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Are you running out of ideas of what to post on social media? The other day I was sitting and working on a post, but I just couldn’t nail it as exactly I wanted it to be. Then I ran into this product which not only wrote the entire post for me, but it could do so much more for my social media. Today’s product showcase is Ocoya an AI social media assistant, which can help you grow your social media presence. So without further Ado, let’s dive in and set up some posts.

Here we are in the platform and I really do enjoy this design.

We have our dashboard where we have a lot of different things that we can start doing, but I will just jump straight into the create functionality so we can create a post. Now here I can choose to either create content or I can create with Canva. And if I do choose to just create content, it goes straight into me choosing my format and after this we will see a Crello integration. For now I’ll just make a flyer. Then I click on flyer here and we are now within Crello.

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  1. Features of Ocoya
  2. Ocoya pricing
  3. Alternatives to Ocoya
  4. Future of Ocoya
  5. Use cases of Ocoya
  6. Pros & Cons using Ocoya
  7. My experience using Ocoya

Features of Ocoya

So they do integrate with Crello, which is another product that I’m working with. Now in here I can choose a template or I can just start building from scratch. I often do like to choose a template because it gives me some guidelines of where I can go with this post. Now I will just choose this autumn post right here. And then if I do press publish here, then it will publish my post.

But I’m missing a little bit guidance here because where will it post it? Will it post it on all of my different platforms? Or will it only post it within the Ocoya platform? Now, another way we can go around this is we can go to the scheduler. In here we can schedule posting.

So here we have my calendar and if I do press schedule, I will be sent back to the content page where I can press create content. Again. Now let’s say I will create an Instagram post and then again, I get the different types of templates out here and each of these templates are exactly customised for the Instagram post size dimension. So all of these are 1080 by 1080. So if I just click on this one here or let’s say I take the Vegan one here and I press publish.

Then again, we are on to the next. Within Crello you can do a ton of different stuff. You can change the photos, you can work with objects and so much more. There are a lot of possibilities, so this is definitely a great integration Ocoya has.

And the same with Canva. If you have a Canva user, you do really know that with Canva you can do a lot of stuff, but to be able to use Canva, you need an account with Canva, whereas with Crello just having your Ocoya is enough. Now another thing I want to show you within the content is stock images. Because you have access to Unsplash. You have access to Pexels and to Pixabay so you can use all of those stock images easy within Ocoya.

And I think that’s a general thing about Ocoya. They integrate with a lot of different software and platforms to really gather everything within their platform to make it easy for you to control your social media and do a lot of great posting because the same we see with gifs over here. Here we have powered by Giphy, which means they pull in all of the gifs from Giphy for you to use on your social media. So let’s say I like the one here with the elephant. I can then create a post with this elephant and then move on.

Now you can see that I’m at my content and here and then have the elephant.

I can then choose to generate a caption and by generating a caption we are then utilising the AI copywriter within Ocoya. So here we can describe the idea we want for this elephant. I will just write Elephant running after a ball. This is just for the sake of the video. Here you can see that the only thing cuter than a baby elephant is a baby elephant chasing its favourite toy. I think that’s great.

I’ll just added and you can see over here as I add it’s building out the post. Then I can choose to generate trending hashtags and you can see these trending hashtags does not necessarily have something to do with your posting. That would be a really great feature, and I think that’s definitely something they need to change. So I could at least give it some input or it would take my caption input to find the trending hashtags. And I would also like to see some information about the hashtag.

Why is it trending and why is this relevant for my post? Because of course there can be hashtag that I don’t necessarily find relevant for my post, but because of all the data that Ocoya has, they will tell me it is relevant because XYZ. Now we can also generate inspirational quotes. If you are that type of channel or that type of profile. Here you can see we get some different ones. Happiness lies in perspective. What we think we become from Buddha and so on. So all of these elements are possible.

And then when we are satisfied, we can save the post and we now have a post with a caption ready to just schedule. Now if you have built out some content on your own computer, you can upload it to Ocoya right here and then use it as a post to schedule or to shoot out to your followers. Now if you want to utilise the AI aspect of Ocoya without it has to do something about social media. This is also possible because out here in the menu we have Travis AI.

And via Travis AI we have a lot of different types of AI content generation tools that we can use, and these can be confused because they don’t have anything to do with social media.

You can see we have blog conclusion that has nothing to do with social media. Of course, you can use a conclusion as a social media posts. If you do find relevant, let’s say that you are posting about a blog that you did. Then posting a conclusion of the blog can be helpful sometimes, but for instance, feature to benefit or YouTube video topic ideas. That’s not necessarily something for social media.

So you need to see all of these tools in here as an extra add on that you get with Ocoya. Now to test out Ocoya’s AI copywriter, I will just choose to generate a Google ad copy. I will type in my product name, which is and a description telling that it’s a project management system which utilising AI to help you manage your project.

So now let’s try and generate a Google Ad copy to see how good this one really is. And what I really like about Ocoya, is that it generates takes so fast. What I do not like is that you only get one ad copy here. So if I did not like this one, I had to run it again. What we see in other AI copywriting tool is that we often get three to five different types of ad copies that we can check through and to really choose the one that we like.

And this is also a way to train the AI to really see which is most liked and what type of wording and so on. So that’s something I would hope that they would really add to Ocoya platform because it is a great platform. Now here we have our Google ad copy, and I think it’s a great result, and I really do like that it separates into headline one, headline two, description one and description two because that’s how you need it within Google Ads. When it is you set up your ad and I think it make more or less sense.

I would make small changes, for instance, about the chat bot and the one on one assistance. That’s a little bit irrelevant, but I think overall that’s a great result. Now let’s move on to the ecommerce here because if you are running an Ecommerce website or a web shop, you can see here we have Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy. Right now it is not able to run for all of these. I know that Shopify is possible.

For the rest you need to be patient because they are not integrated yet. But with Shopify, you can integrate your Shopify website and then you can pull in all of your products within Ocoya, and then you can easily create posts around a product. So let’s say that you are selling a pair of shoes and you want to create some awareness about these shoes. Then via this integration you will have the shoes in here and then on the product you can create a post about the shoes. It could be a small feature you want to tell about these shoes or it can just be overall that you have them on sale or similar items.

So by having this integration you save a ton of time because it’s pulling all of the data points for you. And with all of the integrations coming up with Amazon, Ebay and Etsy, it will be a very powerful tool. Now in the analytics section here. This one is not very extensive at the moment. We have our posts here where we can see how many images we have created, how many posts we have created hashtags generated and so on.

This is a bit irrelevant. I want to see the traction of my posts and we can also see that a little bit here, but this is very, very limited. You can see out here. We can also sort on our profile. I would like to see more extensive analytics and as I’m going to talk about later in the video, they are actually working on this.

Now the last menu point is our social channels. Here it is just for you to connect your social media and they do also integrate with Buffer schedule and Hootsuite schedule, if you’re already using those. Of course it is a little bit duplicate, so I wouldn’t use both applications. But that is of course up to you. If you have the highest plan, they do also have API which I will not go into.

Ocoya pricing

Now moving on to the pricing structure of Ocoya, it consists of three plans, and as you probably can see here, these plans are not cheap compared to the competitors. You do really need to go through each of these plans to find out which one is perfect for you. If you are an agency do go with the most expensive plan because there you get the functionality to really pleasure all of your customers. But if you are just a single company or a freelancer, then take look at the lowest plan. Of course, if you do need the features of the higher plans, then do go with those.

But what I would really recommend you is taking the seven day trial to test out the product to see whether it’s for you.

Alternatives to Ocoya

Because when we do compare it to the competitor, as I see it, which is Radaar. It is a lot similar to Radaar, but Radaar has social media listening, which Ocoya doesn’t have, and Radaar does not have the AI assistant, which Ocoya has, so it really depends on your need. If you need a lot of social media analytics and ways to post and listen to all what is going on around your channel, then go with Radaar.

Radaar - Monitor and Manage your Social Media


Radaar is a social media listening software that helps you to always stay on top of where you are mentioned. Furthermore, you can schedule and manage all of your social media within one platform.

But if you need the AI aspect and help about posting and an integration to your ecommerce site, then do go with Ocoya. It really depends on your need.

Future of Ocoya

Moving on to the future of Ocoya, they are, of course, working on the workflow of the platform, so we can use it more efficiently and faster go from zero to have our post out on social media. Then they are working on white labelling features, multiple accounts, more extensive analytics. And the most important element is that they’re working on more integrations. Here I’m talking about integrations to Pinterest, Etsy and to TikTok, which means that for instance, on Etsy, you can easily share all of your products on social media with this simple integration and with Pinterest, of course you can auto schedule a lot of different posts, and with TikTok, you can post your video material which you can even build within Ocoya.

So, with all of these features coming, we will definitely see an increase in the value of Ocoya.

Use cases of Ocoya

Now I want to share some use cases with you. If you are a small to medium sized company, you can easily use Ocoya to manage all of your social media presence. Even though they do not have the social media listing, you can schedule a lot of your posts via Ocoya on the different platforms that they integrate with and you can even create all of these posts within Ocoya. So as a small to medium sized company, you can really gather all of your social media activity within Ocoya.

Now if you are an e commerce website, Ocoya is perfect for you because Ocoya integrates with Shopify and soon Etsy.

So if you use these platforms, you can easily pull in all of your products and then create awareness about all of these products. Even if it is products coming soon. This will mean that you can faster get your products off the shelves and sold to all of your clients. The integrations are a great way to really narrow it in, get all of your products within Ocoya and then shoot it out to all of your followers.

Pros & Cons using Ocoya

Now moving on to the pros and cons of Ocoya, starting with the pros. They have a beautiful design and they have an AI copy writer and then they have e commerce integrations. Whereas for the cons they do not have a WooCommerce integration or TikTok and this will really higher the value of Ocoya. Last but not least the content flow where you go from zero to having a post ready. It’s just too long. It’s not efficient enough yet.

My experience using Ocoya

With Ocoya, I always have ideas for my social media posting and with the constant development of the software, it makes it an interesting tool for me to use in my everyday. Overall, I will give Ocoya four stars. I really enjoy using the tool and all of the functionality within.

But yea, that is my review of Ocoya, I hope that you liked the video and if you please give it a thumbs up. If you have any questions to Ocoya or other products you would like me to review, please leave a comment down below. Thank you so much for watching. Let’s catch up on the next one.

Phillip Stemann
Phillip Stemann
I have been in the software industry for 10+ years, and I’ve gathered a ton of experience I’m sharing with you. I test out tools each week and share my findings with you, for you to easily choose the right software for your needs. I have so far reviews many types of software and even built software myself, it’s a huge passion for me.