How to improve the traffic to your blog posts | Ep. #22

How improve the traffic to your blog posts - Ep. #22

Hi, my name is Philip Stemann, and I will be learning you how to succeed with your website. We’re now at the end of this mini series of writing the perfect ranking blog post in general, I’ve given you tons of different recipes on how to do it. So hopefully you have now written your blog post, you have published it, and you have set up tracking around the blog post. If you haven’t done these steps or you haven’t heard anything about this, then track back some episodes and then listen to them before you continue this episode.

It will give you a great amount of value, trust me. We now need to focus on two main things backlinks and internal link building. Let’s start by internal link building. It’s basically where you link in between your blog posts whenever it’s relevant, you should never link between blog posts just to create an internal link. It will have the opposite value, it needs to create value for the reader. By creating these internal links you also show Google that you find the post you link to relevant for the post you’re linking from.

If you’re just creating links, that doesn’t make sense. Google will punish you for this. Let me just give you an example, if you have a food blog and you have made a recipe about a sauce, it’s tough to link from this source article, but it’s possible to link to similar sauces, for instance, to get inspiration for the reader. Now, if you then make a recipe with this specific recipe, is using this sauce, then instead of writing the entire recipe for the sauce again, you simply just link to the article about the sauce.

This gives you great value from Google and you also avoid being punished by Google through duplicate content. You simply just make a link from your recipe to the sauce and now you have an extremely relevant internal link that you can benefit from. If you want to know more about internal link building, you should listen to Episode nine, where I dive more into it. If you’re using WordPress and you want to make your life a lot easier during internal link building because it can take a lot of time doing it.

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    You should take a look at the plugin called Link Whisper. It helps you show the opportunities that you can link between your blog post. You can even automate it, saying that every time this sentence or this word appears, create a link to this article or this page, you should definitely take a look and stay tuned because I will soon make an episode dedicated to Link Whisper. Now, that’s my quick take on internal link building. So let’s take a look at back linking.

    Back linking is where you gain a ton of value, but it’s also the toughest links to get. A backlink is basically another website linking to your website. You need to manually reach out in order to gain these. Of course, if your content is great, you will get these automatically, but in most cases you will have to reach out. I will never encourage you to buy any backlinks, it will hurt you in the end. So I recommend you creating good collaborations and communication to the website you want to link back to you.

    You should never reach out to a website. And as the first thing, ask for backlink. It’s just uncommon and the chances of you getting the backlink are very low. You should reach out and create a relationship, communicate back and forth and when you feel comfortable, then you turn the conversation in on gaining a backlink. It can be that you ask them to give feedback on a specific blog post relevant to them that you have written.

    If they find it inspiring, they will link to it, otherwise you can give them examples in their current articles where they can link to your blog post to gain value to their article. It can be your blog post basically backs up one of the points they are making.

    So just to sum everything up, focus on internal link building, make sure to use a tool which can help you save time. This is not a must, but I would definitely recommend you doing it.

    You can automate it to some extent, play around with it. Furthermore, you should reach out to gain backlinks from other websites because these links back to you is creating a ton of value. And it’s telling Google that other websites find you relevant for this specific topic. And the more different backlinks you get from different websites the better. These backlinks will give you the real value. When these two steps are done, you’re set up for success. And remember, you’re never done getting backlinks.

    That’s it. Our mini series about writing the perfect ranking blog post is done. I hope you found it helpful. And I would appreciate if you would leave a review wherever you are listening to this podcast. And remember, consistency is key to success. Let’s catch up on the next one.

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