Perfect blog post: Here are 8 easy tips to achieve it

How do you write the perfect blog post?

Blogs or blogging is definitely not a new term for you, as we have many people around us who share their views online on different platforms and journals and are called bloggers. But did you know that among so many bloggers, only a few are famous? Ever wondered why? Because their blogs consistently rank on the first page of search engines with quality content.

  1. To write a perfect blog post, you must follow the following rules
    1. Tip 1: A perfect headline for readers
    2. Tip 2: Magnetic meta description
    3. Tip 3: Draw readers attention via conducting paragraphs
    4. Tip 4: Enchanting story
    5. Tip 5: Add relevant graphics and images
    6. Tip 6: Easy to read
    7. Tip 7: Optimise your content for sharing and conversions
    8. Tip 8: Backlinks and SEO
  2. Conclusion
  3. FAQ

Many people think they’ve become bloggers when they start writing, but they don’t realise that simple-looking blogging isn’t that simple, and writing a perfect blog post seems easy, but it’s not. Even this piece of writing is based on complete research and personal experience.

If you don’t want your blog post to be underrated or crashed when it hits the internet, then this article is for you. This article will tell you about the insights and some techniques for writing a perfect blog post. If you want to enjoy the perks of being a famous blogger, give a brief read to this article.

To write a perfect blog post, you must follow the following rules

Tip 1: A perfect headline for readers

The headline is what attracts the reader’s attention. If it is meaningful and provides enough information about what it is, you are on the right track. The reader will show more interest in reading the whole blog; otherwise, readers will leave the page as soon as possible if they did not find the headline attractive or could not deliver it.

It is very similar to your office presentation. You only have a few seconds or minutes to capture your customer’s appeal by summarising your entire presentation in titles and headlines, so they can get an idea of what you will deliver. If your headline is meaningful enough, he will show interest, or the deal will be cancelled.

Tip: If you insert benefits in the headline related to your content, your headline will be spiced up to grab the reader’s attention and provide him with the reward of reading. The title of this article is the perfect example of an excellent headline.

Tip 2: Magnetic meta description

When your perfect blog post appears in the search results, the next thing that attracts the reader after the headline is the meta description. Your meta must also be meaningful and precise and compel the visitor to open the link and read the entire blog. This means that you need to add your keywords and an engaging line that tells the reader what he will read when he clicks on the link.

Ensure that your meta is not just any two lines of your blog; rather, it should be a polished and interesting one.

Tip 3: Draw readers attention via conducting paragraphs

You have caught the reader’s attention; now, the reader is on your page and starts reading your blog. At this point, you have to be very careful because this is the moment when your reader either stays with your blog or leaves it. So you must be able to write an impressive introductory paragraph that summarises your blog post’s whole story and invites the reader to read the entire blog.

However, writing “to be on point” is mandatory; still, a build-up with an enticing introduction before jumping to the main context is necessary so that the reader feels that your perfect blog post is worth reading.

Tip 4: Enchanting story

It does not matter what topic you write about; the main purpose of writing is to arouse the reader’s interest. Either you write about an exciting topic, or you write about a dull and dry topic. The reader will only find it interesting when each element in your blog compels readers to read the next sentence, the sentence after that, and so on until they come to your call to action.

So the best way to do this is to write a perfect blog post in the form of a story or write a story before you jump into the main context. Research shows that blog posts with a story background lead to 300% more visitors, and the average time spent on the site has been increased more than five times.

Many of you may think that a story can only be written in fictional form, but some of you may write about reports, so the entire blog depends on facts and figures. Even before you write a fact-based report, you can write a story to increase your readers’ curiosity and force them to finish reading your entire blog.

Tip 5: Add relevant graphics and images

Every next blogger uses pictures and graphics in his content, but how many of them get visitors? Only a few. Do you know why this happened? It’s because adding images is not all; the pictures should be relevant to your content and serve the following purposes.

  • The image must contain a caption because research says that readers are more interested in reading the image caption than the body copy.
  • The placement of the images is also an essential element. If you place the picture above the headline, you will get 10% more visitors than if you put the image below the headline.
  • Always place the image on the right, in the middle, but never on the left edge, as this would break the reader’s concentration.
  • Finally, always place relevant images or graphics that fit your story. Any irrelevant image in context will make it difficult for the reader to understand the purpose of the image. Eventually, he will lose interest in your blog and leave the site.

Tip 6: Easy to read

Your words reflect your knowledge and writing skills. Writing a hi-fi blog with fancy phrases does not fulfil the purpose of writing. Because you have readers from different communities with different intellectual levels. Therefore, you need to format your article with easy sentences and simple words.

A simple sentence will help the reader understand what you are trying to convey. If the reader finds it difficult to scan your text, he or she will leave your site immediately and move to another website.

For easy writing, you can use the following options:

  • Try to communicate your ideas using bullet lists.
  • You can also use small paragraphs to break down your thoughts.
  • Use relevant subheadings.
  • Try to avoid passive voices and communicate your idea in an active voice.
  • Emphasise the main idea by using bold and italics, as I have done here.

Tip 7: Optimise your content for sharing and conversions

Getting page views and not selling ads on your blog will not add value to your business. That’s why you need to optimise your content to achieve more conversions and sharing. Both methods require different types of optimisation.

For example, if you want more sharing on your blog, you will need to install some social sharing plugins like SumoMeShareaholic and so on. After installing these plugins, you will notice a significant increase in your social sharing.

If you get your visitors to subscribe to your newsletters or purchase the product you sell, this will be the big success you have achieved so far. You can accomplish this by adding a relevant product link, a pop-up or a sign up box in the sidebar. In fact, there are many other ways to achieve your goal.

If you want to make your conversions more effective, you should add “content upgrades” to your blog.

If you have been reading the article from the beginning, you must have got the idea of how to write a perfect blog post. But without keywords, SEO and backlinks, it is not enough to write a perfect blog post.

A masterpiece that is written must be placed in the results of a search engine, and for that, you must do on-page and off-page SEO. For on-page SEO, you have the keywords you have to try to focus on the keywords and use it maximum times in your text.

Off-page SEO depends on backlinks which are undoubtedly the backbone of SEO. They increase your domain authority, which in turn helps you to increase the position of your blog on the search engine result pages (SERPs). The more powerful the backlink, the higher the position will be, and you will eventually receive a lot of organic traffic to your blog.

There are a ton of tools where you can keep track of this. One of the better ones is SE Ranking, I’ve written about SE Rankings 7 awesome features, you should check it out.

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    Now you have 8 fundamental rules to write a perfect blog post. These are not just “nice to have”, but they are the must-have elements that need to be added to your blog to make it a perfect blog post. Otherwise, your perfect blog post will be of no use, as these 8 rules will help you increase your organic traffic and make your readers enjoy reading, so they stay on your site longer, and you reach your goal.


    What makes a blog effective?

    The best way to make your blog effective is to keep it simple by using easy phrasing, bullet listing, and short paragraphs so the user can scan it easily and enjoy reading the blog.

    Why do some blogs fail?

    If someone doesn’t follow the rules for writing a perfect blog post, there is a high probability that the blog will fail because the reader either doesn’t find your blogs or doesn’t want to read them because the content doesn’t grab the reader’s attention.

    Is blogging in 2020 will be worth doing?

    If you want to start your blogging career, you can consider different ideas, but if you think that blogging will be worth nothing or dead in 2020, you are wrong, because blogging has become more and more popular over time.

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