My Tools

Here I’ve made an overview of all the tools that I use weekly. If you have any questions or are looking for advice, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Productivity is my own product I’ve built which I use every single day to handle my tasks, make sure I handle my emails, calendar events and much more.

encharge logo

E-mail Marketing

I use Encharge for my e-mail software as it’s the most agile and easy to use for me. I can set up automation flows and much more.

kinsta logo


I use Kinsta for my hosting. Kinsta has been the most stable Managed WordPress hosting I’ve tried, and on top of that, they always deliver extraordinary performance.

happyscribe logo


All my videos are transcribed and added as an article on my website. To automate this process, I use Happy Scribe.

feedhive logo

Social Media Planning

I tweet a lot where I share my content, experiences and knowledge. For this, I use FeedHive.

wave video logo

Trailer Videos

For each YouTube video I create, I also create a trailer video to share on social media. To create these, I use

serpwatch logo robot

Keyword Rank Tracker

To monitor the keywords and search phrases I’m targeting, I’m using Serpwatch.

missinglettr logo

Promoting Content

For promoting my content, I use Missinglettr Curate for this. It’s a great way to reach a large audience organically.

scalenut logo

Content Writing

For writing my content, I use Scalenut. When I build articles which aren’t from my videos, then Scalenut delivers great analysis and data I can use.