Perkzilla review – Build giveaways, contests and drive traffic to your website

Perkzilla review - Build giveaways, contests and drive traffic to your website

With today’s Product Showcase, you can easily do giveaways and make sure they reach a larger audience. Today’s Product Showcase is Perkzilla a platform to run contests, giveaways, and just drive more traffic to your website. So without further Ado, let’s dive into Perkzilla and set up a giveaway.

We are now inside the platform Perkzilla on the dashboard here where we have access to all of our campaigns. You can see that they have a lot of interesting elements out here on the menu with an automation centre, a fraud analysis, analytics, and much more. We will go through all of this. But to begin with, we will set up a campaign which we will use through the entire flow.

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    1. Features of Perkzilla
    2. Perkzilla pricing
    3. Alternatives to Perkzilla
    4. Future of Perkzilla
    5. Pros & Cons using Perkzilla
    6. My experience using Perkzilla

    Features of Perkzilla

    So when we create a campaign, we need to choose whether it’s a contest, a giveaway, whether we want to refer a friend, drive more traffic, or start a waitlist for early access. For now we will set up a giveaway, so let’s give it a name and what website this giveaway is attached to. So I’ve chosen a name and a website, and we can also choose if we want to use a dedicated landing page where all the traffic will be referred to. For now, I will not do that.

    As a campaign end date, I will choose 30 of December and then let’s press continue.

    So here we can set up multiple prices. So this is a campaign that can contain multiple prices within the campaign. So we can either set up delivery details where it is we choose what is the actual delivery method, whether it’s a coupon code, a delivery URL, or specific instructions. For now I will choose the coupon code.

    I will write DK2021 and I will save that. Then we can also change how many can win this price by changing the amount of winners and the text over here. I will just say one winner, and then we can add multiple prices. This time I will add other instructions, and then I’ll just write sign up for now. So now in theory we should have two prices, even though it’s only showing me one.

    But let’s continue up here and here we choose again whether it’s a contest where it’s based on leaderboard, whether it’s a giveaway, where it’s based on total entries, or if it’s selected randomly. So we did already choose giveaway. So you just need to choose what type of method would you use in order to choose the winner. So let’s just choose randomly in this case. And here we can customise our formula a little bit.

    We can do that more later on which I will show you. But here we can choose whether we want to have a single name, whether we want to have a split name or only asking for the email. And over here we can design it a little bit by removing some labels. We can also remove the consent description and much more. I will keep it very simple as it is here with a placeholder and the consent.

    And you can see we have enter to win, but let’s just move on and continue because then we will come to the actual action builder that we have here. Where it is we can choose what they can do in order to gain entries. So here you can see that if they sign up, they get ten entries, for every visitor they refer they get one entry, and for every referral they get, which means that another one they have referred is signing up. They get 100 entries and we can add more.

    So by clicking on all actions here, you can see that we can add for different social medias right now.

    For instance, share via Reddit. Visit our YouTube channel, check out our latest post and so on. You do need to be aware of that these down here where it says requests are not ready yet. They are going to be developed soon.

    And one interesting thing is watch video time validated, so you can tell them that they need to watch your entire YouTube video before they can actually enter the giveaway. And that’s something that will really benefit you. But for now I will just add that they need to share it via Facebook, and this looks fine. We can, of course, change the description, change what it needs to be called, but I will just press save for now. So now we have four actions that they can do in order to add more entries to their chance of winning the giveaway.

    And now we have our actions. You can also minimise it a little bit more if you only want to see the social sharing. But now let’s move on to the live editor because in here we can design our giveaway page. And again, I’m really impressed by the design it looks outstanding.

    However, there is a little bug up here where it is that it needs to show the amount of days which is left to enter this giveaway. But this looks fine, and what we can do is we can click on the different elements, and then we can just edit them by typing in what we need to change. So if I want to write email with the dash, I just enter that if I want to change the description up here, I can do that as well. Basically, you just click on what you want to change, and then you can upload a new image.

    We can also change the text down here and so much more. And what you need to be aware of is that there are multiple pages where you can change it. So this is the first page they see after they sign up, where we get a confirmation page with some text where they need to, of course, authenticate their email address. The next page here is where they welcome a first name, whoever has been referred. The next one is an overview of their own giveaway.

    And there are so many pages you can change. There’s also the leaderboard here. And then there is the overview where we have the campaign and when you have multiple prices they will be listed down here. You can see that we can add another price down here that they can win. And then we also have the last one.

    Where ii is that they remove themselves from the giveaway. So here, of course, you need to encourage them to enter the giveaway again. But over here we can also see how it looks on mobile, and then of course we can also change the colours.

    We can change up here if we only want to work on the form. And then down here we have our campaign settings. In campaign settings, you have basic details like what’s the name and the site title, and of course, the campaign deadline, which is extremely important. Then we do also have emails. What type of emails do you want to send out?

    We can also capture here where we choose whether it should be email or it should be email and name. Then we have some form settings here where we can remove the placeholder. We can remove the label and of course, the checkboxes. Then we can enter our tracking URLs. We can change the design a little bit.

    If we want to remove the banner, if you want to remove the branding, then I have to upgrade right now. We can also remove the countdown timer, and soon we can also change whether we want the end screen and so much more. So that’s really interesting. We do also have autoresponders, and we have additional settings. Now in additional settings, we have some interesting things because we can change of course, the banner, we can change the logo, and then we can change our SMTP settings. And the SMTP settings is your way of sending out emails.

    So you enter your SMTP settings. The emails will be sent out via your email so everything will look like it’s coming from your system. They do also have an opt in link here you can use if you just want to share this specific form with someone who wants to enter this specific giveaway, you just need to enter the email here and then you can send it out. But that is how you set up a campaign. Now, some elements I want to show you is that they do also have integrations, so you can basically just shoot in the emails into Activecampaign if you’re using that.

    They do also have Mailer light, Getresponse and so on. I’m really hoping to see Encharge in here. They do also have Analytics where you can see the amount of people signing up, how it’s going with the users and how it’s going with your giveaways and your campaigns. This is very extensive, and it will become even more extensive in the future.

    And then the most interesting for me at least is their fraud centre. In here we can see if people are trying to cheat, if they are trying to invite emails that just doesn’t exist, or they are trying to create a million email addresses which are just not existing or has just been created recently. And they can see that in the fraud centre. They will, of course, block it and then they will notify you. And you can even get an email every week or every day where they tell you how it’s going with the fraud.

    If there is a lot of fraud or it’s more or less. But now let’s move on to the automation centre because this is the last module I want to show you. In here we set up triggers and you can see we already have some triggers down here with a confirmation email, a welcome email. And we can change these as we just saw before with the Live editor, we can upload new image, we can change the heading here, we can change the text, this we should let’s just stay because that’s the pricing and then all of the other elements down here we can just simply change.

    And then you have the different triggers up here so you can make rewards triggers, which means that when a user gets X referrals, they will receive a specific email or they will receive a reward. Then there is a notify where it is that you can notify people that they need to generate more sign ups in order to win. And then there’s inactivity. So people who are just not so active in creating sign ups and more entries, they will be able to receive this one. Then there’s motivate again just to those who maybe doesn’t put in the full effort, but you want to motivate them to put in the full effort.

    This is possible with this. And then of course there is the winner, whereas you choose the winner and tell them that they have won a specific price. So up here we can choose templates. They do not have so many at the moment. And then you can choose what this trigger is.

    It’s basically based on points, a random winner or a hybrid of those two. Then you choose the amount of winners, what the name is, and then you can send a preview to yourself, or you can just send it. And when you save this one, this will automatically send out for you as soon as someone reaches that point where they have won the actual reward that you have set up. And the same goes for the notify for instance.

    Here you can see that the template right now is here’s a quick update and then it shows your entries, points, referrals, shares and visitors. And these designs are again very well worked through, really mature and worked through designs that are just outstanding to look at. Again over here we have the different triggers that we need to set in order for this email to be sent out. And that is how it works with all the different triggers. So you can see with this you really get a full system where you can encourage people to sign up.

    You can build giveaways, you can build contests and just have the fraud analysis make sure that all of your email and your subscribers are just correct, and they’re authentic. If you are having issues getting started, they have an entire library of articles that you can just read through where you also get tips and tricks on how you run the perfect giveaway.

    Perkzilla pricing

    Now they have three pricing plans and most of you will go with the first one. But if you do need unlimited of everything, you can go with the last plan, which is a bit more pricey, but you do also get extra teammates, and you get sub accounts.

    Alternatives to Perkzilla

    Now the alternatives to Perkzilla as I see it is Upviral and and Perkzilla is actually in between these two. The number one as I see it is Upviral.

    Upviral really has the amount of features it requires to run a giveaway where you can just spread it on multiple social media and then I see as number three. So Perkzilla is right in between with the amount of features they have, and as you have seen in the walkthrough, they have a lot of great features coming up and actions that you can add, so you can share it on more platforms that you can do right now.

    Future of Perkzilla

    Now the future of Perkzilla looks very interesting. They are working on some large modules and some small tweaks that will really benefit us. First off, they are upgrading three UX elements, the actions, the welcome screen and the social sharing, and already now I do really like the design, so it will be interesting to see what they can improve on those elements. Furthermore, they are adding CNAME for the landing pages so we can add the landing page to our own domain and talking about landing pages. They are also working on a designer, so we will get a landing page design module where we can drag and drop our landing page together to really make it match our style.

    Then they are adding web hooks and more integrations so we can really add Perkzilla into our own custom set up.

    Pros & Cons using Perkzilla

    Now I’ve been using Perkzilla for some time now so I want to share some pros and cons with you. Starting with the pros. They have fraud analysis, they have a live editor, and they have integrations, whereas for the cons I can’t build my own landing page where I drag and drop the elements and I can’t add the campaign to my own domain.

    My experience using Perkzilla

    Perkzilla is one of those products that just amazes me. The way they combine a beautiful design, great UX and the amount of features they have is just outstanding to me. Overall, I will give Perkzilla four and a half stars. It’s a really mature product, but I’m still missing the landing page designer so I can drag and drop my own landing page. But, yeah, that is my review of Perkzilla. I hope that you liked the video.

    If you did, please give it a thumbs up. If you have any questions to Perkzilla or other products you would like me to review, please leave a comment below Thank you so much for watching. Let’s catch up on the next one.

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