Landing page examples: Best 10 examples

Landing page examples: 10 best examples

So far, in our previous article, we have briefly discussed what landing pages are, how they work and how to create the best converting landing page. So we will not go into detail. In this article, you will find the best landing page examples from the leading companies and websites.

Although different people choose different strategies to attract an audience but to make it easy for you, I have done complete research on the sites with the best conversion rates and more visitors.

It is important, but also a challenge to convince your visitors to become a converter. But, in the following examples, you will find out how these top companies bring more visitors to converters by adding some simple elements to their landing pages.

I have divided my research into 3 different sections so that you can easily find out your kind of landing pages.

Important note: I do not have access to their data and statistics, so I cannot mention how they convert their visitors. My article is based on complete research, which I provide below, and I hope it will help you, create the best converting landing page.

  • Landing page examples for sign-up.
  • Landing page examples for E-Book download.
  • Landing page examples to learn more.
  1. Sign-up landing page examples
    1. Shopify
    2. Netflix
    3. TransferWise
    4. AirBnB
    5. Lyft
  2. E-book landing pages
    1. OptiMonk
    2. Transform
    3. Photobiz
  3. Landing Pages focusing on CTA
    1. Trulia
    2. Landbot
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQ

Sign-up landing page examples



Shopify doesn’t need any introduction because it is the most popular e-commerce store. The reason for its popularity is the simplicity of its web and content. For example, the image above is from Shopify’s trial landing page, and you can see how they have kept their test landing page simple.

To make their site more attractive for conversions, they used a single field “Add Email Address” that needs to be filled out before you get started. For communication, they used simple bullets instead of long paragraphs. All these things together make it easy for visitors to get to the point, i.e. to sell online with their tools.

If you want to know more about Shopify, then read my article about the best e-commerce website builders in 2020.



We are talking of Landing Pages. How can we forget Netflix, whose landing page is as simple as it should be. Among the things that together make it a good landing page are:  it checks in all the boxes for a perfect landing page, a clear call to action, and no additional wording/bullets/paragraphs. All in all, it has a minimalist, sleek design.

Moreover, the registration form is short and only requires an e-mail. Also, the minimalist text you will find on the page is “Watch anywhere. Cancel anytime.” This little text summarizes the whole story and means that you can watch Netflix on any device and cancel the subscription at any time.

This compels the visitor to press the subscription button on the spot. This is how a landing page should be simple and clear.



TransferWise is used to send and receive money in multiple currencies. In the image above, you can see the landing page, which shows how nicely they have separated the sections so that you can follow the option of your choice without being distracted.

These separate tabs for “Send Money,” “Receive Money,” and “Debit Card” will help you choose the action you want to take based on what you will be signing up for; after that, hit the green button to proceed to the next step. So you can see that they offer three ways to sign up, so the probability of conversions will continue to increase.



Some of you may have already visited Airbnb’s landing page, but the above image can be used as an example for those of you who have not yet visited. They simply provide a platform for their visitors, which they can turn into hosts through attractive personalisation.

They offer you to earn weekly projections based on your locations. You also have the option to adjust further estimates by adding some additional information about your potential accommodations.

Just take a look at their call to action, how easy and quick it is, also making it easy for its visitors to convert at the spot.



This landing page is a call to action in itself. “Apply now” to become a driver by filling out just a few mandatory fields, and you can start earning. You will also see a calculation button below, where the driver can enter his desired working time and city, and the calculator will show how much he will earn in a week.

So altogether, you have 2 different possibilities for conversions. “Apply now” is for those who have already made the decision and simply apply and convert. While “See how much you can earn” is for those who are still a bit hesitant with conversion and need some information before conversion.

E-book landing pages



OptiMonk is already a well-known tool for converting visitors into customers, so that they have designed their landing page accordingly, setting an example for their visitors.

What distinguishes it from other pages is its simple design and the boldly printed call to action, which is placed at the top, and above all, it is narrated in the first person (i.e., written from the reader’s perspective). This call to action directly invites visitors to explore the interior, and out of curiosity, they click on the button, “I want my guide for free”.

If the visitor is not sure about downloading the e-book, he can also use another way to “see what’s inside” and learn more about the e-book before he gets his hands on it.



Transform is a fitness app that offers you personalised programs. Have you ever wondered why this app is so popular for converting visitors with so many fitness apps?

The page design has an image that captures the reader’s interest in the first second because the fruits in the image point to healthy eating. After that, the reader’s interest will switch to the bold headline and the red, glowing call-to-action button that arouses the visitor’s interest and turns him into a customer.



The image above is an example of the Photobiz landing page. This platform is used by photographers to expand their business.

Relevant visual content is placed on the landing page in both the “mobile” and the “tablet” version, which tells visitors directly what it will look like on their devices. No additional wording, the powerful call to action, is highlighted by the colour contrast to be read clearly. Here, “23 free” indicates how many templates they offer. Without scrolling up and down, Photobiz mentions the number of templates and develops visitors’ trust.

Landing Pages focusing on CTA



Some people may think that landing pages are static without knowing that they can make them interactive by personalising them with the right tools.

Here we have Trulia’s Landing Page as an example; they ask for your address without mentioning “Enter your address”; they just use the expression “Enter an address.” Below the address bar, there is a sparkling red button to call for action.

Since it is not possible to receive your estimate with an address, the form is followed by the next page, which contains further questions about your property.

trulia landing



The image above was taken from the landing page of Landbot, which offers services for creating chatbot-based landing pages. This is the most tempting form of landing pages, as it compels visitors to provide their information in a friendly conversation format instead of the old traditional form.

The bright buttons at the bottom with the possible answers to your question are there to encourage the visitor to click them based on their opinion. Doesn’t that sound interesting?

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    Creating a powerful landing page is not rocket science but an art. If you have chosen the right tools depending on the type of services you offer, you will successfully turn your visitors into customers. You can’t find a formula for creating 100% perfect landing pages, but there are some techniques to help you create a near-perfect landing page that will help you achieve better conversions. In this article, I have discussed the examples of landing pages that I hope will help you get an idea of what kind of landing page is right for you.

    If you want to learn more about making your landing pages convert, then read these 7 easy tips.


    What is a landing page and how does it work?

    A landing page is the page of your website designed to convert your visitors into customers. It carries a form that you offer to your visitor in return for your services to collect their information.

    What should a good landing page include?

    A simple yet bold headline, a powerful call to action, a relevant image that describes your call to action (preferred not mandatory), and little information about your services is a perfect recipe for an excellent landing page.

    Is it necessary to create a website to be able to use landing pages?

    Landing Pages are intelligent enough to stand alone; they don’t need a website. In fact, there is software available that allows you to create and host your landing page without any difficulty.

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    Phillip Stemann

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