FeedHive Review: The AI Approach To Social Media

If you want to improve your efforts on social media, then FeedHive is made for you.

I’ve used it for 2 years, and I absolutely love it.

They have everything from an AI assistant improving your posts to a social inbox that makes managing multiple social media accounts easier.

So let’s get into it.

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Key Takeaways

  • FeedHive has an AI assistant who helps improve your posts based on learning.
  • FeedHive supports 8 social media, including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and many more.
  • FeedHive releases new features every month, working fast and efficiently.

Pros And Cons Using FeedHive

After using FeedHive for all my social media, I’ve found my pros and cons using FeedHive. So let me share what I’ve learned using FeedHive for my social channels.

Pros of FeedHive

Cons of FeedHive

feedhive website
Use AI to improve your social media efforts

My Quick Take

FeedHive might be the best social media management platform I’ve tried because of the many features packed in a simple format.

They support 8 social media platforms and continue developing new features every month.


What Is FeedHive?

FeedHive is a social media management tool made to help you manage all your social media accounts across multiple social channels.

It can help you analyse your social media efforts based on all the data it acquires over time.

It helps you with post-scheduling and overall managing your social accounts.

You’ll also see your engagement rates improve over time by utilising the data FeedHive provides for both Twitter and Facebook.

FeedHive has also developed an AI assistant for your social platforms.

The AI assistant will help improve your social media posts.

This should, in theory, help you manage your social media content at scale.

But let’s get into the many features of FeedHive.

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Get An Overview With The Social Dashboard

Get An Overview With The Calendar Schedule

The dashboard is a great place to get an overview of everything going on with your social media activities.

You can see:

  • Scheduled posts
  • Post slots
  • Get inspiration
  • Create a design
  • Recycle some previous posts doing well

I like this view as it does what it should: It gives me a quick overview.

You get an overview of all your social media platform accounts in one place.

FeedHive is the one-stop platform where you manage all your social accounts, and it works very well.

Improve Your Social Media With Analytics

Improve Your Social Media With Analytics

Analytics is a great module to find multiple statistics about how it’s going with your social media efforts.

As FeedHive is a social media tool, you have multiple pages within your Analytics, one for each social media account.

However, FeedHive only supports analytics for Facebook and Twitter at the moment. And if you choose to use Twitter, which FeedHive is excellent for, you must bring your own API key.

The statistics in the analytics module vary depending on whether you’re seeing it for Facebook or Twitter.

For Facebook, you get the following data points:

  • Profile visits
  • Impressions
  • Engagements
  • Engagement rate
  • Follower activity
  • Engagement graph
  • Followers graph
  • Highest ranking posts
  • Top labels

For Twitter, you get many of the same data points, but instead of profile visits and engagements, you get:

  • Likes
  • Retweets
  • Top Tweet

FeedHive was initially made only for Twitter, but today where it supports 8 different social media platforms, I hope they’ll add statistics from all platforms if the platforms allow it.

My favourite data point is follower activity. It really helps me identify the best posting time for scheduling posts.

Create Intriguing Content With AI And Integrations

Create Intriguing Content With AI And Integrations

FeedHive’s AI-Powered Platform is incredible for creating content, and this is the composer you see in the image above.

This is by far my favourite feature of using FeedHive, it’s incredible, and you get so many powerful features to help you write the perfect posts.

I usually start by writing my thoughts in the text area and then run the performance prediction.

If the score is below 80, I ask the AI to improve it, which works wonderfully well.

If you don’t know what to write, you can click through the inspiration widget, which has so many great examples of what you can post, and it has definitely saved me multiple times.

As you want to create a posting plan and stay consistent, sometimes it’s difficult to develop content ideas.

Here the inspiration widget works like a dream.

But the composer works for all your social accounts and can do much more than just write content.

You can, of course, add videos and images to your posts.

Relevant Hashtags are also possible to find if you use the hashtag generator.

I don’t believe in hashtags much more in 2023, but if you want to use them, you can easily do it using this feature. It’ll use the context from your social media post and generate the most relevant hashtags.

Those are, for me, the most essential features of the composer. You can also use variables, user templates, hashtag groups and post notes.

On the right side, you can always preview your post, choose what social media platforms to post to and much more.

FeedHive is a social media management tool with so many features packed into a few modules, and that is what makes it great. It’s so easy to use.

Get An Overview With The Calendar Schedule

Get An Overview With The Calendar Schedule

There are 2 ways to get an overview of your scheduled posts. You can use the calendar view or the list view.

This is the calendar view, and it’s super simple to use and does what it’s supposed to.

It gives you a visual overview of the week and the social media posts you’ve scheduled through FeedHive, or even posted directly on the social media platforms.

You can also see your post slots, which are great times for you to post, and a way to build a posting plan to ensure you post in all categories you want.

See Your Social Media Posts Listed

See Your Social Media Posts Listed

This is the list view where you can also see your scheduled posts, but you can see so much more than that.

You can also see your content drafts which you started writing in the composer but didn’t schedule.

You can also see the history of posts you’ve posted through the days, and lastly, you can see failed posts.

Once in a while, the API is down for social media, and your post will land in the failed tab.

Here you just need to re-schedule them. FeedHive is great at communicating whenever a social media API is back up and running again.

Improve Your Social Media Efforts With Your Assets

Improve Your Social Media Efforts With Your Assets

This is such a great collection of all your assets, where you can see all the images and videos you’ve uploaded to all your different posts.

In the hashtag manager, you can create groups of hashtags which will save you time as you can just copy and paste them into your posts.

The recycle suggestions show you posts which performed well and where a certain amount of time has passed, so now you can easily post them again.

User templates are the same as we saw in the composer. Here, you just get an overview, and you can create more user templates to make you more efficient when posting.

The idea inspiration module is perfect for getting content ideas. Here you can get an overview of the entire library of ideas from Twitter, which are tweets that have performed well in the past. You just need to repurpose them.

Labels are super simple, and you can use this for your post types in your posting plan. A label could be “Behind the scenes”, and another label could be “Motivation”. These labels are perfect for categorising your content.

With variables, you get an overview of all your standard and custom variables. Variables allow you to create more content faster.

Answer Everyone With The Social Inbox

Answer Everyone With The Social Inbox

This is a brilliant module, but it has some flaws.

A social inbox works perfectly to help you ensure you answer everyone who interacts with you on the different social media platforms.

This social media marketing tool makes it easy to get an overview, and it’s super easy to use, but I’m missing some features.

Often I don’t need to make another comment or another tweet, so I just like the post, but FeedHive doesn’t see this as handled.

So in order to “remove” the post from the social inbox, I have to press skip manually. It would be great if I could just filter off all tweets/posts I have liked.

Then it would become an amazing tool.

Right now, you have 3 filtering options:

  • Only replies
  • Unhandled
  • Skipped

But as it is now, it works, making me more efficient in answering everyone I want to answer.

Automate Your Social Media Activities

Automate Your Social Media Activities

One of their newer modules is automation, or recipes, as they call it.

This is your chance to automate your social media activities, but as it’s still new, they only support webhooks right now.

This means you create a trigger and choose what needs to happen when the trigger is triggered.

Right now, you have 3 options:

  1. Create draft
  2. Publish draft
  3. Create & Publish Post

It works, but it’s super minimalistic. I’m missing some core features.

One use case I would love to be able to do is add another tweet promoting a product if my tweet gets more than 20 likes.

Another automation could be everyone interacting with a specific tweet, and I will answer this or send them a private message with a text.

This is impossible at all, but hopefully, it will be with time.

You can also use notifications within the automation module.

So every time something happens, then FeedHive sends a request somewhere.

There are 4 things which can trigger a notification:

  • On Post Published
  • On Post Scheduled
  • On Post Failed
  • On Comment Added

It’s also super simple, but I have the options I need, and it works great.

Who Is FeedHive Created For?

FeedHive is created for you who have to manage multiple social accounts and want a simple platform to manage it all in one place.

FeedHive ensures content delivery and helps you build your posting plan with post slots, inspiration widgets and much more.

Even if you only use one of the many social media channels, FeedHive is still a great add-on to improve your efforts on social media.

It works perfectly for individuals and agencies as well. As long as the social networks you use are part of the 8 social networks, FeedHive supports:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Business

Wrap-Up: Is FeedHive Worth It?

FeedHive is worth it, yes. You can get started for as low as $19, and then you can manage up to 4 social accounts.

The many features for content ideas, AI performance score and the ability to manage your entire content schedule will save you more time than $19.

They continuously add excellent features and integrations to social media.

So FeedHive is for content creators, and yes, it’s just so worth it. It’s the best social media management tool I’ve used because of the many features created in a simple way.

feedhive website
Collect your social media efforts in one place

My Last Thoughts

If you’re looking for a social media management platform to collect your efforts in one place, look no further.

With FeedHive you can even collaborate on posts, integrate with short links and much more.

FeedHive Review Grow your social media presence with AI

Discover the power of AI-driven social media growth with FeedHive. Read my in-depth FeedHive review and improve your social media presence.

Editor's Rating:


  • FeedHive supports YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and TikTok, making it easy to upload videos to multiple social channels in one place.
  • The AI assistant that improves your social media posts is outstanding.
  • FeedHive is so intuitive and easy to use for your social media platforms.


  • FeedHive does not support Snapchat
  • You have to use your own API key to use the Twitter integration
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