Reveal your SEO keywords in Google Analytics | Ep. #23

Reveal your SEO keywords in Google Analytics

Hi, my name is Philip Stemann, and I will be learning you how to succeed with your website. Are you using Google Analytics and are you tired of seeing the words not provided when you’re going to organic traffic to see what keywords has brought you traffic? Well, Google Analytics doesn’t show any organic keywords any longer. You may now be thinking, well, I can see keywords in my Google Analytics. You can maybe if you have connected to Google search console.

But these keywords you can’t use for anything, they are just there, you can see what page they landed on. You can’t see the duration. You can’t see the section it’s connected to. However, there is a way to fix it. The tool that’s fixing this is called Keyword Hero. It’s based out of Germany, and they have developed an algorithm helping you to fix this. Don’t worry, it’s extremely easy. And the best part is that you can get started completely free.

Let’s dive into what Keyword Hero is. Keyword Hero’s slogan states finally brings back your organic search keywords. The problem is that Google Analytics, as mentioned, doesn’t show you organic keywords, and they actually did for some years ago. But then they stopped because of privacy, of course, which means that it’s extremely difficult now to connect a session to a keyword because you basically still have all the keywords in Google search console. You just can’t connect them to a session.

Of course you can if you’re extremely well and good at connecting these things. But luckily, Keyword Hero has developed an algorithm that’s going to help us with this. It took me two minutes to set it up. All you have to do is to integrate your Google Analytics, select your goal whether you want a form submission to be your goal. Furthermore, you have to integrate your Google search console and then you’re good to go. What’s important here is that you need to give it time to gather data.

It cannot do it for your historic data, only for the data moving forward while it’s integrated. I saw data and results already after 24 hours. So you should be able to see the same. Keyword Hero also let’s that you filter away brand searches as they are irrelevant for your SEO results. Keyword Hero shows what position you are ranking on the specific keyword on Google in the search results. They furthermore show you what type of search query it was, whether it was intended that they were searching for your website, if it was informational, transactional or something else.

If you want more information about search intent, you can go back and listen to Episode 16 where I really dive into it. So how does Keyword Hero actually do this? How do they reveal the keywords for you and connect them to the sessions and so much more? Keyword Hero starts out by gathering all of your Google Analytics and Google search data. As mentioned, it needs at least 24 hours before it can show results. I’ve used it for some weeks now and the results are astounding.

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    With this amount of data, Keyword Hero’s Machine Learning algorithm go to work in massive parallel algorithms. They statistically match search phrases to your sessions and cluster them. Based on the result, it then uploads the data to Google Analytics, allowing you to watch all of the results and analyse it, without you have to touch any technicalities. What’s important to note is that Keyword Hero doesn’t touch your original data. You won’t lose any data. Just to be sure, I have in Keyword Hero made an extra view in Google Analytics, where it’s running.

    In around 50, 60 percent of the cases their algorithm matches the search query from Google search console with Analytics session with absolute certainty. For the rest of the cases they use 8 different scoring modules where if the probability is less than 83 percent, they do not reveal the keyword because they have that high of a standard, and they want to be absolutely sure that what they’re showing you is correct.

    So that’s my brief take on Keyword Hero. I will continue to use it and if I find any benefits, I will definitely share it with you. It’s a free way for you to reveal your organic keywords in Google Analytics again.

    I hope it’s been helpful. And remember, you can get started completely free. Where it analyses up to 2000 sessions each month. Based on that, you can choose whether you want to continue, upgrade or just stop it completely. Thank you so much for listening. And remember, consistency is key to success. Let’s catch up on the next one.

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