SocialNowa review – Boost your social media presence

SocialNowa review - Boost your social media presence

Let’s say you’re focused on social media marketing, then the better tools you have the easier it will be for you to grow your social media presence. And this right here is SocialNowa who claims to be able to HyperBoost your social media presence on Autopilot. So let’s put that statement to the test.

We are now signed into SocialNowa and on the dashboard as with many other applications, we just get a quick overview of how it’s going with our SocialNowa account and more specifically the social media presence where we can see our e-commerce earnings, we can see our subscribers and some different graphs using this. The first step over here is for you to apply and attach your Facebook account. Here it will pull in both your Facebook account but also your Instagram account. So you can now start integrating SocialNowa into your social media accounts. You can also go to API channels if you want to add LinkedIn or Medium. Maybe you want to add email order responses down here using MailChimp SendinBlue. They also have Activecampaign. They do also support WordPress. And you can see they have a lot of integrations here that we can use. And they’re adding WhatsApp and Telegram very soon to the platform as well. But here you simply just add it by clicking on Twitter as an example. And then you import your account here and attach it. Now when you start using SocialNowa, it can be quite confusing with the many modules.

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    1. Features of SocialNowa
    2. Neuronwriter SocialNowa
    3. Alternatives to SocialNowa
    4. Future of SocialNowa
    5. Pros & Cons of using SocialNowa
    6. Last thoughts about SocialNowa

    Features of SocialNowa

    The UX is not super helpful. So they do have both tutorials, which are basically just their YouTube channel, but they do also have a knowledge base. And within the knowledge base, they do have some articles that you can use and we cannot search. But you can basically scroll through them and then see if there’s anything that is slightly hitting what it is that you’re sitting with as an issue. Again, I would really like a search function here and just more documentation, and more specific videos because it can be complicated to start using SocialNowa. But let’s dive back to the platform and the first tool we’ll take a look at is the comment growth tools. Because in here you can set up comment templates and then you can set up autoresponders. So if you go in here and we set up a template for our comment, let’s say something very simple. So now I’ve just added a very simple comment here. As a template, I will save it and now we can use this template. So let’s go back to the comment growth tools and then we can set up a reply template as well. Here we choose what page we want to use.

    Do we want to do something specific about offensive comments? We can either hide them, we can also choose to delete them. For now, we’ll just hide them because I can’t disable them completely. Here we write keywords where we want to auto-respond and in this case, it is feedback because that is the template I just made. Over here you can see that we have different templates that we can use and for now I’ll just use the Get Started project info here we can choose some different settings to set and then we can just press Save. So now our auto-reply Template Manager has been set up and is now ready to basically just start replying. We can also set up campaigns, tag campaigns and see reports but I will not dive into that for now. Now let’s move on to our messenger tools. So within our messenger tools here we have a subscriber manager and this one you can enable to auto-scan through all of those you have been communicating with to see if anyone has subscribed for this service because, for subscribers which is basically just people writing you, you can send out broadcast which I’ll show you just in a moment.

    But in here we just get an overview of all of our subscribers and that is basically again the one we’ve been writing with. We can also see our live chat here where we can see the different ones who are in the flow and then we can always take over and start writing as the human agent but otherwise you will have an overview of the different chats on the left side and you will have an overview of the specific person on the right side where it’s very simple to live chat. It works very well. And now let’s move on to Bot manager. The Bot Manager is definitely a huge flow within SocialNowa so I’ll not dive into every specific setting. But the first one which I’ll show you here is how we create a bot flow. So you can see that there are already now multiple flows. So let’s dive into the Get Started flow here. What will happen is basically when I start writing something to the specific bot then they will receive a Get Started template or they just open up to write to me. When they click on Get Started they will be sent over here where it will show a typing display and then it will show a text where it says hello, welcome to the marketing agency and this is just for this specific bot flow.

    Next up is then that I will show again the typing display with an image in this case and then I’ll show a text again. You are just one step away from discovering the future of online marketing and digital automation and then it basically just goes on and on from there with text, images, and typing display and at this point here you can see that they get three options. They can either just press Next, they can use the buttons here or there are quick replies as well. But for the buttons here you can see they get a chatbot quote. They can get a virtual consultation and they can see templates, otherwise, they’ll get a carousel. And here you could showcase some of your portfolios for instance. And then you can see that it basically just expands from there. And this huge flow here is something that they have as a template. So that means that you can basically just go in and import this template. Start using it of course change it so it works for the specific business that you’re using this template for. But you can see that there are endless options for what you can do.

    You can add images, you can even add audio, video, and files, and you can use your e-commerce integration to push products to a specific person. We can also set up user input flows and so much more. So this bot flow editor is really elaborate, it’s very advanced and it just works very well. And I’ll show you how it looks on the front end side just in a moment. So as you saw before, there are a lot of different options. We can also set specific keywords, we can change the get started settings, we can even send forms to the specific customers to fill out that can be easily used as a lead generator, we can also increase messenger engagement and so much more. There is a lot of great functionality here you can use in order to help the writer that you’re writing with so much better at reaching what it is they’re looking for. But now let’s move on to broadcasting. And this was what I mentioned just before. So here you can basically send one message to everyone who has subscribed to your specific Facebook page and by subscribing again, I mean the one who has been writing to you using a bot template or something third.

    And this should be seen as basically like a newsletter, but a very targeted newsletter because this is people that you have already been writing with or they have been writing with your page. So here we set a campaign name. We choose what page is it we want to use for this? Is it a promo or non-promo? We can set tags as well and then we can set targeting options if you only want to target specific people. Can be that everyone who has been writing to you but they have not bought something on your webshop. Then you can set it up here with labels and down here we set up our message. So a message very simple could be his first name. This is an automated message just as an example. Then we can choose to create the campaign or we can set it to send later on. So basically schedule it. For now, I will just create it as is and then it is ready to start sending out. As mentioned before, they do also have a lot of templates you can use. So here you can see that they have everything from a beauty spa to coach booking, drugstore, e-commerce and so much more.

    And all of these templates, you can just take import them and start using them. So, for instance, the customer satisfaction here, I can install this template on my page. I can then install it. I’ll say okay, here and then now I have an entirely new bot that I can go in and customise for my specific Facebook page. And you saw how fast and easy that was. I will then be able to go back to my bot manager here. And then we now have the Bot Flow builder where we have it laying right here. Collect feedback, and confirmation, provide feedback and get started. That’s how easy it is. And I will definitely recommend you start with the template because it helps you so much easier to learn how to use SocialNowa and all the options there are. Now I want to show you how it looks like the customer writing to you and what they see. So they will open up the bot in this case, which they don’t know is a bot, and then they will press Get Started. And as soon as they press Get started, then the bot flow will basically start asking the different questions as we just saw before.

    So here I’m showing you how the lead generator bot by SocialNowa is working. You can see it has my first name, where it says, welcome to our lead manager for Forex Capital. You can see another message here. Then we get an image which is not showing, and then we get some different options. So here I will press Forex just as an example, and then it will continue the flow here where it shows the three dots like it’s typing. And then it prepared a guide for me. So you can see it’s working very well. It looks like I’m writing with a person, even though people know it’s a bot, but it’s working very well. They’re personalising it and those three dots are just a huge game-changer. So here you can see that I have pressed Forex, they have repaired the guide for me, and I can now receive the guide. And as soon as I press receive the guide, then my email will be saved as a subscriber and basically a lead that I can start sending marketing content. So that is a very simple and great feature to connect leads and basically build up an entire email base.

    You can basically shoot out marketing content too. This is just one example, and you saw how many bot templates they have. You can also here create a store and then integrate your store, your e-commerce store in this case, so you can start shipping your products and pushing your products to your potential customers through all of these bots. And again, you do it in a personalised way so your sales can only increase by using this. It is a great way because the more personalised it is, the better it will just work. It’s very simple. They do also have the social posting module. And the social posting module I feel is really missing functionality. Because here the only thing we can do is we can post. Basically, we can also schedule the posting, but it’s not like we have a calendar overview. It’s not like we can see statistics on different postings. We can only do posting though I’ll say that you can do specific posting because you can do a CTA post, you can do a carousel post, multimedia post and also just general posts. So for instance, a CTA post in here, if we go and create a new post, it’s basically a post on Facebook where we have a button that we can do something about.

    So we have a campaign name message and as soon as I enter here an URL it’s then going to pull some data. I would say here that the CTA is to sign up and the URL is now people can sign up and this will be posted to my Facebook page. Very simple, it has a CTA and just this single part works very well, but it’s really missing everything around it. And if SocialNowa wants to be the one-stop place where you go for your social media presence, then they really need to elaborate this so we get more functionality and more statistics. Maybe they help us write the specific content using AI or something different. We’re really missing functionality here. As the last thing, I have three different tools down here I just want to show you quickly. Here we can compare websites and when we compare websites it’s comparing of course, on social media presence. So here I’m comparing to You can see that this site here has a fair amount of shares. It has 22 reactions but zero comments. And over here we can see even more shares, more reactions and more comments as well.

    No updated time, no description. On the left side, we have that on the right side. So this is just a simple tool if you want to compare yourself to a competitor. They do also have a hashtag search. So if I choose my account here and I search task management for instance, then it will now start to grind data to show me here, in this case, post from this task management. And this is the top media for this specific hashtag. And I wish that they added some more statistics. I would love to see a graph to see if it’s trending. Should I maybe add this specific hashtag to my post? Or maybe it doesn’t matter at all. But here you can just get an overview of the top media using this specific hashtag. They do also have a Google Sheet integration where you can all the leads you collect. As you saw before in the example, you can take all those leads and basically push them into a Google sheet so you have a list in there and then you can use a Zapier integration to pull the leads from there into your email system. Hopefully, you will see a full integration later on.

    The last module and the last tool I want to show you is the Interest Explorer. I have tested this out and it’s not working very well. So let’s see if we can get it to work. Here it is suggesting I write soccer. And the first issue there with the Interest Explorer is that you can only write one word and you’re very limited by that. I really need to be able to write multiple words because one word just doesn’t always describe the entire sentence that we want to see how the interest is for, but let’s see if it can find anything. It’s been standing like this for a couple of minutes now, so I don’t think it will find anything for us. And this is the issue I’ve been experiencing myself, testing out SocialNowa. Hopefully, they will fix it in the future and it could be an interesting tool if they give some valid data and the fact that we can enter more keywords. So let’s see.

    SocialNowa Pricing

    Now taking a look at SocialNowa’s pricing, then they don’t have a free plan, but they have a 30-day free trial where you can test out all the functionality using SocialNowa.

    For their paid plans they have three paid plans and then they have one agency plan and the three paid plans have exactly the same functionality. It is the limits that are differing in these three paid plans. So depending on how many websites and businesses you want to use SocialNowa for, then pick the plan that matches that. And if you’re an agency, then they also support that.

    Alternatives to SocialNowa

    The first alternative to SocialNowa is ManyChat and SocialNowa and ManyChat are very similar. When we just look at the features, ManyChat is a little bit more expensive, they seem to be a more mature product, and then they just have a better UX. ManyChat’s UX works a lot better than SocialNowa. It’s not so confusing figuring out the different tools you want to use. The other alternative is Chatrace. And the place where Chatrace falls short when we compare it to SocialNowa is bot management. Because within Chatrace you can only manage one bot and the same management options within Chatrace are not the same as SocialNowa. But again, Chatrace has a better UX. It’s easier to figure out where you need to go to edit and find the different elements.

    And another bonus point where Manychat and Chatrace are maybe a step ahead of SocialNowa is that they have a free plan. Not a trial, but a completely free plan where you can use both ManyChat and Chatrace completely free using their functionality. Of course, there are limits that you will hit at some point, but then they hope that you will upgrade.

    Future of SocialNowa

    Now, when we take a look at the future of SocialNowa, unfortunately, they are not working on the UX, at least not officially. What they are working on officially is a team member module. So in the same way that agency can add users, then as a team, we can also add members to our setup. Then they’re adding the CNAME option to the agency so they can have their entire environment in their own domain. They’re adding bots for both WhatsApp and for Telegram. So you can in the same sense set up these bot templates and set up auto answers on your WhatsApp and your Telegram. And the last thing they’re adding is a Google My Business manager. So we can control and manage our entire Google My business just using SocialNowa.

    So they’re really on the path to becoming this tool where whenever we need to do something, we just go to SocialNowa if it has something to do with social media or our social presence. So it will be interesting to see. And I really do hope that they will take a look at the UX, simplify it and make it easier to use. That will be a huge benefit for them.

    So for your Gleap, not only do you have bug reporting, you have a roadmap. You can get your users to send in feature requests and so much more. Now they are also adding a chatbot. And here I think they need to be a little bit careful because right now they are focusing on a lot of different areas, and the quality really depends on how they’re going to nail this chatbot. So we’ll have to wait and see.

    It will come within a couple of weeks. The next thing they’re working on is a simple activity log so we can see each bug request or each task within our roadmap. What has happened to it? Has it been sent to Trello? Has someone commented on it?

    When did we create it? And so much more so we can easily backtrace the different elements we want to find and find them fast. Furthermore, then they are working on an ability so we can create bugs on behalf of users. So if someone on Twitter tweets to you about your product that some specific features just not working, then you can go in and create a bug report via your customer’s email. So the customer will receive an email whenever this bug is resolved.

    And the last element they’re working on is the due date. And this is a simple feature where we can set due dates on the specific bug reports. But I will say that it’s limited how much personally I will use it because I extract all my tasks into either my own product or into Trello. So we’ll have to wait and see.

    Pros & Cons of using SocialNowa

    Now, after testing out SocialNowa, I really like that you can automate your lead generation and your sales as long as it’s kept simple. And then the bot flow is really an advanced editor. The thing I wish they would improve is definitely the UX. It’s very messy. And then the social media posting, either they should maybe scratch that module or then they need to add a lot more to it, like a calendar, how we schedule the posting, where it should go and so much more. I feel it’s missing a lot of functionality.

    Last thoughts about SocialNowa

    SocialNowa is not a tool that fits into my every day, but I will recommend it to everyone who has just a slight chance of selling through social media. Because using SocialNowa for e-commerce or for lead generation, that’s a no-brainer.

    But as soon as we reach the more advanced orders, then I don’t see SocialNowa being a valid solution. And I want to give SocialNowa four stars. They have built a lot of great modules, but the UX is honestly ruining it for me. I hope they will take a look at that in the near future. That’s my review.

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