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Today’s product review is for you that wants to automate your social media marketing, whether you’re using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or similar. Today’s tool is called Missinglettr. It’s founded and developed by Benjamin Dell, who is also known for creating other awesome products like HelpSelf and similar. He has also created OnboardFlow which recently has been sold to a competitor. He’s well known for his design skills and his products are always well-designed. And when you get will design, you get an easy-to-use product.

Missinglettr is from 2016 and I have been using it for close to a year now, so I will share my experiences with you. I first got to know Missinglettr through Appsumo, Appsumo is a marketplace for software where they run lifetime deals. A lot of big companies has been on this platform like Intercom, SEranking and furthermore. So sometimes the software deals goes the right way and other times the software deals goes the wrong way. So it is a bet when you buy a deal in here, but often Appsumo really vet the different tools.

So often you get a good tool and a good deal in there. I would definitely recommend checking it out. The design is often updated within the product and the design is great. It’s not like you can’t find what it is you’re looking for. The onboarding process is easy. It’s so easy to get started and I will dive into the different features because there are two main features within Missinglettr. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Missinglettr is divided into two big modules where within these modules there are features, their first module is their drip campaigns. The drip campaigns is basically where you make social media posts automatically. The way it works is that you enter your blog post, if that’s what you want to make a social media posts about. What Missinglettr than does is that they scan your blog post and select different keywords that Missinglettr find relevant for you in order for you to post this on social media. The technology behind this, I couldn’t get out of Benjamin. I did ask him, but he didn’t want to give it up.

Fair enough. But I have worked with it myself and it’s the keywords that basically control what content comes and what doesn’t. So, for instance, if you can imagine that it scans your blog post and then it finds keywords that it finds relevant when it finds a specific keyword, then it takes a sentences around that keyword and then you get to choose whether you want to post that or not. When it’s done scanning your entire blog post, then you get presented by the pictures that it has found and the different texts you now have to plan your drip campaign, the way you do this is that you set a start, an end date and then you set an amount of different posts in between these dates.

Missinglettr will automatically post these for you. You then choose what social media you want to post to, what profile and what the text should be within. Missinglettr also helps you if you are missing pictures, because as we know, pictures and videos just works better on social media. So if you’re missing pictures, then automatically Missinglettr generates these pictures for you containing text. You can also automatically post to Medium. There is an integration seamlessly that automatically post to medium, if that’s what you want.

This is just an add-on and it’s not something that you have to use. But what’s important when you have set up your drip campaign is you need to follow it. For this they have the analytics data. In here you can see how many clicks you’ve gotten, where the clicks come from, what country, even what system they use on their computer and what browser they use. This is great for you to optimise and to see whether there are some social media that you need to work more on, or is it something you need to focus less on all this data you can find within the analytics data module.

Furthermore, when you create these social media posts, you get a calculation. This calculation is based on how many possible people you’re going to reach with these social media posts. It’s controlled by the tags and the categories that you use. The more wide categories you use, the bigger reach you get. But the bigger reach you get, the more unspecific it gets. So I would recommend you always narrowing it in as much as you can because a big reach is not necessarily a good thing in this case.

Every time you add and remove a tag, you will see this reach count either go up or down based on what it is you’re adding or removing. I have found this a little bit buggy sometimes. Often when you start creating your drip campaign, you will see that it doesn’t count until you actively do something like removing a tag, adding a tag or something similar. They also have an RSS feed integration. What this means is that, for instance, on your website, you often has an RSS feed integration with Missinglettr in this case.

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    What it means is that Missinglettr will automatically check this RSS feed maybe one hour a day or a couple of times a day, and then it’ll check whether there are new post, because this RSS feed contains all of your blog posts. And if Missinglettr sees there’s a new blog post that is not existing in Missinglettr, automatically it will create a drip campaign for you. And all you have to do is just review it and then start it.

    And that’s how easy it is to get started with Missinglettrs, drip campaign. The other module that really sets Missinglettr apart and really puts them apart from their competitors is curate. Curate is basically a community where you can get all of your social media posts posted on other profiles. So imagine that you have made a social media post that has generated a lot of traffic, but you want it to generate even more. What you can do is that you can, in the curate module, post this out for everyone to use.

    What’s so cool about it is that it’s real people sharing your content. You have what’s called a quality score. The higher your quality score is, the higher are the chances of your content getting shared. This means that the better content that you put out there, the higher your quality score will be and the lower quality content you put out, the lower quality score you will be. For every five posts that you do, you get one credit. It’s not your own post for every five post you do of the communities, then you get one credit because it cost one credit in order for you to share your social media post in the curate library.

    And trust me, it is worth it. I have so far shared 59 different posts. I have been shared 600 times and I saw that more than 1000 have scheduled post about my social media posts and this is completely free. I haven’t paid anything in order to achieve this. One pro tip is though, the social media posts that you share should never be as it’s me talking. I shouldn’t say an experience that I have had. You have to imagine that these are going to be shared on other people’s social media profiles, so they don’t want different posts talking as it’s them if they don’t agree, in your opinion.

    You can get started using Missinglettr, completely free, you get one social media account and 50 posts and this is post to use in your drip campaigns. If you need more, you need to upgrade to their paid plans where you can either get 500 schedule post or 3000. And then, of course, you also get more social media accounts, but start with the free plan to figure out whether this is something for you.

    Their support is great. When I was talking to Benjamin Dell, he answered me straight away within the same day. I’ve always gotten support within the same day. So there’s nothing to put a finger on there. If we take a look at Missinglettrs competitors, it is Hootsuite and it’s Buffer, it’s the closest competitors. But the difference on these are that Hootsuite and they only do schedule posting. This means that they don’t automatically generate content for you. They don’t have the curate library.

    They just focus on that.You can schedule posting on your different social media profiles. However, they do have a lot more different social media profiles than Missinglettr right now. Missinglettr has recently added Instagram as their latest addition. And I hope that we’ll see Pinterest in the future that I would personally really like. But we’ll see what’s in the future for Missinglettr. But when we compare those three to each other, there’s no doubt that Buffer and Hootsuite has more features.

    If we look away from the curate library and the automatic generation. For instance, they have more extensive statistics within their social media posts and the scheduling tools are just more extensive. But of course, they also have more manpower, and they have been in the industry for a longer time. If we take a look into the future of Missinglettr, they’re going to add some things. I’m personally hoping for Pinterest, as mentioned, but they are going to at Google my business, where can easily schedule different posts to post on Google my business.

    Otherwise, when I take a look at their public roadmap, it’s mainly focussed on helping you automating your processes around social media a lot more. And this is, of course, great, but I hope that they will push in some more different social media. So that’s it. That’s my take on Missinglettr. So if you want to automate your social media posting and even automate the process around it, you should try out Missinglettr. Remember, you can get started completely free, and if you find value within it, then you can always upgrade.

    If you have any questions about Missinglettr, please leave a comment down below and I will get back to you. Thank you so much for watching. And remember to give the video a thumbs up if you liked it. Let’s catch up on the next one.

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