Encharge Review: Why I Keep Using Encharge

I’ve used Encharge since 2021 and continue to use it today to send out my newsletter. I send out my newsletter twice weekly with a marketing tool review and a marketing tip.

On top of this, I use it for email automation to send out my ebooks to whoever signs up, and after using all this for around 2 years, I want to share my thoughts.

Let’s get into it.

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Key Takeaways

  • Segment all your email lists in endless lists based on a long set of parameters.
  • Send emails both as marketing emails and as transactional emails with a ton of features.
  • Set up email automation to create a better user experience and save time.

Pros And Cons Using Encharge

I’ve collected my pros and cons over time using Encharge. Luckily, many of my initial cons have disappeared, but there are still some.

Pros of Encharge

Cons of Encharge

encharge website
Level up your email marketing

My Quick Take

Encharge has been my choice for my email marketing for 2 years now, and it’s brilliant.

Since I changed to Encharge, I’ve been able to make data-driven decisions and improve my email marketing.


What Is Encharge?

Encharge is an email marketing software to help you send emails, automate your emails, and so much more.

It can help you send newsletters through broadcasts and even choose to send the schedules broadcast in your receiver’s timezone. That’s one of my favourite features of Encharge.

These are only some of the many features of Encharge. I’ve used it for site tracking and form tracking as well.

With site tracking, I can track everything users do on my website, from clicking on links to submitting forms.

And form tracking allows you to use your own forms, which Encharge will then track and pull the submission into Encharge. It works incredibly well, and it was perfect as they didn’t have a form module until recently.

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Encharge Features

Now let’s get into the exciting part, the actual features of Encharge. I’ve collected the majority, but Encharge has a lot of minor detailed modules when you start to dive more into Encharge.

I’ll go through everything from email automation to segmenting your email lists, how to send emails and much more, so let’s get into it.

Get An Overview With Encharge

Encharge get an overview

The dashboard is where I start my day, and you will, too, when using Encharge. It quickly gives you an overview of the last emails you’ve sent out. Your open rate, click-through rate and much more.

The large graph at the top shows your daily growth, and it’s also the graph I look at the most, but I like this overview because it does what it’s supposed to do: Give me an overview fast.

If I suddenly see my delivery graph go down drastically, I know I have issues with my email deliverability.

So while this isn’t super advanced, it quickly gives you an overview of how it’s going and if you have any issues with your email marketing setup.

Email Automation With Encharge

Email Automation With Encharge

The email automation module, or Flows, as it’s named in Encharge, is a huge module with so much functionality, but I’ll try and share some of my experience with it.

I’m running 5 different automations, primarily for my ebooks, and it’s set up so that every time someone signs up for a specific form, they get a tag, which triggers my automation.

For example, in the image above, you can see that there are 2 entrances. Either they enter a segment and then get the tag, or they get it immediately and then receive the email next.

The flow builder works like a drag and drop, so on the left, you drag over your triggers, filters and actions, and then with the arrows, you connect all the elements.

But I also really like that they have more than 40 pre-built templates where you can get a fully built automation flow with one click. Here are some of my favourite automation templates:

  • Revive Dead Product Leads
  • Reward users for product actions
  • Prevent Delinquent Churn
  • Nurture More Leads

These are just some of the many flows, and you can always build your own flow with the many actions, integrations, triggers and filters. It’s only your imagination that limits you.

I’ve found that I really save time by using the email automation tool from Encharge. It works incredibly well.

Pro-tip: You can also auto-connect all your boxes with a click of a button. The closest boxes will then be connected. It works well and saves you even more time.

Segmentation With Encharge

Segmentation With Encharge

As you can see on the left, I have multiple segments, which is how you want to use this.

Pro-tip: Always only send marketing emails to the pre-made segment: Subscribers. I mistakenly sent it to all emails in the beginning, and it includes people who have unsubscribed, apparently.

But I really like that I can set multiple parameters for each segment and use segments to improve the customer journey.

When you really start to get into it, then you can use segments for so many things; the more segments you have, the better automations you can also make.

Just ensure you at least have a segment for subscribers, which everyone has when they sign up.

The segment named “Needs some love” are people who are not interacting with your emails, so for that segment, you might want to do a little extra, send specific emails or something similar, it overall just works so well, and it’s easy to use.

Broadcast Emails With Encharge

Broadcast Emails With Encharge

This is the module I’ve used the most, as this is used to send all of you unlimited emails. This is perfect for sending newsletters or emails in general for your email list, whether it’s transactional emails or marketing emails.

In the overview, you can see some quick statistics about your delivery stats, open rate, click rate, and time for sending and creating.

It’s super simple but works well and gives the essential statistics you need.

When you create a new broadcast email, the process is as follows:

  1. Choose your audience
  2. Build your email through the email editor.
  3. Choose to A/B test
  4. Review and schedule your email.

The audience if you want to send a newsletter, always choose the segment subscribers.

Be aware that this is not for automated emails. For this, you need to use the flow builder, which is the marketing automation tool within Encharge.

The broadcasts module is only for sending out emails here and now or scheduling a specific email for the future.

Next, you need to use the email builder. You can choose an email you’ve already created or create a new one with the email builder. It’s super easy.

encharge email editor

Suppose you’ve used Mailchimp or any other email editor. In that case, this is precisely the same, it’s drag and drop, and it’s super easy to use the email personalisation feature as well to make the email even more personalised. They have many pre-made variables.

You have 10 elements to build your email:

  • Columns
  • Heading
  • Text
  • Image
  • Button
  • Divider
  • HTML
  • Social
  • Menu
  • Video

I really like using the email editor, and it’s great for creating emails for newsletters and the marketing automation tool to send email campaigns on autopilot.

AI is also integrated into the heading, text, image and button elements. So you can generate text that converts well for email marketing strategies.

Next is choosing whether you want to A/B test your email marketing campaigns.

You can create up to 4 variants, where you can differentiate on the subject and the sender name. You can then choose if it should be sent evenly or use an algorithm to decide which version gets the most emails.

So 20% of the emails will be sent out to all variants, and after X amount of days, the winner will get the rest of the 80% emails.

You can decide both the number of emails and amount of days.

As my email list is not that big, I haven’t tried this module much, but from my testing, it works well.

The last part is to review your email marketing campaign.

Here you can see all the settings you’ve made and when the email should be sent out, and here is one of my favourite features.

You can choose to send the email in the receiver’s timezone, which increases the open rate significantly, as the receiver will receive it while they’re awake than the opposite.

And that’s it, then you’ve sent an email, and I love this email marketing tool. It’s so easy to use and perfect for my email flows.

Overview Of Your Email Templates In Encharge

Overview Of Your Email Templates In Encharge

There is not much to say here, you have an overview of all your emails, and you can easily create new emails using the same email editor mentioned before.

All these emails can be used for your email communication, whether through the automation module or broadcasts.

Be aware: If you edit them, they don’t necessarily update in your broadcast or your automation, as they’re copies of your email.

Build Forms With Encharge

Build Forms With Encharge

The form builder is their newest addon, and it’s so awesome if you don’t have forms on your website already.

Before this module, you had to create forms with other plugins and modules and then use form tracking to get the data into Encharge, but now you can use forms directly from Encharge.

One downside is that if you want to remove the Encharge branding, you’ll have to upgrade to their premium plan.

But it’s dragging and dropping, just like the email builder, and you can add fields for any content, whether it’s a name, email or marketing consent.

So yes, the form module is GDPR-friendly.

You can only use the forms in connection to Encharge, you can’t integrate it with Mailchimp or other platforms, but why would you? Encharge has everything you need.

When you need to add it to your website, you have 3 options.

  1. You can link directly to the form
  2. You can embed it on your website via a script.
  3. You can embed an HTML code snippet.

It’s super easy, and it works well. I recommend you embed it via the script, as it creates the best experience with the form.

You can also email the person who submits the form, but it’s pure text. You can’t use an email template, which is a bit strange to me. Hopefully, we’ll see that in the future.

Metrics For All Your Emails Sent With Encharge

Metrics For All Your Emails Sent With Encharge

The metrics module is a bit like the dashboard, but here you can deep-dive into your campaigns, see what links have been clicked, how many times and much more.

Here is a full list of what you can see on the metrics:

  • Delivery stats
  • Open rates
  • Clicks
  • Click-through rate
  • Replies
  • Unsubscribed
  • Bounced
  • Soft bounced
  • Skipped
  • Spam reports
  • Click report

It’s super simple, and you don’t have that much data on your audience. It’s more data on the email campaigns you’ve sent out through the email marketing platform.

Site Tracking And Form Tracking With Encharge

site tracking encharge

Site tracking is a way where you can see what your audience does on your website, what they click on primarily.

It works great, and it’s perfect for lead scoring, which I’ll dig more into in the next section.

You can also use it for email automation, so if they have visited a specific page but have not performed an action, then you can send them an email.

You have to be creative with email marketing because there are so many options to nudge your audience in the direction that works for you.

Use all the data you get from Encharge to do this, whether it’s specific URLs or even third-party forms.

I’ve used Encharge to track forms I made via Contact Form 7 in WordPress, and it worked like a dream.

All you have to do is to add a script on your website and submit a form, it’ll then show in Encharge, and then you can map the form.

And that’s what I really like with Encharge, and you have so many options and so much data to work with.

How To Do Lead Scoring With Encharge

How To Do Lead Scoring With Encharge

Measuring lead scores with Encharge is super easy, but you need to set up site tracking first if you want to use website pages as part of your lead scoring.

I recommend you create 2 categories:

  1. Marketing qualified leads: Ready to be converted by marketing materials.
  2. Sales-qualified leads: So far down the funnel, they’re ready to buy.

With these 2 categories of audience, then you have an overview of how it’s going with your marketing efforts.

Then set up automations for your actions. Maybe a click in an email gives 2 points, signing up for a form gives 4 points and visiting a product page gives 1 point.

Once they reach 10 points, you either email them or contact them manually.

Pro-tip: To ensure your lead stays warm, you can make your lead scoring expire over time, so an action they did 2 years ago doesn’t affect today.

Send Transactional Emails With Encharge

encharge transactional emails

Encharge has an entire API for transactional emails, so you have 2 options for sending transactions emails.

  1. You can use the Transactional Email API to send the emails
  2. You can create a transactional email template and send it via the marketing automation tool or the broadcast module.

This is not a module I’ve used a lot, as my email marketing is purely marketing, but based on my testing, it works well, and the API allows e-commerce and SaaS to integrate to send emails easily.

You can really send personalised emails with the transactional email module and the variables provided by Encharge.

Who Is Encharge For?

Encharge is for anyone wanting to upgrade their email marketing setup with data to make data-driven decisions.

The combination of site tracking and form tracking gives you so much data that you can use in the flow builder, in your general broadcast emails, and to even send out transaction emails.

The form builder allows you to grow your email list and so much more.

So if you’re a content creator or an email marketer looking for an email marketing platform with integrations to 3rd party systems and the full package of email marketing tools, Encharge is for you.

Alternatives To Encharge

While Encharge is my favourite email marketing tool, there might be a tool that fits better for you.

If you’re just starting out, then I might recommend you look towards Mailchimp or other similar email marketing platforms that offer a free version.


Mailchimp is one of the most widely used email marketing platforms because you can get started for free.

They also have some email automation you can look into, but they’re not near Encharge regarding the amount of data you get.

acumbamail website


Acumbamail is an email marketing platform much like Encharge where you get automation, email sending, SMS sending and more.

But you can also build landing pages with Acumbamail all packed in a beautiful design.


ActiveCampaign is, for many, the king of marketing, and I usually recommend it to larger companies when asked.

It works well, and the only thing they have that Encharge doesn’t is a landing page builder.

However, ActiveCampaign is much more expensive.


Wrap-Up: Is Encharge Worth It?

Encharge is absolutely worth it, and it can seem steep to some, so you might start with a free option like Mailchimp and then later transition to Encharge.

Because with Encharge, you get so much more than just a normal email marketing automation software. The site tracking, form tracking, small features here and there, and much more make Encharge worth it.

I’ve been a happy user for around 2 years, and they continue to listen to their users and develop features we need, where the latest major module is their custom form module.

Their support is also super helpful, and they always go out of the way to find solutions to help you with any query you have with email marketing.

encharge website
Make data-driven email marketing decisions

My Last Thoughts

The broadcast module combined with the flow builder gives you a better setup than many email marketing tools.

I enjoy using site tracking and combining it with email automation to send our personalised, tailored emails.

Encharge Set your e mail marketing on autopilot scaled

I've used Encharge for more than 2 years, so I thought it was time for my Encharge review. Here is why I keep using it, all the pros and cons.

Editor's Rating:


  • The email automation integrates with multiple 3rd party applications.
  • You can send broadcast emails in the receiver's timezone to increase open rates.
  • You can segment all your email lists based on so many factors.


  • You can't set up an automation that unsubscribes users based on whether they open your emails.
  • They don't have an email list validation tool built-in.
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