About the project

AnnoAnno is a platform for plus-size women, where AnnoAnno's stylists make a box of clothing each month and send to the customers for them to try the clothing out and buy the stuff they like, and return what they didn't like.

I changed AnnoAnno's platform and processes to be scalable.
When we started working, their setup was very limited, we needed to achieve a setup where they could scale.

AnnoAnno contains 3 platforms. Their WordPress setup which you can see on, this also contains a webshop and last but not least their internal system which they use to handle orders and customers.

Their WordPress website I changed the design to a brand new design to be aligned with their style.
We then developed a whole internal system which was integrated with Woocommerce. We dragged all orders into the system, and in the system, they could then make the style box and choose the products which were matched on the customers based on the data we had on the customers.

In the end we developed their webshop which opened up a possibility or them to sell their products directly to the end customer for those who knew exactly what they wanted.