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Today, I’m very excited to share with you simply the best WordPress SEO plugin, WordPress is a CMS system that you can use to easily build up your website. However, if you want your website to gain traffic via Google, you need an SEO plugin. WordPress out of the box is very SEO optimised, but they still have some places where they need to be optimised. And the plugin I’m going to share with you today is going to solve all those pains you have.

The plugin is called Rank Math SEO. You are probably using a plugin called Yoast SEO, which is its a great plugin. However, Rank Math SEO, which has been free for a long time, has now won over the market. Let’s dig into why.

When you look at Rank Math SEO, you can see that they have a free version, and they have a pro version, the free version has been out for quite a while, and they have used the free version to really gather data, to see what does people want and what do they not want.

When you compare the free version to the pro version, you can fast and easily see that the differences are not that big. In the pro version, you get a more powerful schema generator. Don’t worry, I will get back to what a scheme and generator is. And furthermore, you can track keywords in the pro version. However, all the data they use to track your keywords, they take from a program called Google Search Console. And you already have a Google Search Console, which means that you already have this data.

So you can discuss how valuable this is to you as you already have the data in Google Search Console. I think what they do will in their pro version is that they make it easy for you to see your different keywords. How are your ranking on them and so on.

A funny story. One of my friends, he has a Webshop where he sells covers and accessories for iPhones and smartphones in general. Before I helped him, he had an average orders, maybe two to three orders per week, and that was fine by him. I just I did one thing.

He was using Yoast SEO his WordPress blog, and I changed that to Rank Math SEO, the free version. And he went from having a couple of orders per week to having a couple of orders per day. And this was a completely free change. The reason why he saw an increase in orders is because of, again, the schema generator. It’s so powerful and it’s such a great and easy way to make your website stand out in the search results in Google.

As promised. I will get into this later.

Rank Math SEO is build up by modules. So they have a ton of features, and they integrate with WooCommerce, BuddyPress and a lot of others, for instance, advanced custom fields.

So what I mean by that is module base is that you can basically turn on and off the modules you want or you do not want. And the positive thing about that is that you lighten your WordPress set up, for instance, I think rank math has between 15 and 20 features, if you’re only using three features, there’s no way that is a good idea for you to have all features enabled.

As I have mentioned earlier in this video, the schema generator, the schema generator is what really sets Rank Math SEO apart.

The schema generator is basically technically optimising your whole website. For instance, if you have a Webshop out in the Google search results, it will show whether your product is in stock or not. It will show how many is in stock, it will show the sizes. And if you can imagine going through the search results in Google, you can see that it takes some to really stand out because everyone just has a title, a link and a description. And if you start to have small attributes, that really makes you stand out and that’s such a great way for you to stand out.

Furthermore, they have on page SEO checker, this is still technical. And what it does is basically it scans your entire website to see are you using headings the right way? Are you using technically everything the right way or do you need to optimise some places? And the good thing about this is that it’s running on your website. So when you have done some changes on your website, you can basically go back and then just run it again to see if those changes you did are working.

And you can do this over and over again. And I really recommend you taking a look at this, because the technical parts really plays a role. As mentioned earlier, Rank Math SEO makes it possible for you to track your keywords. However, this is a pro feature, so you need to upgrade to get this feature and it can be discussed how much value it actually gives you. You can check it out. And if you think that the pro version will give you more value, then upgrade, it’s only USD 59 per year.

It’s very, very cheap. And you can basically install Rank Math SEO on as many websites as you want, Rank Math SEO also have an automatically integration with Bing. You may be thinking Bing isn’t Google number one search engine. Yes, that’s correct. However, Bing has a huge amount of searches every day. And of course, I don’t think it’s a good idea to only focus on Bing, but to have Bing as a secondary search engine to optimise your content for is a great idea.

And the thing that Rank Math SEO does so great is that every time you update a page or a post, Rank Math SEO automatically send this page or post to Bing, which means that you don’t have to update your sitemap.

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You don’t have to manually go into Bing and update anything. Rank Math SEO takes care of this. It’s a really, really great feature. Rank Math SEO also has a great sitemap feature, a sitemap is used to tell the different search engines what pages to crawl and what pages not to crawl. And this is a great way for you also to hide all the pages. You don’t want to be on Google and to really showcase the pages you just want out there.

And all you have to do is basically enable Rank Math SEO, go into your Google search console and then put in your sitemap. It’s that simple. And Google automatically crawls your sitemap every day to see if there are any new pages and posts, and then they via this sitemap publishes all your pages and posts out on their search engine.

As the last feature I want to talk about their content optimisation. This is useful when you create content, when you start to create content. There are four categories that Rank Math SEO checks on you and each category has bullet points under where they check on these bullet points. So, for instance, the first category is called Basic SEO. And what that does is that it checks, do you have a meta description? Is the meta description too long is it too short? Do you have a title tag? Is the title track too long or too short?

The next category is called Additional. Additional is checking more on your URL length. Is the URL length too long? Is it too short? And this is also a part of the basic SEO info because if your title description or URL is too long, it will get the three dots and it’s said that it affects your SEO in a bad way. It’s not a huge thing, but if you can then just get it in order, I would definitely recommend you doing that. The last two features are Title readability and Content Readability. This is actually a great thing.

As I have mentioned in my podcast, I will link it down in the description.

Google is really focusing on user experience. What that means is that they measure it on how long the customer is on your website and what they do after. So, for instance, if a customer or a visitor comes to your website, and they start reading your blog post, but they are not finding what they are looking for, then they will most likely go back to Google and go to your competitor’s website. Google sees this as a very, very bad results of your website.

So what you need to do is that you really need to make sure that your content answers the question, but your content really needs to be easy to read. And you do this by dividing it into sections on your website. Last but not least, I want to mention the competitors to Rank Math SEO. The number one competitor is Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO is probably the oldest plugin that has been in the WordPress plugin market within SEO. So you are most likely using that, Yoast SEO has a pro version as well, but it costs 108 USD per year.

It’s almost double Rank Math SEo. And if you ask me, I think Yoast SEO has really stopped developing in the right direction. That’s why I personally changed to Rank Math SEO because they update their plugin so often. The other competitor is all in one SEO. It’s also a great plugin. It’s fairly expensive if you want to upgrade to the highest version. But I would still recommend you changing to Rank Math SEO because of this schema generator. It’s so, so powerful and it’s actually very easy to change from those two plugins to Rank Math SEO.

Rank Math SEO has made an import feature where you can basically import all the settings you have made in the other plugins to Rank Math SEO and then you’re good to go. So no work is lost. Don’t worry about that.

Lastly, I want to touch on cons for Rank Math SEO because even though everything sounds great, they do have cons.

What I would like to see Rank Math SEO your work with the Analytics data and the Google Search Console. They have recently started to make it possible for you to track keywords, but it’s very, very low level and I would really like them to see utilise all that data that Google Analytics and Google Search Console has available and put it in there, so we don’t have to use all these different programs to find the answer.

So to sum everything up, Rank Math SEO is a fantastic SEO plugin. So whether you’re using no SEO plugin or a competitor’s SEO plugin, I would recommend you taking a look at Rank Math SEO. Start with the free version and if you think that is a fantastic plugin, then upgrade right away, you will not regret it.

So thank you so much for watching this video. I would really appreciate it if you would like the video. And comment, what do you think about Rank Math SEO?

Are you thinking about changing or what SEO plugin are you using today? Let’s catch up on the next one.

Phillip Stemann
Phillip Stemann
I love SEO. It's what I live and breathe. I took a different approach than the average SEO expert. I started as a programmer, transitioned into the technical aspect of SEO, which I've always found interesting, and then focused on content using the right tools, which I'm reviewing on my YouTube channel.

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