The Best Live Chat Tools for Saas

If you’re running a SaaS, you know how important it is to acquire new users while increasing customer satisfaction. A live chat is one small step, but it’s one of the most effective steps to increase your user base and customer satisfaction

Must-Have Features For A Live Chat For SaaS

While choosing a live chat, there are features and elements to be aware of. You might have a different need than others, so it’s essential to note your needs before choosing the live chat to ensure it has all the features you need.

Information about users – This is one of the essential features because the more we know about the user, as you say, the more personalized we can make the conversation and the better we can help the user.

Chat trigger messages – These are intelligent rules that activate appropriate automated chat messages based on visitor browsing patterns and personal information.

The live chat software monitors users’ browsing habits and gives proactive trigger-based messages that mimic a support agent’s regular chat invitations.

gleap chat trigger message

An example could be: When visitors reach the pricing page, they’re getting closer to becoming users. Here, you could trigger a chat message asking them if they need help with the plan.

Widget – If you want your users to easily access live chat support without navigating away from the website or app, then the widget would be one on your list. 

It can also be customized and match the look and feel of your business’s website or app, which can help to reinforce branding and increase brand recognition. 

In-app live chat – Having a live chat as an in-app feature is necessary when you’re running a SaaS. This allows you to personalize the live chat experience for your users by adding their names and email in the live chat. On top of this, you can use their activity in your web app to personalize the live chat experience further with specific chat prompts, tips, and tricks.

Mobile live chat – while this for most SaaS founders isn’t necessary, it is for others. If you have a mobile app, you want to be able to support your users there as well. Not all live chats support mobile apps, so checking the live chat you want to use if they support mobile apps is essential.

Mobile app – If it’s vital for you to answer your users wherever you are, whether you’re on the go or in the office, then a mobile app is essential for this to succeed. Not all live chats have mobile apps, so ensure to check this before making your choice.

Plugin for WordPress – Suppose you’re using WordPress and want your live chat to appear on your WordPress website. You should check that the live chat has a WordPress plugin. 

Analytics -If your SaaS team needs to improve based on data, then analytics on your customer satisfaction is vital. Live chat tools that offer analytics on how many chats have been going, about the user’s behaviour, and how fast you are responding to your users will help you improve your business by using data you gather through analytics. 

Tracking data – It’s also one of the vital features of a live chat tool to track your users’ data. Like when users submit a report, tracking data about the browser or computer they are using can help you fix the issues quickly. 

Help center – To save time on your live chat cases, with a help center, customers can help themselves by searching for their answers in your knowledge base, FAQs, and video lessons.

Incoming emails – Support of your SaaS often contains two elements, a live chat and emails. A live chat should also have a feature where you can manage all incoming emails in the live chat to collect it all in one place.

Automated chatbots – With automated chatbots, you can build flows for your users where they can help themselves with your automated chatbot while still getting the live chat experience. This might not be important initially, but as you gather data, you might want to do this down the line.

Why Gleap Is The Best Live Chat For SaaS

Gleap is your ultimate SaaS tool because of the many tools packed into one. With Gleap, you get a live chat, AI integration, bug tracking, roadmap features, a help center, an entire outbound module, and task management integrations for your client communication.

Overall, Gleap is a tool that offers you a variety of high-quality tools in a single package. We frequently see a collection of low-quality tools cobbled together. With Gleap, this is not the case.

Great live chat features

With Gleap, you get many features like session & environment data, track events, console & network logs, outbound messaging, custom domain, integrations, custom data and API access.

You also get multiple modules for SaaS, such as a roadmap, bug tracking, feature voting, and access to the JavaScript API library.

  • Roadmap – Their roadmap allows you to keep track of the projects they are working on and the updates and enhancements they have in the process. You can use this information to determine what other tools you might need in the future to help you with your websites.
  • Bug tracking – know precisely what’s behind a bug by receiving reports every time, including screenshots, live-action replays, and all relevant metadata.
  • Feature Voting – Customers send requests on what features they want to see on the platform or vote for their suggestions. That can also help improve your tools because users are collaborating with you by sending a request to the part they want.
  • Javascript API library – This can help you create seamless integrations of other tools and applications for your business.
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Great price point

Gleap offers a hobby plan, starting at $24/mo, where you get 1 team member, 1-month data retention, unlimited bug reports, unlimited projects, a feature request board and live chat. It’s a great way to get started and try out Gleap.

If you’re a startup, then Gleap has a startup program. Here you get all Gleap’s features and 1-year data retention with a massive 50% discount for a year. This comes out to $60/mo. Sign up and see if you’re eligible.

Lastly, if you want all the features Gleap offers, unlimited team members and 12 months of data retention, they offer all this at $120/mo.

Alternatives for Gleap

If you’re looking for alternatives, check these other live chat tools and consider the features you need for a live chat tool that will benefit your SaaS team.

Free Plan  √
Chat Trigger Messages
Mobile App
AI answer integration
WordPress Plugin
Email inbound/outbound – Best Free Live Chat hero section is a free live chat and customer communication platform that enables businesses to keep track of and chat with website visitors, address support tickets, manage contacts, and develop a help center to allow consumers to assist themselves.

Businesses can use the platform to manage all customer contacts in one location, become connected to their customers by being ready to answer their inquiries and get an advantage by detecting commonly asked questions and developing articles and shortcuts.

To reach clients where they are, offers features like Live Chat, Ticketing, Knowledge Base, video, and voice add-ons. Collaboration is also made possible by the platform’s ability to tag and assign chats to team members and share knowledge via a customizable Knowledge Base. provides premium services like group messaging, video and voice add-ons, desktop alerts, geo IP tracking, and more.

Intercom: Best premium live chat for SaaS


Intercom offers AI-powered chatbots and automation solutions to decrease the number of support requests and improve customer satisfaction. They also provide workflows for creating no-code automation using bots, triggers, conditions, and rules.

Their GPT-4-powered bot can accurately respond to support inquiries without any training. In addition, the AI-powered Inbox on Intercom enables real-time reply generation, article suggestions, and discussion topic analysis.

Customers can use their tools to monitor ongoing progress, connect with others, and effectively manage the performance of their teams through customizable reports and integrations.

Crisp: Best all-in-one live chat tool for SaaS

Crisp hero section

Crisp is an all-in-one business messaging platform that centralizes conversations from various channels to provide efficient customer support, sales automation, and marketing retargeting.

Its shared inbox lets teams collaborate effortlessly to offer the best customer service to customers.

Crisp also offers co-browsing software, customer engagement software, chatbot builder, and a knowledge base to automate repetitive tasks and provide personalized customer experiences.

The Best Live Chat Tool For SaaS

If you're running a SaaS, you know how important it is to acquire new users while increasing customer satisfaction. A live chat is one small step, but it's one of the most effective steps to increase your user base and customer satisfaction

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  • All-in-one live chat tool
  • Built for SaaS
  • Task management integrations
  • Roadmap features


  • Missing integrations for the live chat
  • Customisation options for email
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