Luna Review – Next Generation Cold Email Marketing

Cold emailing can be a controversial marketing tool, but with Luna, an AI-powered Cole email marketing tool designed for this purpose, it can be done more respectfully and personally.

Despite any initial scepticism, after testing Luna with my startup, Planzer, aimed at freelancers, I found that cold email outreach could be effective if you ensure high-quality leads and well-crafted emails.

Luna’s AI generates the text for your emails, learns from your adjustments, and regularly improves its sales copy.

However, particular areas require improvements, such as more personalized subject suggestions, a better email verification system, and notifications for new leads.

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Key Takeaways

  • Luna offers a more respectful and personalized approach to cold emailing while maintaining effectiveness.
  • The quality of leads and well-crafted emails are crucial for cold email outreach success.
  • Luna’s AI constantly improves, but certain aspects require improvement for the platform to excel.

Testing Luna

But now it’s time to get into the testing of writing personalized emails with Luna. Luna also offers native integrations with 2 CRM systems: Pipedrive and Hubspot.

If you or your sales team use a different CRM system for your personalized emails, you can use Luna’s API to set up an integration. It works perfectly, and I can say already now you really want to try Luna for personalized outreach.

Set Up Targeting With Luna

Set up targeting with Luna

When setting up Luna for your own startup, you can target specific industries, such as freelancers.

They support a large variety of industries. For my test with my startup Planzer, I tried to target all freelancers in specific countries for my personal emails. This way, the AI tool will find relevant leads and help you send personalized cold emails to this target group.

The more specific you are with your target group, the higher the conversion rate you’ll get. And you’ll also get more effective copywriting from the AI in your email conversations.

Results and Response Rates With Luna

After testing Luna for a week, I sent out 66 emails. I got an open rate of 36% and got two responses, one of which was not worth responding to. Even though the reply rate seems low, it’s high for only 66 emails. And this is with only one follow-up email.

Based on this data, there were solid results, but there is room for improvement.

The writing experience with Luna is excellent as it generates text for you, allows for customization, and even offers translations into different languages. However, there is a lack of personal touch as the AI-generated text can’t capture emotions as humans do. More on this in the next section.

Incorporating a more personal approach, such as referencing a lead’s recent social media posts or sharing relevant industry insights, can strengthen your connection with your targets and improve the response rates with your potential customers.

Remember that the quality of the leads you receive from Luna will significantly impact your success with cold emails. Again back to customising your target audience as much as possible.

Keep an eye out for improvements in Luna’s lead generation and personalization capabilities, as these will ultimately determine how effective your cold emailing efforts will be.

Writing Experience with Luna

Now to the actual writing experience with Luna. There are a lot of great things using a software application like Luna. But there is also one thing I didn’t like, which can easily be solved with a neural network, which is already part of Luna’s AI.

Personal Touch With Luna

Personal Touch With Luna

First, I want to say that I really like how Luna uses the data it has access to from the lead to create the most personalised cold email campaigns possible.

It uses the company name and its position and tries to add a personal touch to the email.

However, when using Luna, the AI-generated text lacks the personal touch you’d get in human-written emails. This is a downside of using cold email software.

Although AI can create personalised content, it struggles to replicate an emotional connection. To enhance personalisation, consider incorporating the recipient’s recent tweets or LinkedIn posts in the email to show you’ve researched and analysed the lead.

Subject Line Suggestions

With Luna, one of the challenges you might face is crafting an engaging subject line.

The predefined subject suggestions can be lacklustre and insufficiently personalised

Here I really hope they’ll improve. Writing cold email campaigns is tough enough, but writing a subject is even more difficult. It’s what gets the person to open the email.

They have so much data on emails sent out, so they can train the AI on this data to help the AI write better subject lines suited to the target market we set up earlier.

Usually, Luna generates subjects such as:

  • [My company name] | [Receiver’s company name]
  • Introducing [My company name] to [Receiver’s company name]
  • [My company name and slogan] | [Receiver’s company name]

Improvement Checklist

Luna could be even more helpful if it provided a checklist for crafting emails.

Although the AI generates the content, enhancing the email with items like a personal touch, value addition, or industry insights could increase the effectiveness of your cold outreach.

A checklist reminding you of these elements could help produce more successful emails. So we can check these things before we send out our cold email campaigns.

Sending and Following up Emails

Once you have formatted and personalised the text, Luna allows you to send emails efficiently.

The emails usually go out 0 to 10 minutes after pressing the send button, with automatic follow-ups blended seamlessly with other scheduled emails.

The AI generates the follow-up text, saving you time, and it also learns from your edits, personalising future-generated content more accurately.

This is a super cool feature with cold email software like Luna, and it really improves your marketing efforts in your cold email campaigns.

Luna's Learning Process

As I’ve briefly mentioned, when you’re using Luna for your cold email campaigns, Luna is learning based on your changes.

Adapting to Your Writing Style

Luna’s AI learns from your adjustments and changes to the generated text. As you edit the generated text from Luna and make minor tweaks before pressing send, Luna learns how you prefer your emails to be written.

Each time Luna is trained, which is currently every three to four weeks, the data from your adjustments are used to personalise your experience even more.

This means that as you continue using Luna, the AI becomes more intelligent and more attuned to your writing style, eventually requiring less effort on your end. And hopefully, you’ll see better output for your marketing campaigns.

General AI Training Of Luna

Luna is also trained every month on general datasets.

Luna’s general AI training involves incorporating a lot of proven sales copy to improve its ability to generate effective emails.

The general sales copy improves over time, and the Luna team is working on making the training more frequent by aiming to update it every week instead of every three to four weeks. With these regular updates, Luna’s AI will progressively improve at crafting emails that work well for your specific needs.

Issues and Suggestions

While Luna is a great cold email outreach software, there are still improvements to be made so that we can benefit and create even better cold outreach emails.

Response Formatting The Email

During my testing of Luna, I encountered issues with response formatting. Specifically, I found that if a response contained HTML, the code would display as text, making the email look unprofessional.

Luna may need to address this concern to improve user experience and maintain the professional appearance of emails.

Email Verification For Better Results

Another issue you will face with Luna is using a third-party email verification system. I discovered that it caused many emails to bounce, affecting your email authority negatively and making your emails more likely to end up in recipients’ spam folders.

Luna is in the process of developing their own email verification system, which should alleviate this issue.

In the meantime, it might be beneficial for Luna to explore alternative solutions, such as sending out a test email to verify if the recipient’s email address is valid.

Better Notification System

Lastly, I found that the notification system could be improved.

I would love a more seamless way to access new leads, particularly on the mobile app.

A simple notification system in their mobile app could significantly improve the user experience, making sending emails efficiently easier. By addressing this issue, Luna has the potential to become an even more powerful and user-friendly cold email tool.

Luna's Pricing and Target Audience

Luna pricing

You can start using Luna for free with 40 emails per month. However, if you want access to the following features:

  • Access to Luna’s best language models

  • Filter leads on city, technology and funding

  • Upload your own lead lists

Then you’ll have to upgrade to their first paid plan at $100 monthly, giving you 250 emails per month. This might seem steep to some. However, Luna is an excellent solution if you’re running a local business, a Software as a Service (SaaS), or a small business.

It helps you get started in the cold email industry and is perfect for smaller setups. If your needs are more advanced or you are running a more extensive setup, you might consider other options, such as Lemlist.

Luna is perfect for those targeting freelancers or niche markets. The key to success with Luna is ensuring you have quality leads and emails, which the platform can help you achieve. Luna’s AI works on generating personalised emails for you, which should, in theory, result in higher response rates.

You’ll find that while using Luna, the AI becomes more intelligent the more you use it. As you tweak the text generated by the system, Luna learns your preferences and adapts to match your desired style better.

Additionally, Luna is trained in proven sales copy, ensuring your emails have a higher chance of success.

The platform also has a mobile app, allowing you to send emails on the go. You can generate text, make minor adjustments and send emails from your phone within minutes. However, note that the app has room for improvement, such as adding notifications for new leads.

Is Luna Worth It?

You might wonder about the final verdict on Luna’s cold emailing tool for your cold email strategies. Based on my experience and the data I’ve gathered, I’d give Luna a rating of 4,5. It’s a solid product that requires a few improvements to reach its full potential.

To boost its rating and performance, there are some areas Luna could improve:

  1. Subject generator: Enhance the subject generator to provide better and more personalised subject suggestions. This will make your cold emails more appealing and increase the likelihood of them being opened.

  2. Generated text personalisation: To create a more genuine connection, the AI-generated text should include personal touches, such as pulling in the recipient’s recent social media post or other information.

  3. Email checklist: Although the AI helps with email writing, a checklist with specific guidelines (like adding value or writing personal notes) can aid you in crafting higher-quality emails.

  4. Quality of leads: Improving the quality and relevance of leads will directly impact the success of your cold emailing efforts.

If Luna can address these four areas, it stands a chance of becoming one of the best cold email tools in the market. For now, its performance is commendable, and with a few tweaks, you can expect even better results in your email outreach campaigns.

Remember the importance of personalisation and relevance, ensuring your emails stand out and genuinely connect with the recipients.

Luna Review Next Generation Cold Email Marketing

Luna has managed with AI to generate personalised messages for each lead they find. This is cold email marketing taken to the next level.

Product Brand: Luna

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy to use
  • Personalised emails
  • Large database of leads


  • Quality of subject generated is low
  • Missing notification system for the mobile app
  • Response formatting is missing
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