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AI is a buzzword that we see more and more in the web industry between the different types of software. AI is not only used for creating content, but also optimising content. In today’s product that I have reviewed for you, you can create ads where it’s utilising AI to help you not only creating, but also optimising your ads completely, automatically without you have to do anything. Todays product showcase is, and they can help you with your Facebook ads.

In the future they are also going to add Google Ads, which I will talk about later in this video. But their interface is great and creating ads is amazing, simple and just straightforward. They are optimising your ads completely, automatically. So without further ado, let’s test out Exod and see whether they have a future or not. Signing into, this is the dashboard where we have very simple things, you can see the analytics is coming soon. We have access to our account and the campaigns that we do have.

Furthermore, down here, we have the Help Desk and the Automation League where they do have a Facebook group that you can enter in if you want to participate and get more out of they do also have a chat down here if you need help. I have used to chat a lot to get started. Up here you can see that we have a notification telling me that I need to upgrade my pixel to iOS 14 standards. That’s a new thing that Facebook has added lately.

I have done this, but it takes up to 72 hours before it actually enables it, one hundred percent. But now let’s try and dive into my campaigns, here we do have an overview of the different campaigns I have set up using, at the moment, I only have one campaign running, which is the AdYouNeed campaign right here. We do have our ad sets and our ads over here. If we do want to see our ad sets, we click on our campaign here, and we do have two ad sets right here.

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Down here we have the machine learning ad set and the ad set that I have made for how to make money on the Internet. This is all generated automatically through the AI algorithm that I will show you in a moment. Furthermore, in the ad section over here, we can see our ads if we click on an ad set here for each ad set, I have three ads. The more ads we have, the more we can A/B test and see what works the best.

And of course, disable the ads that doesn’t generate any traffic in this case. I will show in a moment how we set up a campaign. I just want to briefly show you the menu over here, because we can also create customised events. Let’s say that you have a very custom website and you need to set up a very custom conversion. This is possible within, in here you can name your conversion, give a value. How valuable is this for you when a conversion goes through?

What category would you say this was close to? Because this is the categories that they already have and your custom conversion does not fit one hundred percent in one of these categories, but it is maybe remotely close to one of them. So here we just choose view content for this instant. And we say that each time a specific blog article is shown, this has a value of zero point two for me. Let’s just call this AdYouNeed in this case.

And down here, we need to set up the rules for this specific conversion, which means that when this URL is visited, we do say that we have a value of zero point to added to our total value. We can add multiple values if we do one, but for now, I’ll just add this single value and say create. So this is the event manager, and we can later use this when it is that we set up our campaign. Now, if you want to have a lead generator where you can collect leads for your specific campaigns, you can also create this lead page within

Basically you just create your lead form here. You give it a name. Let’s call this one again AdYouNeed, the fan page I choose my own. Then we can add an intro, a description to the intro. We can add questions that we want people to respond to. In this case, it’s email and first name or full name. Then we have the privacy links down here and the completion. What should they receive when it is that they complete this lead form and this is of course, for Facebook Lead Ads.

So when you set this form up, you can connect it later to a campaign in order to collect leads for your business. But now to the exciting part. Let’s try and set up a campaign. Here is the flow of setting up a campaign, and it is simple and straightforward. There are some things that I would change, which I will talk about later in this video.

But just to start out here, we need to enter a name, choose the ad account we attach to this, the Facebook page, what the ad category is and the daily budget we want to set for this specific campaign. So the special ad category here is credit, employment and housing. Often this is not relevant. It’s not relevant for me, at least. So I’m not choosing anything then I’m setting the daily budget at twenty and I want to set a specific start and end date. This we do later in the campaign. Now, let’s move on to creating the actual campaign.

Here we need to choose what locations we want this campaign to run for and what the objective is. Down here, we have the creative of generating more brand awareness. That’s a very loose objective that we can’t match so much on. Then we have to we want to reach your perfect customers. Over here at the right side you can see that it will always have a description of what it means by this specific objective. Then we can generate more traffic. This is basically just links to your website or to a URL that you enter.

If we want more video views, we can also do that, that’s especially good for YouTube videos. If we want to get more engagement, likes comments and so on. There’s also objective for this page likes more messages, conversions, which is most likely the one that most will use if we want to generate more leads back to the Facebook Lead Ads or if we just want event responses. For this case, I will just take generate more traffic. Now, going back to the locations, I will just for this case, choose the big four.

We can add more if we want. Let’s say that we want to add India, for instance, then we can do that as well, and we can go all the way down to choose the city that you want to advertise for. Over here I’ll just enter a URL, and we’ll then move on. Now we have to choose our audience. And here you can see we have the AI element where we can choose Exod’s AI targeting.

We can also choose a retargeting strategy based on the people that has been on the website already, and we can create look alike from my audience, I will choose the AI targeting for this specific case, and then we need to choose our industry, our niche. For this case it’s about marketing. So I’ll just choose online business network marketing MLM, and then we can go to the next step. We can also explore in here and see the different types of industries that we can choose. But now let’s move on to step three where it is that we need to create our content.

Again here they have an AI element. But first, we need to describe what this copy is about in English. If we want to use the AI content generation, then we need to choose our target audience. We need to select up to three keywords that’s relevant for this campaign. And we need to choose the mood of how the text generated for this campaign should be. And again, the keyword for the videos or the images we want to use for this campaign.

So I have now filled out the different elements. I have chosen marketing strategy, serious mood, keywords, I have chosen my target audience, and of course, I have chosen my copy, like the description of the campaign. Now, down here we have two options. We can either generate content or we can just go to the next step. It’s very important if you want to use the AI content generation that you click on generate content. If not, you just want to fill out manually.

You can just choose the next step. But I will click on Generate Content for the sake of this video. Now, you can see down here that we have the different campaigns created. We have AdYouNeed is the easiest way to manage your advertising budget. This one is very good, I would definitely use this one. Then we have learnt how to run better Facebook Ads and Google Ads for your business. And this text is meant for small business owners.

This is not great, but we can work with it, I will just add it. The last one Facebook Ads. This copy is concise and informative. I will not use that, it’s not relevant at all. We’ll now move to the next step, where it is that we need to finish up our ad. So we have now set up the campaign, we have set up the ad sets and now it’s time to set up the ads. And we can, of course, create as many ads as we want.

Here we can see we have a little problem with the Facebook cookies. But however, if I want to see my ad, I can click edit on it here and then it’s shown to the right. And based on the text generated, we can see that the text is here, I think I will delete this one. Then we have our headline and it’s missing a description. So we’ll just add a description and now it’s ready. We can choose our call to action.

In this case, it’s just learn more because it’s learning more about the product. And what’s cool is that we can A/B test here, so I can add multiple variations and then see what works best. And this is the way that we can optimise our ads. We cannot do it within, but we can do it within our Facebook ads manager. But this is just a great way in order to test out multiple things fast and reliable. But now let’s save this ad right here and it is now ready.

However, it is still showing the cookie issue. I cannot remove that at the moment, but we can, of course, still duplicate. We can also remove if there is a campaign we are not satisfied with, and we can create a new one. What it will do is that it will just create a new one down here and then you have to fill out. You can see we have to edit this text, add a headline, add a description, URL is still pulled and so on.

But now let’s try and launch this campaign because we are actually through now. See, here’s the second element of AI where it’s telling us if we want to use their intelligent optimisation system to optimise our ads. And of course, we want that because that runs automatically. So I’ll just press continue in this case and I will just see that everything is correct. 20 DKK in my daily budget, the countries that I want to target, my Facebook page and so on, it looks great.

So I’ll just accept. And we have now created our campaign. We will now receive an email when it is that the campaign is ready and is running. A thing here I would like to see that they were just running it in the background and whenever they felt that it was ready or not, I would get a message here. So I wouldn’t have to go out of the programme to go back into it just because that, now I received an email, where I need to see what was wrong with the campaign or that it’s activated correctly.

A thing that’s really missing in here and that they’re working on is the entire analytics module, because within I cannot optimise my campaigns, I cannot go in and say, OK, this campaign is performing best within the country of France or within this target group of eighteen to 35 year old people. I have no analytics that I can optimise on it, that’s a big flaw as I see it. So I’m very excited to get the analytics module in the near future.

As you can see on the dashboard, they are working on it, so the faster the better. But that’s it about’s platform. It is very simple, but with the features coming up that I will discuss in a moment. It’ll be an exciting future ahead. Taking a look at the pricing structure within, it is very simplified. They have two plans. They have their free plan where you can just test it out as much as you want with unlimited ad accounts, unlimited pages, and you even get access to their AI smart audiences.

If you do find it interesting or you want more, you can upgrade to their premium plan where it is costing 99 USD. And here you get stuff like AI lookalike audiences, one click retargeting ads and so much more. So what I would recommend you starting with is the free plan. And if you do feel you get the results that you need, then upgrade right away. Compared to the competitors you get a lot of value for the money here.

But of course, in the end, it’s all up to the results of, and talking about competitors, the competitor to accept that is AdYouNeed as I see it, you can see the video about AdYouNeed up here. I feel like AdYouNeed is still a little bit in front of because their interface is so well integrated, and they do have Google Ads, which I have mentioned earlier in this video. AdYouNeed is also more focussed on the interface and their process of creating ads, optimising ads.

And furthermore, it’s just way more simplified compared to, however, has their AI algorithm which automatically updates and optimises all of your ads without you have to do anything. This is something that AdYouNeed doesn’t have, you have to do your optimisations here manually. This support within is not as optimal as I wanted it to be. I’m in a different time zone than, which means that I do get slow responses.

And when it comes to advertising, it needs to go fast because as we all know, doing advertising each minute that you advertise wrong is just wasting your money. does get great reviews on the different platforms, Capterra, G2, Dealify and so much more. It is a product that generates great results. Personally, I have not seen the best results, but it is still AI, and we know that it takes time for the AI algorithm to come up to speed and optimise my ads.

So I am confident in the future that it will create results. As I mentioned earlier in this video, Google Ads is a focus for them and it is something they are working on. However, I am not that worried about Google Ads, I do really like they’re focussing on Facebook Ads and making that product as good as it can become, because when they then release Google Ads, we know that all of their learnings from Facebook Ads will be placed directly into Google Ads, which means that the product will just be so much better.

Furthermore, they’re adding languages to the platform, which means that if you are in the need of multiple languages and you do not have the knowledge about these languages, this is great for you because then you can easily create ads in as many languages as they support. Furthermore, they are also working on the platform to optimise the entire UX flow. And as far as I know, they are coming up with an entire new design in the near future. And they really do need that, because if we look at AdYouNeed, which I have previously reviewed, AdYouNeed has a great design and overall it’s really UX optimised.

This is something that really need in order to step up and become the better company within Facebook Ads and Google Ads in the future. The AI optimisation of the ads is definitely the thing that excites me the most, even though it maybe optimises one percent each day. We all know that in the end, that’s a lot. So you really need to be patient when running Facebook Ads through, but using I have been able to create Facebook Ads within minutes and testing out different scenarios, different type of campaigns, without having to spend a tremendous amount of time doing this.

And I don’t need to be an expert within Facebook Ads I can just use and trust their AI algorithms that they will update and optimise my campaigns to the best possible. So, yeah, that’s my review of a great alternative to AdYouNeed with an interesting future. I hope that you liked the video and if you did, please give it a thumbs up. If you’re new to this channel, don’t forget to subscribe. And if you have any questions about, or other products you would like me to review, please leave a comment down below.

Thank you so much for watching. Let’s catch up on the next one.

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Phillip Stemann
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