Serpple Review: The Best SEO Tool for $1

Doing an SEO Competitor Analysis is a significant help for your overall SEO research. By having a list of your SEO competitors, you now have competitors to compare yourself against, but you also know where to find inspiration.

Through competitor analysis, you can easily see what they are ranking for and what you are not. By that, you can start targeting those keywords and phrases. You can also compare your own content with your competitors and always ensure you stay ahead.

A tool like Serpple can automatically help you analyze the entire SEO competitor. Just enter your SEO keywords, and hit analyze.

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Key takeaways

  • The SEO Competitor Analysis is thorough, with hundreds of results.
  • The keyword research is in beta. It gives decent results but lacks basic filtering functionality and a competition score.
  • There is no backlink monitoring module.
  • The keyword ranking is similar to Google Search Console, but you can see if you’ve won featured snippets.
  • There are no content optimization modules.

Serpple is an SEO tool with several nice SEO modules, but my favourite is their SEO Competitor AI module. Using keywords and Serpple’s AI, Serpple will show you all your SEO competitors. A lot faster than doing it manually.

Pros & Cons Using Serpple

I’ve made a small collection of the pros and cons after testing Serpple.

Pros Cons
– Perfect for anyone getting started that doesn’t have a budget for more pricey tools
– Thorough SEO Competitor analysis
– Basic keyword Clusters
– Basic keyword rankings
– Missing Backlink monitoring module
– Missing Keyword Gap module
– Missing Keyword research tool filter options to sort the different results

Serpple Key Features

Now it’s time to dive into what you’ve come here for—the features. And there are some great features, and some features are missing. Let’s get into it.

SEO Competitor AI

serpple competitor analysis

When you use the Competitor AI module, Serpple’s AI will crawl the keywords related to your domain and find other domains ranking on these keywords.

The more keywords the other domains rank for, the closer competitors they are.

So the more keywords you add to your project, the more precise of a competitor analysis you’ll get.

Then you’ll end up with a list of hundreds of competitors, where you can add the competitors closest to you and then measure your own SEO performance against them.

Keyword Research

serpple keyword research

With a list of your competitors, you know the keywords they’re ranking for in 2 ways.

Either you can enter one of your competitors’ domains and get all the keywords they’re ranking for. Secondly, you can enter a focus keyword, and then Serpple will show all relevant keywords to this keyword.

While the keyword research module is not perfect, it gives you a list of relevant keywords for your website.

Keyword clusters

serpple keyword clusters

This feature of Serpple works like folders, where you can add keywords into clusters via the keyword research module.

You can’t filter duplicates off, nor filter anything at all or sorting. But the great benefit of using keyword clusters is that you get a folder of keywords you know you cover, and then you achieve topical authority in that cluster.

Then you can move on to the next cluster, but promise yourself to finish an entire cluster before moving on. You can add each keyword to a cluster, which is a group of keywords to ensure you only have unique keywords.

Ensure these keywords are as closely linked together, without meaning the same.

Keyword ranking module

serpple keyword ranking

Serpple also has a keyword module to track your ranking and see what SERP features you’re shown on.

This can also enable you to modify your SEO strategies and improve the content on your website to improve its ranking in SERP for specific keywords.

Serpple Pricing

Serpple pricing image

You can get started for free using Serpple. However, you get so much more value with their first paid plan.

Serpple helps you get started for only $1 monthly with one domain and some keywords.

You can upgrade to their legend plan at $69 if needed. It’s a cheap tool which I believe matches the functionality you get.

While Serpple is a relevant tool for your website and your ranking, there are still factors and elements that need to improve since it is still in Beta, but you may check these pros and cons so you can decide if this will fit your needs.

Target Group of Serpple

If you’re on a budget and you’re looking for a simple SEO tool to help you with your keyword research, rankings and especially competitor research, then this is the tool for you.

I believe in Serpple, and I believe in the future of Serpple. They’ve just added the keyword research module, and while it doesn’t have a lot of functionality, I’m super impressed by the amount of data it consists of.

Alternatives For Serpple

There are also other tools that you might want to check if you are looking for other features of an SEO tool to cater for your needs and goals.


Seodity hero section

Seodity is a powerful SEO tool that boosts your search engine optimization efforts. It offers many features to help you succeed, including advanced keyword research that can attract organic traffic and give you a competitive advantage.

It offers advanced filters, efficient task management, and an AI Content Editor. With seamless integration with popular platforms, Seodity provides features for backlink and keyword analysis and generates white-labelled reports.

Its domain analysis capabilities empower you to make data-driven decisions and outperform competitors. With its comprehensive features and seamless integration, Seodity is dedicated to achieving outstanding SEO outcomes and driving success in your online presence. Seodity offers custom pricing depending on your needs and goals.

If you want to know more about SEODity, I’ve made a video review about it.


SurgeGraph hero section

SurgeGraph is specifically designed to assist you in generating top-notch, extensive content at a faster pace. Its ultimate goal is to elevate your search ranking and significantly increase the traffic flowing to your website.

SurgeGraph’s Longform AI is a powerful tool designed to help you generate top-quality, lengthy content at an accelerated pace. Its primary objective is to boost your search ranking and significantly increase the traffic to your website.

Longform AI offers flexible pricing plans to suit your needs, enabling you to accelerate content production, improve search rankings, and experience a significant surge in organic traffic to your website.

I’ve made a video where I go through the 3 simple steps I do to write a ranking blog


Seo crawl hero section

SEOCrawl is an SEO software designed for professionals and companies, offering a comprehensive range of tools to enhance efficiency and achieve improved results in SEO management.

Its SEO Dashboard provides a centralized platform for monitoring metrics and overseeing multiple projects while also allowing unlimited storage of SEO information for effective progress tracking.

SEOCrawl offers different pricing plans to cater to various needs and budgets, with options ranging from the Starter Plan for basic usage to the Elite and Enterprise Plans with advanced features and customization options.

If you want more knowledge about SEOCrawl, then watch my review.


Conducting an SEO Competitor Analysis can highly benefit your overall SEO research. It lets you identify your competitors and get ideas for new SEO strategies.

Most keyword research tools will have pros and cons, so you must identify your objectives to choose the right platform to suit your needs and goals.

Serpple can be one of those tools that can help and benefit your domain, especially when you are just starting, because of its great starting price of only $1.

It also offers a Keyword Research module that provides relevant keywords for your website. Using Serpple keyword research and ranking tools, you can already monitor your rankings and improve your content based on SERP features.

Serpple is a suitable tool for those starting with limited budgets. It offers valuable features like competitor analysis, keyword clusters, and ranking. However, it may only partially meet the needs of more advanced users due to the missing modules and limited filter options in the keyword research tool.

While Serpple and other keyword research tools provide different great features, they ultimately focus on providing services for specific customers. So identifying your needs will be helpful for your website.

Serpple Review The Best SEO Tool for 1

Serpple is an SEO tool with great potential. Their SEO AI Competitor research tools is one of the best in class. And for the price point, I'm simply amazed.

Product Brand: Serpple

Editor's Rating:


  • SEO Competitor research module
  • Keyword research module
  • Keyword clusters


  • Missing content optimisation modules
  • Need filter and sorting options in keyword research module
  • Missing keyword gap module
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