Marquiz – Quiz Marketing Is A New Innovative Lead Magnet

What if there is a software that can help you entertain your visitors and gather leads at the same time, this is possible via quiz marketing. Todays product showcase is Marquiz, and via Marquiz you can set up so many different types of quizzes, being creative and in a beautiful design that really draws in the user. So without further ado, let’s dive into Marquiz and let me show you some quizzes you can set up in order to gather leads. When we sign in to Marquiz, this is the first page that we see and this is the dashboard where we have an overview of our projects and our quizzes. Right now, I only have two quizzes here.

We can have the create button up here where it is that we can create either a quiz or a project. So the project is kind of a folder structure. Here we can just call this one YouTube video just for the sake of this video. And then we have our project down here with YouTube videos. And then we can, of course, add videos if we want to, move this quiz here to the project again, if we want to and so on.

This is just a great way to gather your different types of quizzes into one project and then you have your project leads up here. Where it is that it shows all the leads for all the quizzes within your project. Now, within Marquiz, it is quite simple to use. We have three buttons for each quiz that we create. We have our leads button here which shows us all of our leads. Right now, there are no leads in this quiz.

And then we have the edit button where we have access to all of the questions within the quiz. And then we have the analytics module, which I do not have access to right now. But here we can see, as you can see here, how many is starting, how many is ending and what the conversion rate is. It is quite simple, but it is still great knowledge to have. When it is we edit a quiz, we have the same view as when we create a quiz.

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Down here we will always have a view of how the quiz is looking, the animations and everything. And over here in the menu, we control the start page where we have in this case, we have an image. We can also have a video how the elements should be, the format, whether it should be a start page, a landing page, the information on the page. And over here we have the questions within the quiz. I will show you all of this more extensive when we set up a quiz.

We have the outcomes in here where it is that you can say that if they choose option B, option C and then option D, then they need to have this specific outcome. Then we have the lead form settings, which is what we see in the end, where it is that you ask for specific information from the person who have taken the quiz. And in the quiz installation, you can either choose to use the Marquiz link that you see right here, or you can actually also install it on your own website, either as an auto opening, website blog, a banner, a button or a widget, which is a new element.

It works very well. Furthermore, down here, we have our extras where it is that we can show some discounts and some bonuses. Then we have the design part where we choose our colours. Overall, this is often the same as your website. We can also choose the fonts. They do not have a lot of fonts, but you can always write them to add your specific font that you use. Then you can add button styles, your progress bar style and so on.

Now an important element is the integrations here. Here you can choose if you want notifications, if you want to show your Google Analytics on the quiz or your Facebook pixel or TikTok. This is often if you send traffic from Facebook or Google let’s say, into this quiz, you want to be able to see what ad have they clicked on and did they go through all the way to the end in the quiz. Furthermore, down here, we have Webhooks and custom code.

If you want to add some custom code to the quiz. A webhook is often if you want to send information from Marquiz into something specific. And then, of course, down here we have Zapier, Pabbly and iIntegrately. And this opens up endless possibilities to integrate Marquiz into whatever programme you want. Of course, you need a user on the integration that you choose to use. The last element down here is where you choose the quiz interface. You choose the currency, privacy policies like cookie banner.

In here you can see that they have quite a lot of languages within the app, and they are always constantly working on adding more and the same with currencies. They have, of course, a lot of the currencies that we use. They do not have Danish kroner, which is the one I use. Maybe they’ll add it in the future, who knows? But now let’s try, and set up our first quiz. What we do is we say create quiz, and what I often do is I don’t like to start from a blank, so I often choose a quiz design that I like.

And you can always preview the quiz here in order to see how it looks like. And if you like the view and the flow of the quiz, and if you do so, you can, of course, just test it a little bit here. But if you like, then you just close down and then you choose it by clicking select. We will call this quiz YouTube video. And then again, you have the preview down here. Then we can choose what type of design we want, whether we want the standard design expanded or centred.

And every time we do a change, you can see down in the corner that it actually changes whatever it is that you’re doing. So we have the image here of a guy drinking a cup of coffee. We can choose the elements here on how they should look. Right now, they’re centred, I like that. Then we can choose whether it should be a start page or a landing page. If it is a landing page, then you have some more information here.

The start page is more simple. That is basically just get started with the quiz right now. Moving on to the questions part here, you can see with already the predefined questions from the quiz that we created, but we can add more down here. And when it is that, we add a question we need to choose. Whether it should be an answer options, it should be options with images, image based options, emojis, input fields, dropdown, a date, a slider, a inter page or file upload.

So with all of these options, it’s possible for your viewers to do basically everything. If you want someone to schedule an appointment with you, you have the date interval right here. If you want someone to upload their resume or something similar, you have the file upload right here. If you want someone to give feedback to you based on an action they have done or your product or your service, you can do that with emjois in order to create a good experience for the user.

So I have now added three options awesome, great and bad. And then all we can do is we can click here, and then we can change the emoji that we want combined with the answer. So I have chosen a very happy one for glad the great one should maybe just be a little bit more neutral. And then we have the bad one, which would be a very sad smiley right here. So now we have the three options. And as you can see over here, while I’m working on this specific question, it is showing me down here and this is so great because then I always know the changes I do.

How do they look? Do they look good? Do they look great? Or should I just completely remove it? If you do want to, you can also add correct and incorrect test format, where it is that they need to choose the right correct answer in order to get a certain amount of points. It can be that it is an actual test that they need to get a certain amount of points in order to pass the test. This is also possible within Marquiz.

Furthermore, you can make a consultant which you give a picture and name and even a job title, and this consultant will then help the person who’s taking the quiz to get through the quiz in the best possible way, because for each question you can do consultant tips. So if I, for instance, press edit down here on our emoji question, you can see we have consultant hint here. And if I write something in here, then the consultant, which we will make just in a moment, will say whatever it is that I write here.

So I have now added the consultant hint and I have filled out the information for the consultant. Moving on to the outcomes out here, we can choose a lot of different elements we want to use. First of all, we need to choose whether the outcome should come before the lead form. The lead form is where we gather information about the visitor we can choose if it should come after or it should be sent to the email. Let’s say that you’re building out a price, but you don’t want to show it to the user because you want their email so you can send them emails.

Then you can say to them, hey, the price is now done write in your email here and then I’ll send you the price. Then you get their email, of course you need consent from them. And then down here we have the email settings and the content that we build out, which will be sent in the email. And then, of course, for each question we have down here, we can add, of course, a lot of content.

But down here in the condition. So we can say that show this specific content if a certain condition is met and especially if you’re building out a price. This is very, very important because if the price is too high and you don’t necessarily want to show it or you’re just insecure about the price, you can just say, hey, don’t show this because the price is higher than X. Therefore, show this text instead where it is that you describe to them, we couldn’t calculate a price, but please call us and then we’ll talk about it.

Moving on to the lead form settings here again, take a look at I just changed to lead form settings. And down here in the example, it has also changed. The lead form is where we gather information about whoever is taking the quiz right now. And every time I enable a field here, you can see down here that it is also changing and the different types of input fields are very customisable. And you can see I just added phone number and here you can see we need to choose the country code for our phone number and then we can press next if it is that we’re taking the quiz, but I have added name phone, you can also add custom fields here.

In this case, it could be address if it was for a dentist, for instance. Furthermore, down here, we can send results to social networks, send to a chat bot, and we can choose what social network it should be. We can use whether we want to use the phone mask or not. This is where we choose the country code. Maybe it can be for some target groups, difficult to choose their country code, and then we can just disable it.

Furthermore, down here, you can see we have first step and second step. And that’s because the second step contains the email that I’m asking. Again if I roll up in the top here, you can see the second step is the email. Over here we have name, phone and custom field. I can also move the custom field to the second step if I want to. Again, this is very customisable, and with the future coming up, which I will talk about in the moment, we’ll see that it will become even more agile.

And of course, in the end, we can choose whatever success message should show after it is that they have filled out the lead form. The last step is the quiz installation. You can choose either to use the link up here where we just press copy and then we can share this link with whomever we want or whoever we find is relevant for this quiz. Or we can choose to install it on our own website. First, we just need to choose what type of installation we want on our website.

Let’s say we just want a button. Then we click on the button, and we can, of course, customise it again because it is very customisable and then we can choose whether we want it rounded, shadow if we want the quiz auto open or similar items. So you can see here the preview actually is a little bit in the way. We can always close it here. Furthermore, you can also see how it looks on the mobile or we can go full screen.

But when it is that we have chosen that we don’t want it to auto open, we just want it to be like this. And then we say next, then we have the installation code here and the button code. The button code is the actual button. So you need to place that wherever you want the button to show. And then we have the installation code, which is the actual script. Down in the bottom here we can check whether you installed it, correct or not.

The last elements down here have shown you already. It is quite easy to set up the different integrations. Whether you want to use Web hooks, you want to add some custom code or you want to use Zapier, Pabbly or Integrately. The last two elements I want to show you are down here because it is actually storing all of the different versions that we do. So every time we do a change, it’s save the version, so we can always go back if we did a change that we actually regret.

It is a small feature, but it is very, very cool and it’s very, very useful. The last element is down here where we can change the test values and the test values are used for the preview we see over here in the corner. If you do want it to be closer so you can always press preview and then you can actually test your quiz and try it out to see whether you want to change some stuff, add more questions or maybe some more help sections or some more help text in order for the quiz to be easier to get through. But overall, that’s the functionality within Marquiz.

Taking a look at the pricing structure of Marquiz, they are quite expensive, however, you do also get a huge feature set as you just saw. The pricing within Marquiz is depending on the amount of leads that you want to gather. So for every one hundred leads or more, you need to upgrade your plan in order to be able to gather more leads. This is a very simple pricing. There is only one thing that they differ on and on all plans to get all of the features within Marquiz.

So it is very simple, whereas when we compare to the competitors in the industry of quiz marketing, it is quite different. For instance, SurveyMonkey and Typeform. They are depending more on users and on leads. For instance, Typeform is only on users and leads whereas survey monkey is only on users. Comparing to the competitors Typeform is definitely the leader in the market. The options and the possibilities within type form is just so high up there and the amount of integrations you get within Typeform are just so great.

You can also get started completely free by trying out Typeform. I am a big fan of Typeform, especially because of the integrations, because every time there is an integration to a product that I use or you use, we will end up saving time that we don’t have to transfer leads from one programme to another programme. SurveyMonkey, however, is a bit expensive, both compared to Typeform and to Marquiz. However, SurveyMonkey is the company that’s been in the industry for the longest time.

But if you ask me, I feel they have fallen a little bit behind. I do feel on the design part, Marquiz and Typeform are way up there where a SurveyMonkey are a little bit behind, even though they have that big amount of experience. And when we take a look at SurveyMonkey and compare it to Marquiz. SurveyMonkey do still have a lot more features. But in my opinion, they don’t play so well together with the design.

And when it is that we work with users and visitors, the design plays such a big part because the design is the part that needs to draw in the user and play with the user in order for the user to go from step one until they have filled out all of their information. And this is not only a quiz marketing, you can also use Marquiz for scheduling appointments or similar items that you want to gather in, it’s not only for leads, so the possibilities and the options are endless using Marquiz.

Now who is Marquiz for? Marquiz can be used for a lot of different elements, not only gather leads but also to schedule appointments. So if you have a car workshop or you’re a dentist, you can also use Marquiz in order to get information about your patients before it is that they schedule an appointment. Often you can also, based on their answers, give them an answer up front, so they don’t have to schedule an appointment. This shows a lot of proactivity.

However, my is definitely meant for marketing and to gather leads, even though they shows a lot of examples of what you can use it for elsewhere. Marquiz is definitely a different approach on the whole marketing aspect. Often we just see these forms, where you have to fill out name email and then you get some e-book and this is the old way of doing it. Whereas quiz marketing where you feel it’s very personalised, this is a great way to really draw in the user and make them feel that they are a part of it.

And with all of the integrations within Marquiz and the more integration they’re adding in the future, I just see Marquiz being for more and more types of companies. Taking a look at the future of Marquiz, it is quite exciting. They’re working on improving the overall platform and making it more agile so you can do more things with less elements. Often when you work within Marquiz, you often are blocked with elements that you can’t really use or you can really utilise the full potential.

So I think by them opening up the platform, it will be much easier, and we’ll have so many more options in order to build great quizzes. They are also working on a Google Sheets integration and a lot other types of integrations, and these integrations will just help us automate and optimise our workflow. So this is really great to see. Furthermore, they’re adding a calculator module which you can use within the quizzes. So let’s say that you’re building out a price calculator.

You can do this now when it is that they have the calculator module, because then based on the choices and the options that you give to the different visitors and based on what they’re choosing, you can then presented with a price, and then they can sign up in order to get a conversation with you. So this is just another great module in order for you to gather leads. Overall, my experience using Marquiz has been great. The support has been responsive.

And by using Marquiz, I have really been able to enable a lot of options in order to gather leads. It is a completely new way in order to just gather leads. And it’s so great to get away from that traditional form that we see on all types of website. And the design within Marquiz is great, it is so easy to use. The user experience overall is great both for me building the quiz, but also for the visitors going through the quiz.

And when it is that it is so easy and so drawing for them, it often ends up with them signing up in the end, or at least giving the information in order for me to contact them. You can really see that design plays a huge role in order to gather the amount of leads that I want. So, yeah, that’s my review of Marquiz. A great quiz marketing tool in order to gather leads. I hope that you liked the review.

And if you did, please give it a thumbs up. If you have any questions to Marquiz or other products you would like me to review, please leave a comment down below. Thank you so much for watching. Let’s catch up on the next one.

Phillip Stemann
Phillip Stemann
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