Landing page in WordPress: 7 easy tips to make your landing page convert

Landing page in WordPress: 7 easy tips to make your landing page convert

Did you know that landing pages help you to attract more subscribers and also increase your email list? If not, then follow the article to the end and read in detail about how to build the best converting landing page in WordPress.

Before I enter into an in-depth discussion, let’s make a brief sketch about landing pages.

  1. What is a landing page and how does it differ from the other pages?
  2. How do landing pages help promote your lead magnets?
  3. Benefits of having a competent landing page
  4. Important factors required to build best converting landing page in WordPress
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQ

What is a landing page and how does it differ from the other pages?

If you have a website, your priority is to generate as many visitors as possible. To do this, you build a landing page, which is not necessarily a homepage; it can be any page you want, such as a product page, a blog page or a lead capture page. But you have that one page among them, designed specifically for marketing campaigns or traffic generation, and that’s what makes these landing pages different from others.

How do landing pages help promote your lead magnets?

Research has shown that on average, about 55% of total visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your website. It is, therefore, necessary to attract the attention of your visitors within a short time. So even though they stay on your site for a shorter period, you have a little time to encourage them to subscribe or purchase your products, and that is such a big task that it cannot be achieved. For this reason, landing pages are created to remove all the distracting parts and limit the visitor’s concentration to the call-to-action buttons that are simply placed in front of them. This encourages visitors to take immediate action such as subscribing, filling out a form or purchasing a product.

It is a dream come true for everyone to get tons of traffic to their websites. But if they don’t generate revenue with AdSense or any other company, and their only source of income is from selling their products, signing up via email and downloading e-books, then they need to convert the traffic into something useful, otherwise millions of visitors a day are useless unless they convert into something productive.

I hope you’ve got an idea of how landing pages work and why they are necessary to increase your sales. Now I will discuss the best converting Landing Pages in WordPress and the procedure to create them.

Benefits of having a competent landing page

Creating a landing page is not difficult but it is also not a child’s play. Anyone can make a landing page by following the guides, but they don’t have the surety either the landing page they made are effective or not. The effectiveness of landing page is a must because they provide some extra benefits like:

  • Increase your conversion rates.
  • They help to tune the messages in your advertising.
  • They help to increase your SEO.
  • Get more leads.
  • Collect information about potential customers.
  • Desirably represent marketing offers.

Important factors required to build best converting landing page in WordPress

Before you get started to make the best converting landing pages you have to set your goal first. Either you want a landing page for your new product promotion, or you want to grow your email list? Maybe you want to promote a discount upon subscriptions.

Once you have set your goal you are now ready to get started to create an effective landing page because you now have a clear vision about your requirements.

Install landing page plugins

A number of landing page plugins are available. Depending on the design, flexibility and ease of use, you can select different types of plugins that suit your goal and help you make your landing in the shortest time.

  • Elementor – it is a simple yet easy to use a plugin for creating landing pages in WordPress. Elementor is super fast and offers you a live editor that allows you to divide your page area into different columns and sections.
  • Leadpages – it’s a drag-and-drop page generator that lets you create unique landing pages in no time. This is the only web page builder that can be used with or without WordPress.
  • Beaver Builder – Editing landing pages with Beaver Builders means you have dozens of ready-to-use templates that you can easily use as a starting point for creating your landing pages.
  • OptimizePress – it is a powerful sales landing page plugin in WordPress. The best part is that it gives you a design tool for editing landing page templates.

The features of each plugin have been discussed to help you choose the plugin of your choice. Once you have selected the plugin you want, you need to install it and then proceed.

Attention grabbing headline

Your headline says it all, so it has to be as attractive as possible because that’s what attracts the visitors in the front row. If you manage to make an exciting headline, then you are all ready to attract your visitors, so your headline should.

  • Precise means that you try to formulate a headline of less than 20 words so that readers do not take long to read about your offers.
  • Short but essential information about your services or promotions.
  • Must arouse the interest of the reader.


After an attractive headline, you also need to put an attractive picture because if the headline does not attract someone, they might find the image interesting and click on the link to get to your landing page in WordPress. Your visual content must therefore be:

  • Striking eye-catcher.
  • Large and clearly arranged.
  • Relevant for your product or services.

Methods for contacting us

If you sell your services or any other product, it is necessary to place your contact information on your landing page in WordPress. If you add more than one contact method, you are very close to gaining your customers’ trust. For example, some pages offer phone numbers, e-mails, physical addresses, or even fax numbers. On the other hand, some websites whose landing page displays a pop-up asking for help from the company’s representative. This is one of the best ways of conversion because if someone hesitates to convert, a live chat with a representative will help dispel their doubts. So, once you have gained your visitor’s trust, you have more chances to get a subscription or a sale.

Powerful Call to Action (CTAs)

You have met all the requirements, but if you end up forgetting to add a call to action, you could lose some of your visitors. Therefore, it is necessary to add a call to action to your landing pages, as this is one of the most important factors in building a perfect landing page for conversion. In this article, no other factor has been mentioned as necessary as the Call to Action, as this is the primary content of the landing page to which the visitor’s attention is drawn. The better the CTAs are, the better the chances for conversion.

basecamp powerful cta

This image is a perfect illustration of their words, so CTAs like this one will help you convert more visitors.

Eliminate distractions

Avoid putting too much content on your landing page in WordPress, but make it simple and focus on only one option if you want to convert more visitors so that they can focus on your offers and don’t leave your site without a subscription. To make it easy for you to understand, I present 2 examples.

bad landing page

In this first example, you can see that there is too much content on the landing page. Although this page offers a strong call to action, the conversion rate is still 1% because the reader cannot focus on just one thing you need, as there are too many elements that distract the visitor’s attention.

the hoth

This is a focused version of the landing page, you can see that there is not a single unnecessary element on the page, and compared to the first image, this gives 13.3% of the conversion rates.

A/B Test your landing pages

Finally, you need to do an A/B test for your landing page in WordPress if you want high conversion rates, more engagement, and increased sales. The A/B test compares two versions of similar content with a slight deviation so that you can check which version gets the highest leads. Tools like Crazy Eggs are best suited to perform such tests.

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    In conclusion, a landing page in WordPress is not just a page like other pages on your websites. Landing pages are important for generating leads, sales, and subscriptions. So they must be more powerful and useful to keep conversion rates high. That’s why you have to focus on every element when building a perfect landing page in WordPress. I hope this article will help you create a powerful landing page in WordPress. When you have made your landing page in WordPress, it’s essential to gain some loading speed, read how KeyCDN can help you achieve that.


    Is it easy for me to create a landing page in WordPress?

    Yes, you can simply use different plugins to create your own landing page in WordPress. After installing the plugin, you will be offered a set of ready-made templates that you can use to create your landing page easily.

    Can we rank landing pages on Google?

    Ideally, landing pages are ranked on Google based on their targeted keywords and generate an enormous sales advantage. But in reality, however, this rarely happens, as landing pages focus more on conversions than on ranking.

    How do we distinguish between a landing page and a homepage?

    Homepages are created to attract visitors while landing pages are customized to marketing campaigns that lead visitors to an immediate response to call on the action.

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