InfluencerSoft – ALL-IN-ONE Marketing Software + 10 HUGE modules

InfluencerSoft - ALL-IN-ONE Marketing Software 10 HUGE modules

Tryin g to visualise when a visitor enters your website to the exits again, can be extremely difficult. Sure, you can calculate the conversion rate in Google Analytics, but then what? You don’t know what they did on all of these steps to becoming a conversion. Today’s product showcase is called InfluencerSoft, and it’s a way that you can visualise the entire funnel from when a visitor enters the website to they exits again. InfluencerSoft is an all-in-one marketing tool, but they do have tools like courses.

You can make a store and you can make landing pages. All this sounds great, but with so many different modules. Is it really great? In this review, I will go into each of these modules and discuss them and show you whether I believe they are great or not. But without further ado, let’s dive into InfluencerSoft and check it out. So when you sign in to InfluencerSoft, this is the first thing that you see, they have a start up checklist, whereas you can easily get started with their product.

I need to say, overall, I’m not a big fan of the design. I definitely think that, that could take a huge improvement. But it gets the thing done and that’s what counts at the moment for them. But down here on the dashboard, you have some different elements. You have a welcome video and the checklist that I just shown you and then you have some statistics for when you start using the tool. Furthermore, they have some integrations and APIs down here.

If you want to use Zapier with InfluencerSoft or you want to build your own API integration. But the thing that InfluencerSoft is mostly known for is their funnels. So in here you can build different funnels whether you find it as a coaching funnel, live webinar or an automated webinar funnel. There is no difference in the functionality whether you create a coaching funnel or a live webinar funnels. This is basically just categories and you can control your categories over here.

If we open up a funnel here, we can start building our funnel. And a funnel is basically how you assume the user is going from A to B to C and at least how you want them to go from A to B to C. So often it’s that you want them to maybe sign up for a newsletter. You want them to maybe submit a user or sign up for a product or maybe even buy a product. So as you can see over here, we have some flowchart pages.

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    We have some forms, some actions and some traffic. And these we can basically just drag in here and start building out our funnel. So I’ll say all of the users that lands on my front page. They need to do something or at least something needs to happen to them. So I entered my URL and then I asked for a picture. Of course, it’s important that I add the script in the head tag. So the whole tracking system actually works.

    But for now, let’s just keep it at this. Now, what I wanted to do from here is I want them to go and watch some content. What’s important to notice here, which I will also show you in a moment, is that you can build your website and your landing pages within InfluencerSoft. So a lot of these actions and pages you see out here are connected to that you have your own website in InfluencerSoft, but let’s say that I want them to view a specific piece of content.

    Then I basically at the content part here, and this element only works if you have your own website at InfluencerSoft. But let’s say that I want them to go to my website and I wanted them to see this piece of content. This would be the first step. So on my content and my blog post, I have a newsletter sign up. So let’s say that after they have read the content, I want them to sign up for the newsletter for that and have the form here.

    We’ll just move that to the left here. Again, this only works if you have the website within InfluencerSoft, but let’s say for theoretically purpose. I’ll just link this one to here. And let’s say that my funnel is now that I want them to visit this page, read this piece of content and then sign up for the newsletter. That’s my funnel that I want them to achieve. Let’s say that they succeed doing this. Then I want to send them an email as an action.

    And this email, of course, I can fill out here with a headline hello name that it pulls from the formula and so much more. So the email will always work as long as we just remember to connect them. But they have a lot of tools that only works if you have the integrations and you have the website and everything within InfluencerSoft. And I definitely feel that this is not a huge bonus because it is limited what we can do with the website within InfluencerSoft.

    And I’ll also show you in a minute. Before we dive into the website here, you can see that you can actually have a store as well using InfluencerSoft. You can integrate your Stripe account and then you can start selling products. Of course, this is physical products right now. I just have a digital product right here, but you can create the products that you have. Let’s say that you’re selling some books, some e-books or something similar. They have a course module down here where you can sell your courses and everything you can keep within InfluencerSoft.

    But it’s very simple for each product. We, of course, can add some actions, whether you want to add it as a lead so you can contact them later. Whoever buys this product, you can add delivery if you want to sell a physical product and then you have some integrations, call centre and partnership. This is very limited. And I would still personally recommend you using WooCommerce or Shopify if you want to have a webshop as your main goal.

    This is very limited what it can do. But of course the bonus is that you can create funnels around your products. Furthermore, you can create coupons, you can make order buttons, you can make order forms. But now let’s take a look at their website builder. I have my main site here, which is very basic. I have just added my main page and I can, of course, add more pages if I want. And this is just the landing page where you can download product name.

    You fill this out and then you pay. So this is a landing page for the product that I just shown you. So it’s not like you can make an entire webshop. Of course you can if you have that much time, but it’s not meant for you to make an entire webshop with a lot of different products. This is often made for you to have one landing page to sell one product, and you can even add a timer if you want to add some urgency to your sale.

    Here is the main page. And overall, the page builder is quite slow. They have phone, tablet and computer viewings and settings for the entire block here. And I can, of course, edit the different elements here. It’s very basic and it’s not like I can do that much of styling and customisations. But you have your elements out here as we know it from Elementor itself. When you’re using WordPress overall loading different pages in the website builder, is a bit slow, but it gets the job done as long as you have some patience.

    Furthermore, I can add a variant if I want to A/B test my different landing pages to sell my product. This is a great feature. Additional we can add some head code if you want to add analytics, for instance, to track our visitors. Furthermore, up here we have promotions, webinars and surveys. So you can actually set up an entire webinar room here by adding a title and when the webinar is actually going live. So let’s just say save for now.

    And then we have our webinar right here in here is where you do the actual webinar where we can add the title, The Date and time, the video stream from YouTube, scripts if you want to add scripts and timers of course. I haven’t personally tested this element that much, but overall, it’s an element that seems to work. However, I do get some error messages once in a while. Furthermore, you can create surveys in here very simple, where you can, of course, add a survey name, some description, and then you have some pages you can add here.

    And of course, you can add your questions. You can again add actions after they fill out the survey, because InfluencerSoft is all about creating leads for your marketing or your sales department to close these leads, whether it’s through a landing page, a webinar, a survey or buying a product for a survey. We also have languages here where we can control the different languages, whether a field is required. What they need to see when they have filled out their formula and so much more.

    Furthermore, they have campaigns, campaigns as basically email campaigns or broadcast where you have your list of emails and then you can send out either you can set up an e-mail series, you can just send out a broadcast, or you can set up email sequences again with the email series. When I set that up in the sequence, this is like we just saw it from their funnel builder. Here I can add a lot of different actions, conditions and triggers. This is also what we’ve seen from Encharge.

    So basically what we say is that all the leads from the list, all leads, they should get an email that contains some element, and we can even A/B test to say that 60 percent should receive one email and 40 percent should receive another email or 60 percent should have a specific tag or even receive a Facebook message. The contact menu point is very simple. That’s basically just your leads where you can differentiate them into different categories if you want to. Then we have the automation module.

    You can create tasks, you can create processes and you can add some automatic rules, which is the closest automation they get. If we add a process, we again will see the editor that we know from funnel builder and from their email flow. Basically, this is the core automation where we can basically say that everyone who gets this specific tag, or they’re added to the process manually well they should maybe receive an email or a Facebook message in order to push them through, because, again, everything within InfluencerSoft is made for closing customers.

    If we move further down, they have the course module, which is not working at the moment, unfortunately. Then they have report module where you can get statistics and graphs about your channel, your sales, your subscriptions, if that’s what you’re running and furthermore. The last module I want to show you, the affiliate module is very cool. If you have a product, for instance, if you’re using InfluencerSoft and you have an e-book or you have a WordPress theme or you’re selling a specific service and you want affiliates to sell this for you, then you can use InfluencerSoft specifically for this.

    You get automatically a registration page and a partner page. This is the affiliate page where all the affiliates can easily sign up automatically. This is not something you need to do manually. And then furthermore, of course, they have their partner page. But in here you can easily see who is generating what sales and you can create offers in here for your products and then you can control payout’s history and so on. So this module is definitely great. But now we’ve been through the different modules very briefly.

    I haven’t gone so much in depth because there are so many modules and a lot of modules are very briefly, we can see that the funnel is going through everything. But what I’m really missing is more integrations. I know that they integrate with Zapier, but native integrations is just working so much better. And for everyone using InfluencerSoft, it’s also much cheaper. When we take a look at the pricing structure of InfluencerSoft, it’s definitely cheaper compared to the competitors. They have 4 different plans, whereas it differs on three different points.

    You have the support which gets more dedicated the higher you get up and then you have team management, which you also only get on the higher plans. And last but not least, the affiliate module, which I just shown you, you only get that in the higher modules. When we take a look at the competitors. InfluencerSoft, it’s definitely a cheaper choice where the competitors are Kajabi and Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels reminds me a lot of influencerSoft everywhere from their communication, their landing page and so on.

    It’s very much sell buy now here, whereas Kajabi is so, so stylish and so pretty to look at. I definitely enjoy using Kajabi more even though I haven’t used it that much, but from a feature point they are pretty similar. However, the other competitors have developed their features more, and they are more extensive in their features. When we take a look into the future of InfluencerSoft it’s quite difficult for me to see. I couldn’t find any information about it, and they wouldn’t say much about what they are working on.

    It’s definitely a huge focus for them to improve their current tools, but it is going a bit slow. But let’s hope that they are going to catch up soon enough because it is great tools, but they’re just not working well enough at the moment. There’s no doubt that InfluencerSoft has potential, but they really need to work on their current features and maybe even think about pause some of their modules because they have so many different modules and it’s very big modules.

    So instead of having one or two modules that works the best compared to the competitors. Right now they have four or five modules which are more or less the same as the competitors. Some are a bit worse. So I really hope that in the future that they will focus on maybe one or two modules to make them really good or just overall improve all of their modules. So, yeah, that’s my review of InfluencerSoft an all-in-one marketing tool that you can use today.

    Thank you so much for watching, and if you are new to this channel don’t forget to subscribe, if you liked the video, please give it a thumbs up. And if you have any questions about InfluencerSoft or other products you want me to review, please leave a comment down below. Thank you so much for watching. Let’s catch up on the next one.

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