I love creating products

I’ve made a collection of all my products. Both products I’m building, but also knowledge and e-books I’m giving away for free.

What I do

Everything marketing
related is where
I thrive.

I always try to stay on the beat within marketing.

Content Marketing

This is one of my biggest passions. There are so many elements packed into content marketing. SEO, AI and copywriting in general.


Not to mention newsletters as well.


On my YouTube channel I share tools for anything in these categories.

Email marketing

Email marketing is brilliant to share content and news, and I really like how you can automate the majority of doing email marketing.


There is so much to learn, and I find it incredible.

SaaS Marketing

SaaS marketing is interesting, because there are 2 categories.


The grinders with no budget, who are willing to make anything grow.


And the funded startups, who has the funds to scale their advertisement.


All my products

7 Best AI Copywriting Tools

5 Steps To Write A Ranking Blog Post

5 Tips To Increase Your Website Conversions

I love to share my knowledge and everything I know about marketing.

This I do not only on my own channels, but on other peoples websites and Podcasts as well.

2x guest podcast episodes

Helped grow startups

27x episodes of my own Podcast

150+ Marketing Reviews

5x Products launched


These podcasts
are where I've been featured.

Worksome invited me to their podcast to talk about how to succeed with freelancing.


Advik invited me in to talk about my history and Planzer, it was super exciting.

The Revamped Founder


What my subscribers
say about my reviews.

7 Best AI Copywriting Tools

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5 Steps To Write A Ranking Blog Post

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5 Tips To Increase Your Website Conversions

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7 Best AI Copywriting tools

I have made an e-book you can download completely free of charge. It takes you through the 7 best AI Copywriting tools on the market.