Tips and tricks to get your website to rank with Googles new update | Ep. #2

Hi, my name is Phillip Stemann, and I’ll be learning you how to succeed with your website.

Google has now set the standard of your website needs to be loaded within two point five seconds. Now, how can you achieve this? I would definitely recommend you using a CDN. A CDN is basically a set of servers around the world where the server closest to the person visiting your website will be the one delivering the website to the visitor. That way, your website will always be delivered as fast as possible. Furthermore, I would definitely recommend you optimising your images.

This can easily be done by using a set of plugins. And I would recommend you using a cache plugin, WP rocket is definitely the best on the market, but other cache plug ins can do as well. Lastly, check your WordPress hosting whether you’re using a managed WordPress hosting or just a shared hosting platform. You should definitely check whether they’re doing everything they can to optimise the delivery of your website.

Now, first input delay kind of connects to the first one we just discussed. It’s how fast does your website go from page one to page two, for instance, let’s say that I am now on your website and I click contact in your menu. How fast does that contact page load? It could also be a contact form. How fast does your contact form submit? Stuff like that. And of course, both first input, delay and largest contentful paint needs to be at a minimum.

Now the last one, which is the biggest and the newest, is cumulative layout shift. Basically, this is the focus on user experience. How does the visitor experience your website? Does your visitors find what they’re looking for within OK time? Does the website act like the visitor is expecting it to? Does the website all of a sudden scroll down without the visitor noticing? It’s stuff like this that can make the experience of your website very bad and Google notices this.

So what I would recommend is to go through your website and act like it’s the first time you’re on the website. Does the things happen as you expect them to or are certain elements not acting like it should?

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Furthermore, subtitles can now be the leading ranking factor. What this means is that Google will now take sections of your blog post or your pages and rank those. So this means that it will not always be the full page that ranks. It can now be sections of a full page. So you should definitely also go through your blog post and check out your subtitles to see whether they are good enough to rank by themself, if not, change them right away, because Google are now crawling the websites again.

Furthermore, I would definitely recommend you using table of contents. This is also used both by Google, but it also creates an amazing user experience because it makes you find what you need extremely fast without you having to look for yourself. You can basically just click on the table of contents and you’re good to go. Elementor has actually made an integration for this so you can add the table of contents without any work, it will automatically align the different title for you without you having to do anything.

Now, how do you measure all of these changes you make? You can do it in multiple ways. You can do it in Google search console. They have a specific menu point just for this, where you can monitor your changes and how your traffic is going. However, if you don’t have enough traffic, they do refer you to Google PageSpeed Insights on Google PageSpeed Insights. You can run a report of your website and you will see how your website is performing.

It will also give you actionable things that you can do right away to your website. If you want to go another way and you want to collect everything in Google Analytics, there has been developed a WordPress plugin which will give all the statistics and reports from your website directly to Google Analytics for you to collect everything in there. So I hope this has been extremely helpful for you. And I would like you very much to leave a review where ever you are listening to this episode.

I would highly appreciate it. Let’s catch up on the next one.

Phillip Stemann
Phillip Stemann
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