEO home page title and meta descriptions tool. Here it is great that it says brand name, but again, product description. It’s not correct. It needs to say brand description or home page description or something similar to that. Another thing that I noticed in this design is that every time that I click on a tool, then you can see it loads the tool and closes down the menu, which means that I lose the overview a bit of where I am.

    It’s a small thing, but it helps a lot. Furthermore, if you take this Copy Shark tool on a big screen, the design cracks a little bit and it’s showing some weird elements that they should definitely fix. So it’s very easy to see that they have been focussing on tools and not so much on the overall quality of the app. But I will talk more about that later. Now, I have taken Nike as an example here where I entered a description of Nike.

    I have added some keywords and I’m just keeping it English, English. Here we don’t have the creativity possibility, do however, notice that I went over the limit here and it did not stop me from doing that. So let’s see whether that has any problems. It is now done and there were no problems with the keywords. However, the results are not that good. I wanted results talking about Nike being a clothing brand, a shoe brand, helping athletes and so on.

    But the first one is talking about the mental side of lawsuits helping you win even when a judge thinks you’re lying. Nike, that’s as incorrect as it can be. And when you go further down in the description where talking about Nike’s elite team of trial consultants, this one is a huge, huge miss. And the same with the next one. Where talking about five years of working with Nike, where I see the future. It’s more like an article headline it has nothing to do with a website headline for a home page.

    And the same when we take a look at the next one, where talking about SEO. Where talking about a SEO, this is a huge miss. So overall, this tool is not very well working. And I will also talk a little bit about this in a minute, because they do have a lot of tools. But if you have a lot of tools, and they are not working well, should you really focus on that many tools then? The last tool I want to show you is creating ad text.

    Because Copy Shark has made so many ads on Facebook and on Instagram where they show you that they can generate text for Facebook ads. So this must be the tool that they’re really good at. So let’s see. I have now taken the competitor to Nike, which is Adidas, and then I have entered a product description. Here in this field I can’t actually not enter more, so here the limit is working. Now I’ve set the input language to English, the output language to English and creativity at 85 percent.

    So let’s try and generate a Facebook ad. So the ad is now generated and it’s so generic it’s way too generic to have any basis in it. It’s talking about that we are doing 20 percent discount of your purchase and this is just way too generic, especially for Adidas. And Adidas is such a huge brand. So I’m a bit disappointed to see this text generated. Now, my brand name was quite short because it is just Adidas, but I have now tried to add a little bit more to see if it does any difference.

    So here it gets a little bit more specific. Where talking about gear and it’s actually mentioning Adidas, this is definitely better than the one before, however, it is still not specific enough because what is gear, it is just mentioning gear. But let’s try and say make more and see how this works. See again here, the ad highlights the support of cushioning of the revolution for the shoe from Adidas. This is great, but it’s not great for any Facebook ad.

    It needs to be selling. It needs to sell this revolutional for the shoe from Adidas. It is not doing here. It is talking about that the ad is highlighting it. Furthermore, when I press make more, it’s actually deleting this one instead of creating a new version down here. On top of that, when I can’t save my generated content, it just makes it even more difficult. So the overall UX part of using Copy Shark is just not good enough at the moment.

    Taking a look at Copy Shark’s pricing structure, it is as simple as it can be. They have one plan, whereas you can choose to pay monthly or yearly. If you do choose to pay yearly, you will get premium support. Taking a look at the competitors. It is definitely Nichesss and Writesonic as I see it. The reason being that Nichesss also has a ton of tools. They do not have 50 tools, but they have so many tools.

    The biggest difference, though, is that Nichesss content generation is just superb, whereas Copy Shark, as you saw, is a little bit mixture. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes less good, whereas Writesonic also has a lot of tools, and they are adding constantly tools, but at a slower tempo, which means that they have more time to work with their tools and perfect them. Whereas Copy Shark I feel like a little bit they have just pushed out the tools as soon as they were ready in the MVP phase.

    And I really hope that Copy Shark in the future will take this seriously and maybe even remove some tools or stop creating new tools and start to optimise their current tools, because they do have great tools, and they have tools that their competitors does not have. For instance, the Amazon product description, when you have that many tools that are not working that well, you lose the value a little bit. I rather want 10 tools that work to perfection, than 50 tools that works maybe once or twice every other day.

    So that’s definitely a focus. I tried to reach out to the owner of Copy Shark, but I haven’t gotten any reply yet. So for the support part, I’m not impressed, to be honest. But Copy Shark is definitely an interesting tool, and they do have a great future if they can just optimise their tools they really need to focus on optimising their tools, so the output is just way better than it is now, because right now often it’s very useless.

    So, yeah, that’s my review of Copy Shark an AI tool with more than 50 different tools that you can use. I hope that you liked my video and if you did, please give it a thumbs up. If you’re new to this channel, don’t forget to subscribe. And if you have any questions about Copy Shark or other products you would like me to review, please leave a comment down below. Thank you so much for watching. Let’s catch up on the next one.

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