TextWizard review – Use magic to create content

Are you all in for content and new ideas? Then this is for you. This right here is TextWizard.io, an AI copywriter who has taken their visual identity to the next level. Let’s check it out.

So this is the dashboard of TextWizard where we get the overview of the tools, and you can see that it’s a limited amount, and they do also have some long form article here which we will dive into see how it works. First, I want to show you documents, because within documents is where you can save all of your content generation. So here is a Facebook post that I tried to generate where it generates some text for me and I can then sit and simply edit it with the simple editor that they have here. Then we do also have my own recipes because it’s possible for you to make your own recipes within TextWizard.

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  1. Features of TextWizard
  2. TextWizard Pricing
  3. Alternatives to TextWizard
  4. Future of TextWizard
  5. Pros & Cons using TextWizard
  6. Last thoughts about TextWizard

Features of TextWizard

So let’s try and create a recipe for generating YouTube names. So here we will call it YouTube title generator, and we’ll share it with the community. Let’s write these different fields out. So I have given a description for this recipe, and then I have given some examples of the outcome and input and those examples you can see down here. So let’s try and create the recipe and then let’s see how this will actually go.

The recipe is ready, and it will then be here. So we can actually start now to use this recipe. So let’s say that I want to create a YouTube title for this exact video here. So let’s write in something interesting about TextWizard. So my input will be TextWizard review the best visual AI copywriter.

So let’s generate and as you can see here, we have a little guy standing and casting spells and doing some magic. So let’s see what the output is, and the output is basically the same as my input. So either I didn’t make the recipe good enough or then I need some better guidance on how to do these recipes. But let’s just save this one as the YouTube title. When I press save here, then it is saved into my documents as you saw just before.

In the community recipes. We do have these other different ones with a pickup line generator, product reviews, product review generator and a corporate Ipsum generator. But let’s move on to the actual AI tools we have within TextWizard.io.

Below social media, we have Facebook post, Twitter, Tweet and hashtags. And the hashtag is fascinating. So let’s just write a fictional social media post. So we now have the text and I really like that I can write a lot. I’m not limited by 60 characters or some of the limits that we’ve seen in the other tools.

So let’s try and generate some hashtags for this specific post and let’s see what we get. So we got four hashtags: review, AI, copywriter and vision and the hashtags make sense, but I would love for these hashtags to have more meaning behind them. So why are these hashtags good for me? Is it because they are trending on Twitter or is it because they have so many posts? What is the reason for choosing these different hashtags?

It would be a nice add-on to have some explanation behind, but let’s try some of the other tools we have here, our blog headline, blog outline and some other blog tools I think I will try with a short article. So here we need to enter some article brief, and they’re suggesting how to make money online. I will do something like this review here. So I’ve written a short description of the review of TextWizard and then let’s try and generate this short article. I’m really curious to see how short it actually is.

The generation is now done and this is a complete mistake. I chose English as the language and the output is in German, so I have no chance of confirming whether this is good or not. For me, this is not a short article. This is definitely an introduction to an article or a section that we can use. This is so far from a short article.

A short article is maybe 300 words or something more and here we do not have anything close to that. So this tool is definitely a miss for me. But let’s go to the long form article and then let’s see what they can do in here. So I have a title, TextWizard.io, an AI copywriter, and then I have four different outlines here, an introduction, describing two of their features, and then a conclusion. So let’s press generate and see.

This will definitely take some time. So what we can do is that we can continue in the background, and then we can always follow it up here in the generation queue while it runs in the background. Then let’s try and test some ecommerce tools. Right now they only have product description, but let’s try and test it out because I can see that the input here is a little different. So the language is English and you can see that they have a lot of different languages here that you can use, which we will test just in a moment.

But let’s go here with the product description and let’s see how this will go. So I’ve entered that I’m selling computers of the brand of Apple and the unique selling proposition is that it’s fast and a reliable computer. The price is $3,000. So let’s generate some product description based on this and let’s see how it will go. So this was rather fast, and it’s pretty precise what it’s talking about.

It is even taking details from the MacBook and talking about Bluetooth, the LAN, the ICORE Five and so much more. So this is actually great to use. I’m very impressed by this. Let’s close this one down and go up in our generation queue to see our long form article generation is now done. So let’s see how this actually went.

So I have very mixed feelings about this. The first thing I noticed is that the order of my outline has been mixed around. The introduction is down here where it was at the top before. The text up here is about using social media posts to level up your social media game. Here it’s talking about a calendar that I can use to schedule my posting.

So that’s a complete miss here. It is talking about TextWizard in general and not the AI recipes. Down here it’s just complete nonsense talking about some episodes from TechCrunch, and it took a link from Google Developer and the conclusion is actually okay, which is very surprising to me because what is it concluding? The other sections here have nothing to do with AI copywriting except for this here. And I feel that I was pretty good at describing the different sections, but I still feel this is an issue we see with all the AI copywriting tool. We’re missing the big picture.

We’re missing that it takes all the sections and then create some sense of what this article is about. Right now it is very isolating and taking section by section and then generating content. So, in the end, the articles that we get based on this will be all over the place. But this is definitely a mixed result. I’ll just close this one down for now.

We can always open the different ones if we didn’t save them, and we want to save them, but there must be some type of limit in the queue here. But they are different tools. I would say overall it’s a little of a mix of the results. Before we round up, let’s just try the elevator pitch here and then let’s see how it looks in Danish, which is my native language. So the thing I’m pitching is a software app for planning your week.

Let’s see how this elevator pitch will be and how it will translate into Danish, because some of the previous results we’ve seen has been very mixed and a lot of them basically just look like Google Translate. So let’s see. So these are definitely some of the better results I have seen in terms of translating into another language. This one is in Danish and even though it’s not native Danish, I will say it’s definitely usable. This makes sense and the words are not swapped around or not translated word by word.

I really like this and the overall quality of the content generated is also great. Of course, you have to change out the different details of the day you want to meet and the name of the software and your own name, of course. But the overall picture of this elevator pitch is definitely up there. I really like the results here. So it is great to see from TextWizard.io.

So just to round up before we go to pricing, they do have a long form content generator, but we’re still missing the overall sense. I feel that it’s not a complete long form content generator because it is just sections put together. So I definitely hope to see some improvement in that tool.

TextWizard Pricing

Now let’s discuss pricing. You can use TextWizard completely free, and it’s not a free trial. It is an actual free plan where you can use TextWizard, and then you can always upgrade to one of the paid plans. And if you’re looking for unlimited text generation, that is also possible with the most expensive plan within TextWizard, which costs $99. And this pricing structure reminds me a lot of Nichesss because niches also have unlimited character generation for $99.

Alternatives to TextWizard

So you can compare those two against each other and see where you get the most value. But talking about Nichesss, which is one of the alternatives to TextWizard, Nichesss’ design is falling so much behind compared to TextWizard because TextWizard not only is their design optimised, and it’s very modern, they have even taken their visual identity to the next level. So you can see that the Loading screens are Wizards doing magic, and they’re just using the wizard world magic all over their product. The other alternative is PepperType and what I really like about PepperType is their design. Not only do they generate great quality short – form content, but the design is modern and up to date.

Nichesss - The best AI generated content


Nichesss is a simple way of generating content utilising AI.

So, compared to TextWizard, TextWizard wins on their visual identity because they have just taken it one notch up in order to make us really feel that we are in the wizard universe even though we are just generating content.

Peppertype - AI Copywriting with some of the best results


PepperType takes their design very seriously and their quality of short form content is outstanding.

Future of TextWizard

Now the future of TextWizard is fascinating because the thing with these short-form content tools is that we need to be able to generate content fast and sufficient. And that’s why they’re working on a Chrome extension tool. So, with this Chrome extension, we can generate content wherever we are on the web. So whether you’re sitting on Facebook and writing a post, you’re on LinkedIn and writing a message or something third, then you have the Chrome extension, and you can easily generate content.

You don’t have to go back and forth with the system. Then they are also working on better AI algorithms. So here the thing is that they cannot optimise the actual algorithms, but what they can do is that they can optimise the connection between GPT-3 and TextWizard and there are definitely elements that they can optimise. Furthermore, then they’re working on a fascinating tool which is a visual content generator for Instagram.

It will be so interesting to see how they will solve it. Will they generate images? Is it only text or is it maybe some emojis that they’re talking about. I’m really looking forward to this tool and last but not least TextWizard are one of the AI copywriters who are best at helping us generate content. They have so many small sections where they explain to us how we get the most out of the tool, but they are taking it a step further.

They are building an entire knowledge base of articles which will explain to us how we can get the most out of TextWizard and generate the most quality content possible.

Pros & Cons using TextWizard

Now after using TextWizard I’m a huge fan of the design as you can probably feel already and then the fact that you can build your own recipes though I wish that they had a Chrome extension, so it would be easier to use it on the web, and then they have very few community recipes which shows that it’s still a new tool.

Last thoughts about TextWizard

TextWizard has really taken their visual identity to the next level and the wizard world is definitely shining through all of their features. With the Chrome extension coming up, TextWizard will really show its true value as we can then generate content all over the internet. I want to give TextWizard three and a half stars. It’s a solid product, but we’re missing the wow factor. That’s my review.

Phillip Stemann
Phillip Stemann
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