Is Pinterest the next big social media? — 10 steps to get started

Is Pinterest the next big social media? - 10 steps to get started

Social media is not a new thing for us. Two decades ago, when the Internet began to flourish, Google created a very popular social media platform and gave it the name Orkut. Even before Orkut, there were some other social media like My Space, Friendster, and many others but, after Facebook’s launch, all previous social media platforms were closed.

  1. Things you must do when getting started
    1. Choosing a name
    2. Upload profile picture
    3. Attention grabbing business profile
    4. Find businesses which are similar to yours
    5. Use of Pinterest tools
    6. Create your boards
    7. Use the trending keywords
    8. Connect your Pinterest to your website
    9. Spread your words in your network
    10. Keep on pinning
  2. Conclusion
  3. FAQ

This doesn’t mean that we only have Facebook as a social media platform because, over time, several new platforms like Instagram and Twitter have emerged and have become very popular in a short period of time, with more than 1 billion users.

After that, Pinterest was launched in 2009. Initially, it had very few users, but with the growth of the online industry the number of users on Pinterest has also increased. Although it is not as popular as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it seems to become the next big social media because of the increasing number of users.

Initially, the purpose behind the introduction of social media was to connect with friends and family around the globe. But, over time, these platforms have evolved into a hub for e-commerce and marketing, and people are making tons of revenue from these platforms.

Similarly, “Pinterest is a gold mine” this term indicates that this platform enables many bloggers, brands, and business owners to get huge traffic to their websites. This way, they create more revenue because of the increased traffic, and therefore greater the chances for higher conversions and sales.

With Pinterest, you don’t need to post 100 words under your picture to describe it, instead if you know how to utilise Pinterest properly some pictures are enough to grab your audience’s attention. This is the beauty of Pinterest that sets it apart from the rest of the different social media out there.

No doubt that Pinterest is a social media; still some people have the contradictory belief that Pinterest is not a social media platform but a visual search engine and is more close to Google and Bing.

Unlike any other social media, Pinterest offers you to share images and GIFs in the form of Pinboards. Here you don’t get the full videos, but ideas for DIY, decorations, recipes, styles and much more. At Pinterest, every idea you see is represented by a pin. These pins are basically images that Pinterest’s users search and store, and which are linked back to websites, making Pinterest an excellent source for increasing sales and traffic to your website.

I am a web developer, and I use Pinterest personally, and find it an excellent source of driving traffic to my website.

Every marketing person is looking for ways to increase their revenue, and Pinterest provides a great platform for business growth. That’s why it is becoming more popular every day, and every month, thousands of new users join Pinterest. Which is the reason for me saying that Pinterest is the next big social media.

Another reason for Pinterest’s successful journey is that people prefer visual rather than written content/posts. Take an example from any social media platform like Facebook or Instagram. If an influencer posts a 100-word travel blog without a single picture, about 70% of the total audience will show no interest in reading the post and will skip it, you will hardly find any comments or likes there.

When the same person posts a single picture with a 10-word caption, you will find 1000s comments and likes. I have even seen some queries on Facebook with a note at the end “Picture is for attention” because a single picture is enough to grab the audience’s interest. And Pinterest is all about images and GIFs.

On an average Pinterest is driving 3.8 times more sales than any other platforms, and around 87% Pinners have purchased the products due to seeing them on Pinterest.

You should by now have realised why Pinterest is becoming famous and soon it will be the next big social media, and you are thinking about getting started with it. But, at the same time, you are confused because of the following questions:

  • I know about Pinterest, but I have no idea where to begin?
  • I have already started with Pinterest, but I don’t know how to reach success?

If you are sitting with any of these questions, please continue reading the article as I now will guide you step by step on how to start with your Pinterest account and how to succeed with it for sales and business purposes.

About 66% of Pinterest users are female. So if you have a business that deals with fashion, travel, food or interior design, Pinterest will generate a colossal turnover for you. However, other businesses also flourish on this platform. Are you ready to start Pinning? Let’s see how it goes.

Things you must do when getting started

So far, we have learned that Pinterest does not connect families and friends like other social media. Although it is a social media, it is more often used for business purposes. The people at Pinterest are more keen in creating a business profile than in creating a general profile. For setting up a business profile, you need to pay attention to the following points to impress a broad audience and take your business to the next level.

You have two options for your company profile: You can create a new business profile, or you can convert your existing profile into a Business profile. To create a Business profile, simply go to Pinterest’s homepage, click on the three dots in the top right corner, go to Pinterest business and select “Join as Business”.

pinterest get started

Here you have to enter your business information together with your preferred login details. When you are finished, simply read the Terms and Conditions and click Create Account to get started.

If you have an old account and want to switch to the business account, simply login to your profile, click on the three dots in the top right corner and click “Update your account”. Here you can change your profile to a Business profile. When you’re done, the procedure is similar to creating a new account: You need to enter your Business information and you are done.

Once your Business profile is created on Pinterest, you can take advantage of its features such as Pinterest Analytics and Ads.

pinterest getting started

With these simple steps your business profile is ready. Now you need to look for the following things to make your profile more attractive.

1. Choosing a name

Your name/company name is the first thing that grabs visitors’ attention, so you should be very careful when choosing a name. I would suggest that when you set up a company profile, choose your company name or your original name instead of choosing some codes or date of birth as if your username is not real; maybe this will turn your visitors away if they don’t find you authentic.

Now Pinterest offers you to choose two names: Username and Display name. The username is used in your Pinterest URL ( The Display name, on the other hand, is the name that is displayed in your profile and used by the people who want to search for you on Pinterest.

Pro Tip: Based on my personal experience, I suggest you keep your username and display name the same. This will increase your profile ranking, and your name will appear at the top of the search engine when someone searches for your name.

phillip stemann pinterest

2. Upload profile picture

After your name, your profile picture shows how trustworthy you are. You can use your company’s logo or personal profile picture instead of a random picture to give your audience a measure of confidence that you are not a fraud but a real website owner. Your profile picture will tell your audience who you are and how you stand out from all the other profiles on Pinterest.

Since I work as a freelancer and therefore don’t own a business, I have chosen my picture as my profile image so that my audience will feel more comfortable when contacting me. Before you set up your profile picture, make sure that your picture’s size is 165×165 pixels. If you upload photos smaller than this size, the image will be stretched.

3. Attention grabbing business profile

On other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, it is common practice for a post/image to become viral through constant sharing. Similarly, if you create an impressive profile with content that attracts your audience, you will constantly receive shares and pins.

For example, if you’re a chef and want to promote your restaurant, you can pin the latest image with freshly prepared “creamy pasta” for instance. Now a person who sees your enticing pin will eventually become your customer and repins it on his or her dashboard, where many other people who follow him or her will see it too, and some of them might become your customers.

In this way, you make perfect use of your business profile and introduce your company to many new people by telling them who you are and why they need to follow you.

4. Find businesses which are similar to yours

This is a common fact that you are not the only one with a business; you could have many competitors. So here is your chance to check out what your competitors are offering. You can search for them and work with them to get started. This way, you will get more followers, and your pins will get more shares.

It is better to look for a bigger company in your industry. You can also use the “discover” icon to explore different categories and find out what’s in vogue to inspire you.

pinterest business similar to you

5. Use of Pinterest tools

Pinterest has a great selection of tools. These tools are completely free to use, and using these tools will improve your chances of success on Pinterest. Let me dig into those 3 tools:

Pin it button: If you install this button in your browser, you can pin content from any website directly to your page.

Pinterest App: When you download the Pinterest app to your phone, you will be able to answer people who comment on your posts quicker, and you can easily manage your profile from your phone anytime, anywhere.

Pinterest’s integrated analysis tool: This tool allows you to track the growth rate and performance of your profile over time. This way, you can monitor the activity of your profile and the engagement of people with your pins.

pinterest analytics

6. Create your boards

You are all set to get started now, so what are you waiting for? Let’s build your boards. I would suggest that you start by creating at least 3 boards with interesting pins in each board if you really want to promote your product, brand or services.

If you don’t know how to create a board let me show you in 2 easy steps.

1. Click the Add button in the upper right corner, and a dialogue box with three choices will appear.

create pin

2. Click on the “create a board” option. Enter the basic information, like name, category of your pin, and who can pin on this board, click create board.

create board

You need to correctly name your board after your pins so that your target audience can easily find out about your company/business.

For the first 3 boards, I would suggest that you create a board for your product or services, a board about the latest trend/technology related to your industry of business, and a board just for entertainment.

By creating these 3 boards, you will introduce your brand to your audience, making them aware of the latest fashion trends in your niche. If you have a fun board, your profile will be more easily recognised, and the audience will be more interested in these entertaining pins.

The most awaited part is here. Yes, I am talking about keywords, as you all know, keywords always play an essential role in the ranking of your profile and your pages. Similarly, Pinterest is also a game of keywords. The search results of your pins depend on how correctly you have entered the keywords into your pins.

Before you choose a keyword, you must plan a strategy. First search for the keywords that are used most often between your competitors, and then name your board and description. Remember that the keyword you use in your board name must be included in your board description. This increases the chances of ranking your profile.

You can also use keywords from your website to make your pin more visible and accessible to your audience.

8. Connect your Pinterest to your website

As discussed above, around 87% of Pinterest users purchase things they have found on Pinterest. For those who own businesses, this is the best platform to promote your business by linking your Pinterest to your website.

Linking your social media to your website has always been a fruitful practice. Similar to other social media, if you add a tab of your Pinterest to your website, you can attract numerous visitors. Besides, the Pinterest logo on your site will remind your visitors to visit your site regularly to pin various content. And as mentioned in my other blog post about what social media you should focus on, the more social media you are present on, the better.

If you want more conversions or sales, it is better to include some of your Pinterest posts in your email newsletter with a strong call to action.

9. Spread your words in your network

Pinterest’s users are always looking for their favourite brands on Pinterest. So if you have joined Pinterest as a company, shout out loud and tell your network that you are here with your new ideas! You can use other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for this purpose. So the people who follow you there will visit your Pinterest profile, and when they see the pictures/pins of your product directly on your board, most of them will eventually become your potential customers.

10. Keep on pinning

You have created your profile, set up your board, made your first pins, and you have visitors. This doesn’t mean you have to stop here; instead, you have to keep on pinning from time to time without a break. Because your visitors and followers are looking forward to seeing what you are going to post next, so if you stop pinning or take a break, it will cause you to turn away your visitors. And as mentioned in my other blog posts, consistency is key to success.

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    As technology grows, so does the online industry. Most people are shifting their business to the Internet, especially after the great pandemic hit. So, in my opinion, Pinterest serves well as a business platform, and according to statistics (we have already discussed above), more people are moving towards Pinterest, which shows that it has a promising future and is in my opinion the next big social media.

    Besides, Pinterest is not a difficult platform and you can easily get started. I have tried to explain every single step on how to get started and kept it simple for you to understand and start your business on Pinterest today.

    As mentioned, there are a ton of other options out there when it comes to social media. I have written a thorough article about what social media you should focus on.


    Will Pinterest be the next big social media?

    Every month thousands of new users are joining Pinterest. This growing number of users shows that Pinterest is becoming more and more popular (especially among women). So, yes, we can conclude that Pinterest will be the next big social media.

    Which is more popular: Instagram or Pinterest?

    Recent statistics predict that Instagram has more than 1 billion users and 500 million users are active. In contrast, Pinterest has 250 million active users out of 500 million. In general, Instagram is more popular than Pinterest. But Pinterest is a rising star, and depending on its popularity, this will be the next big social media.

    Is the use of Pinterest free?

    The use of Pinterest is free. Like any other social media, Pinterest requires only a simple registration or login. You do not have to pay for it.

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