Kure review – Utilise AI for your project management

Kure review - Utilise AI for your project management

A project management system is there to help project managers basically make their work a lot easier. This right here is Kure, which is more than just an AI project management software. It can also help you optimise your processes. So let’s check it out.

So this is the Kure platform, which is rather simple. There is no dashboard, there are no statistics on what you can work on projects. So let’s dive right in and create our first project. When we create a project here, we need to say what the project is about. Basically, what process do you want to optimise?

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    1. Features of Kure
    2. Kure Pricing
    3. Alternatives to Kure
    4. Future of Kure
    5. Pros & Cons using Kure
    6. Last thoughts about Kure

    Features of Kure

    So, in this case, I want to optimise setting up a WordPress website. Let’s go to the next step. What about setting up a WordPress website, Do you want to optimise? I want to be able to do it faster.

    And the next step here is, is it possible to measure or observe this, and we can basically measure it. You can choose whether you can measure it or you can observe it, or you can do neither, because this will help you later on. But right now we can measure it by time. So now let’s go to the next step here. We need to choose whether we want to increase or decrease doing this faster.

    In theory, I want to decrease the time, but you can also say that I want to increase the speed. So you need to basically choose what is right for you. In this case, I will choose decrease. So here we want to lower setup WordPress website. I want to be able to do it faster.

    In this sentence it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but we will continue. Here we need to choose whether we want to do it as a quick win or a root cause exploration. Let’s choose the root cause exploration over here. You can then see what the different steps are. If I change to a quick win, then you can see it changes.

    For now, I’ll take the root cause exploration and move on because it is a root cause that we want to change. It is something we often do in this example. So now let’s go to the next step. So what you have already guessed now is that it takes some time to set up your project and that is because you need to fill out a lot of information. So, basically, Kure can help you optimise the way you work in the best possible sense.

    So, the next step here is whether the project is important to business. Would this be generally recognised as an important project? And yes, it would. Does the project aim to solve a problem whose solution is currently unknown? Well, kind of, yes.

    The project focuses on work and processes that are currently being done in the organisation. That is correct. Is there someone in the leadership who will sponsor this project? It will be sponsored by the entire company, so I will say no. So here you can see that I had to answer a lot of different questions about this project.

    I will now press complete, so we can move on to the next step. So here we need to choose how we will measure basically the process of setting up a WordPress website and I will be able to do this in hours. So let’s go to the next step. Again, I have to go through a set of questions in order to set up my project. So here you can see that I want to decrease setting up a WordPress website from 40 hours to 20 hours by the end of June I’ve answered all the questions.

    So let’s move on to the next step. So I’ve just written that right now it takes too much time setting up a WordPress website and as it’s a core process we need to do it faster. Again, I need to go through a set of questions in order to set up this part of the project. So again, in the next step here, I have filled out information about our problem, the business case, the benefits, the goal statement, what the team looks like, the scope of the project and the timeline. So let’s complete this.

    So right at this moment I’m actually stuck, it is telling me that charter is not completed yet, but it is not telling me what is not completed. And this is rather frustrating because I have no idea how to move on from now and this is really a big issue within Kure We are really missing better help. What we can do is manually move on to VOC and here again, we need to fill out a lot of information to create this project just to show you the different steps. You can see that. First we fill out the opportunity where we have a screener, goal statement, Charter, VOC and SIPOC.

    Then we need to describe our process. And this is with swim lanes and how you want to solve it. Then we take a look at what is it that’s causing the problem where we will look into clues, fish bones the why’s and to confirm it all. And in the end, we will look at the solution. What are the different solutions, how to implement them to BMAP and so forth.

    Just for the sake, I will go to an implementation plan which is basically just adding tasks. Now one thing I do not like about Kure is the fact that we have to go through all of these steps in order to create our project. I do understand that it makes it easier and the more thorough you are creating your project, the easier it is to basically create your project, and it makes it easier to use. But you can see here that at the moment I’m missing to fill out so many types of modules and if I just want to get started to use Kure for my project and then maybe later on fill out this information. It is not possible from the start, I have to fill out all of this information, and it is a huge blocker, because then I have to save my information in a different type of programme until I get the time to fill it out.

    And there is so much information that I don’t necessarily have that I need to gather from clients, from team colleagues and so forth. So the sense of creating a project in this way is just not working for me at the moment. I really want them to take an extra look at this and make people create a project with the information they have, start using the project and then basically fill in the information as they get it project by project. Because right now, this is just not an easy way to start a project. The easiest project you can set up is a quick win.

    One I have is a quick win. I have started slowly. Again, right now I need to fill out a charter. You can see I need to fill out my process, what’s causing my problem and then still I need to fill out a lot of different modules, and again they’re not helping me to tell what is it that I’m missing in the different modules. It’s just telling me that I have not filled out my charter properly, but it’s not telling me what it is that I haven’t filled out. So I really hope that they will take an extra look at that because from a UX standpoint it’s just not very well done.

    Kure Pricing

    Now let’s take a look at the pricing. It is rather simple, and you can use it completely free for up to five users. This means you can really test Kure through to figure out whether it’s for you or not and try the different modules because you get almost all the modules within the free plan. There are a few modules you do not get, and then you’re limited on the Max upload size as well. But if you do decide to upgrade, then be aware that it is rather expensive.

    If you ask me, it costs $39 per user when you have upgraded, and compared to maybe Monday.com which is one of the alternatives. Upgrading on Monday.com starts at $8, and then it just goes up from there. So if we compare to the $8 of course it’s rather expensive but Monday.com also have more expensive plans with more features, so it really compares and everything is relative when it comes to these pricing because within Kure you do also get the AI powered project management creation and so much more and especially in the future it will be interesting to see when it is the add all the modules, whether the price will increase.

    Alternatives to Kure

    But as mentioned, the alternative is Monday.com, and I will say Monday.com has a better design, more agility and more integrations overall, which makes Monday.com the better choice if we look at it overall as a project management system.

    But if we look at it from the point of view that Kure has AI powered project creation, they have the entire process optimisation and so much more than they are way ahead of Monday.com, so it really depends on what it is you need. I just really hope that Kure at least will upgrade their design to be more modern than it is now.

    Future of Kure

    Now let’s take a look at the future of Kure. First off then they are working on better tutorials and as you saw when we went over the features this is highly needed because Kure is a very complex product, so they somehow need to try and simplify this, and they do already have tutorials now, but it’s important that they get updated and that they just get better and easier to understand. Then they are also adding another module called Creative Solution and this module will help you faster and more creative to find the right solution for your project, because often, when we create a project, it is basically a problem that we are trying to solve.

    On top of this, they are also adding an entire toolbox, which is basically a set of different types of tools that can help you in the entire process of creating the project until it is finished, and you have found a solution to your project. The last thing I just want to mention is the UX. I really hope that they will revamp the UX and make it more modern, maybe get a little inspired by Monday.com of how they have managed to do it because it is so modern and easy to use, and it is just top-notch and then last but not least I hope to see some integrations especially to Zapier, so we can make our data flow between the different programmes that we’re using.

    Pros & Cons using Kure

    Now, after using Kure for some time, I really like that it helps me process optimise all of my processes and then that it is AI powered in the different steps. While I was creating my project. Though I hope that they will revamp the entire UX and then add integrations, so we can move our data from one place to another.

    Last thoughts about Kure

    Kure is trying to take a different approach to the project management software market by optimising all of its projects. I want to give Kure three and a half stars. The core functionality is interesting, but the UX really needs a revamp. That’s my review.

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