SE Ranking: Here are my thoughts — 7 awesome features

SE Ranking: Here are my thoughts - 7 awesome features

Do you own a small business, website or blog and want to promote it? You know that you cannot promote a website without understanding the needs of your audience. You need to discover their interests, their problems and then offer them a solution. The same goes for SEO: you can’t rank your website by filling your content with the right keywords. Many other things need to be checked to meet the expectations and intentions of the users to achieve a high ranking.

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I have tested various SEO ranking tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush and many others, but I found the SE ranking among them relatively better. In this article, I will share my thoughts about the SE ranking and also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of this tool. Before I share my thoughts, I would like to introduce what SE-Ranking actually is?

SE Ranking review

SE-Ranking is a software or a cloud-based platform that offers you a complete set of SEO ranking tools. From keyword position tracking to keyword research, from competitive analysis to website audit, you can do everything with the help of this software. You can also check keyword backlinks monitoring, grouping and much more. This means that with this tool, you have endless possibilities to evaluate your SEO. Moreover, this tool is not limited to standard SEO tools, but also offers you some additional features like social media management, white-label and marketing plan.

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My thoughts

“All-Inclusive cloud-based SEO software.”

When I visited the SE ranking website, this was the first headline I found there, and after using this tool, I think that this headline says everything about their offer. Now there are some terms I wanted to clarify; after that, I will share my detailed thoughts about this tool. So stay up to date with me.

What do you understand by a cloud-based platform?

It means that the SE ranking takes place in the cloud. This means that, unlike any other software, you don’t have to worry about the installation and the running process. You simply visit the website like other websites, you only have to log in, and you can use the software without any delay. Wow! How easy it was.

What does All-inclusive refer to?

Some SEO ranking software offers some tools, while others provide some other tools, but there is no single software other than SE ranking that offers a complete “suite” of SEO ranking tools. That is why they called it ‘all-inclusive’.

To your surprise, they offer about 9 tools together with the product, and every single tool is worth using, as all of them will help you to have a better ranking in the result pages of the search engines.

In the next sections, I will tell you about how I find each tool of the SE ranking.

SE Ranking — Website audit

Likewise, other tools SE-Ranking offers you a function for your website audit. This feature performs an in-depth analysis of your website and shows the hurdles that lie in your website ranking. Besides, the tool does not perform a one-sided analysis but offers you 3 different ways to analyse your website page:

  • Your list of URLs
  • Link-by-link analysis begins on the homepage
  • pages specified in the XML sitemap file. 

If you have a subdomain, SE ranking will analyse it too. That means no matter how detailed or broad your website is, this tool will do the analysis for each sector. Now you might be thinking about which sectors this tool will cover during the analysis? This is not limited to analysing just a few features but will perform several analysis like:

  • Overall state of the website
  • Meta tags and headings
  • Image optimisation
  • User Experience Questions
  • Parameters per page.

As soon as the tool is finished with the analysis, you will receive a complete report about your website, covering all main and secondary aspects.

SE Ranking — Keyword rank tracker

If you are familiar with SEO, you surely know about the keywords and their importance and how a particular keyword helps in ranking your website. SE-Ranking has a keyword rank tracker tool that helps you find your desired keyword(s). It shows you the important keywords and also allows you to check your website ranking over time. Moreover, it will not only cover one or two search engines but will check all available search engines for ranking. Another feature of this tool is that it displays your website ranking based on different devices. This allows you to track the ranking of your website on mobile platforms.

You can check your organic ranking, relative traffic and search volume with SE ranking. Besides, You can also look at the websites that pay for ranking on Google.

SE-Ranking — On page checker

The SE-Ranking is a very powerful On page checker because it analyses your page for optimisation based on various parameters. These parameters include the URL structure of the page, domain characteristics, image optimisation, headers, keyword density, index status and many other things. An additional feature is that it not only optimises your page using various parameters but also gives you recommendations on how to fix your errors and improve your website ranking.

SE-Ranking — Backlink checker 

If you want to rank your website on higher profiles, you need a strong backlink, and fortunately, with the SE-Ranking Backlink Checker, you have the possibility to check the backlink profile of your website. The tool is extremely effective in evaluating your backlink profile based on 15 important parameters such as backlink URL, Alexa ranking for each link individually, social popularity, Google index status and many others. But the best part is that you can also check your competitor’s backlink profile for analysis.

SE Ranking — Keywords research 

So if you want to create a ranking of your website, the first thing you need to do is search for one or more keywords to increase the availability of your website in the search engine results. SE Ranking very proficiently offers you the high ranking keywords. The database of this tool currently contains more than 2 billion keywords, so the keyword you are looking for must be answered by this tool.

SE Ranking — Monitoring of page changes

Unlike other SEO ranking tools, this tool has a unique feature to monitor page changes. This means that you will be notified immediately when changes to web pages have occurred. It will find out the changes so that you can compare them and make the necessary checks and balances against these changes. You will also be notified about malicious activity on your web.

SE Ranking — Social media management

If you run your business through a social media platform, you need to remain visible to your audience. This powerful tool helps you to stay visible and searchable in your social media. In addition, this tool will determine the best timing for interacting with your audience and highlight the content that delivers the best search results.


I found this ranking tool affordable. About $39 a month is not a bad deal for so many features. However, if you want some additional features like API, page change monitoring and white label reporting, you will have to pay some extra $. Still, this software is cheap compared to many others that don’t have as many features but are expensive.

Strengths and weaknesses of SE Ranking

Let’s talk about the positive side first:

  • This is a complete set of tools for SEO ranking so you don’t need to search for some more tools for SEO ranking.
  • If offers you both organic and paid data.
  • The API feature allows you to offer extra values to your clients.
  • Website audit helps you in eliminating SEO related problems.

In my opinion there are some not so good things about this software enlisted below:

  • It is a bit slow when fetching the data for a new website.
  • I have to wait almost a day to see the rank of my website.
  • Sometimes the tools seem to be fragmented.
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    No matter if you’re a business owner or a blogger, your website needs to be at the top of the search engine results. You used to have to purchase various tools to check how your site was performing, but now we have an all-in-one solution in the form of SE Ranking, which includes a complete set of tools that are essential for ranking your site. For me, all the tools worked perfectly and based on my experience, I have shared my thoughts with you. I hope that this article was helpful to you.

    Rank Math SEO is a great plugin for WordPress if you want to have 100% control of your SEO profile of your website. I’ve written 13 reasons why Rank Math SEO is the best plugin to do exactly that, you should check it out.


    What is SE ranking?

    It is a cloud-based platform which will help you to rank your website at top in the search engine results. This software is not based on a single tool, but it contains a set of different tools that are essential to rank your website.

    Can I migrate to SE ranking from other services?

    Yes, migration to SE ranking from other services is easy. You have to import your keywords to SE ranking. But in case if you have used a tool other than a rank tracker, then you have to ask the SE ranking Support system to fetch the keywords for you manually.

    Which one is better SE ranking or SEMrush?

    SE ranking is perfect for small businesses while Semrush is for SEO professionals. More or less both provide the same features, but SE ranking is more flexible and offers much better pricing as compared to Semrush.

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