Webvizio review – Share your feedback faster

Webvizio review - Share your feedback faster

Giving feedback on websites and images can sometimes be really difficult if you can’t draw on them. This right here is Webvizio, which allows you to put a marker exactly where you want to give feedback and explain it. So let’s check it out.

So this is the Webvizio platform. And overall, I think the design looks great. There are some minor tweaks you can do, but it looks great. Then we have our different types of websites that I have already used and played a little around with. And up here we can see where I have tasks assigned to me. So let’s go back and let’s maybe delete this project right here and then create it as a new one. When you create new projects, you can either at a URL or you can add an image. For now, we will just enter the URL and right now we are preparing a screenshot. So you can see here in the screenshot, everything looks fine. There is an image of me images of the blog post I have, so let’s open up the project.

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    1. Features of Webvizio
    2. Webvizio Pricing
    3. Alternatives to Webvizio
    4. Future of Webvizio
    5. Pros & Cons using Webvizio
    6. Last thoughts about Webvizio

    Features of Webvizio

    Now what is happening is that it’s loading a live version off the website, and you can see that it is now missing all the images down here. So one thing I have noticed with Webvizio is that it doesn’t load the images. If you’re using lazy load, which in 2022, hopefully a lot of websites are doing. But now let’s just dive right in and show the core functionality of Webvizio, which is giving feedback. So let’s say this text here, the latest software reviews. I want to have that changed. What I do is hover over this specific text, and then I just click, and then I say, Change the text. Let’s change the text to recent software reviews. Here I can set how the priority of this task should be low, normal, high. And then I just create it, I can also attach a document or an image to it. I can tag someone if I want them to really focus on this or reply to me, or I can just create it as a normal task.

    Now when it’s created, you can see here there is a number here, number one, which is the first task. So if I go up here, and I say this button here, let’s change this to download E-Paper. Again, change the text in the title and create. So now we have two comments and two tasks. So here you can see that we have two open tasks. We have no progress and none is done. What I can do with all of these comments or tasks is that I can assign them. So if I click on the change text number two here, then I can assign myself to it. So now I’m assigned to this task, I can then change it to be in progress if I’m working on it. And then you can see up here it is changing as well. So now we have one open and one in progress. One thing I really like about this being live and not just a screenshot, is that I can see browser information. Sometimes we all know that our website can look differently in Safari compared to Chrome and even in Firefox.

    So having this browser info is really a great feature. We can also take a screenshot of the website here to have it saved exactly how it’s looking right now. But that is the core functionality. Down here we can select multiple tasks if we want to work with them, or we can just create a normal task without any comment or function to this specific website. Now, one thing you can also do is enter browse mode. Browse mode is great if you want to give feedback on multiple pages on the same website. So you can see up here I have a menu, so let’s click on Software Review. What is happening now is that it’s opening a new tab up here with this software review. So if I go back to the first tab, we still have our front page here with the two comments that I added. Right now this one is in progress and here we have another tab with the software reviews. Again, I can enter browse mode, and then I can enter and open a third tab here.

    I really like this because here you have one environment where you work with the same website on multiple pages. So here again, I can give feedback. I can say this title should be changed to something else. I can cancel this one. I can scroll down and give different types of feedback. If I want to check the responsiveness about the website, I can also here change to let’s say we want to see it on how it looks within iPad Pro. Maybe we want to see how it looks on an iPhone 11 Pro Max just to see if it scales correctly. And right now it is. Let’s enter browse mode. Then we can also test the menu. It is working, we can test the search function. It is also working, but you can see that the text is just too large. If I enter task mode again, let’s click here and say make the text smaller on iPhone in general just mobile. Now there is a third task here let’s enter browse more again and close this one down.

    So now I have actually created a task on something that’s hidden. So, on this specific view to the right, it is a little difficult to see, but we always have an overview over here of all the tasks. But what would be nice is that when I click on this specific task, it would then open up the search and then show me the task here. Small feature, but it would make it easier to use it. If you want, you can also rotate to see how it looks in landscape mode, or you can enter specific responsiveness here. If you want to check a specific screen size, Webvizio does not have it. We can also always refresh the project, so imagine that they have made some changes. Then you just refresh the project to confirm if they have done it correctly. Otherwise, you can share the project here with whoever needs to act on it or also maybe give some feedback on the specific website. That is the core functionality and that is how you give feedback, whether you’re using it on the websites or on images.

    And again, you can see assigned to me because I have tasks here assigned to me, then I can go to the project via this menu. For each project we also have settings and under each of these settings you can see that we have the Webvizio script and what they do is that they recommend that you enable this script. If your website is not loading properly and as you saw with the images, I should maybe try and enable this script to see if it will then load it more properly. We also have a team here. We have reports. Here I can download a task report which is basically just an overview of the tasks. We have an activity log where we can see what has been done, and then we have integrations. Right now they only have a Trello integration and I have set it up right now, but I haven’t figured out a way how to use this integration. I’ve only set it up, and now you can see I have attached it to this specific project, but there’s no way for me to shoot over the tasks.

    So let’s try and go back and see if we can figure that out. So you can see that we have a task and I would like to be able to take this task and create it in Trello. Right now, it is said that it was created in Trello. Before I check, I just want to show you that I can also add comments down here to the specific task saying this is now done, for instance, and then post the comment here. Now I’ll just go to Trello and check whether the task has been created. So, as you can see here, it runs completely automatically. So it has created the task in Trello here even with an image, it is created with the text and the title as well, and it has added it to a new list. So it has one list per project. This works very well and it is completely automated. I would like to have some control where I control whether it should go into Trello or not, but right now it is running automatically, and I must say that it’s just working very well.

    The way you set up Trello integration is here where you just go to the settings, and then you enable your account, you connect it, or you change it in this case. You can see here that they’re working on a lot of integrations, which I will also discuss a bit later in the video in the future section.

    Webvizio Pricing

    Now the pricing of Webvizio, it’s very simple. They have two different types of plans. And the first one is a free plan where you get some functionality at least enough to that you can sit and give feedback, but you can’t collaborate. So you have to put feedback on this specific image, and then you have to share it at some point or maybe screenshot it. The other plan is a paid plan where you pay 8 USD per user that you have. This is quite cheap compared to the alternatives, which I will discuss just in a moment. And with this paid plan, you also get all the functionality, everything from team management to integrations and much more.

    Alternatives to Webvizio

    But let’s go back to the alternative, because the main alternative to Webvizio is Ruttl. And Ruttl is something I have used previously myself. And what I really like about Ruttl is that you can sit and live change the website. So this means that not only can you give feedback, you can also show what you want it to look like. Of course, there are some limitations to what you can do, but you can change colours, you can change the text, you can move it around and much more. So, at least you can give a better idea to the designer or the developer of how this should end up looking. Furthermore, then Ruttl has more integrations, a more modern design. And then, last but not least, you can use it for your localhost. So if you’re a developer or designer, and you sit in Google Chrome and you sit and work with your design or your project, then you can use Ruttl because they have a Chrome extension that allows you to give feedback on localhost.

    And this is really a game changer because it makes it so much easier. The way we have to do it right now with Webvizio is that I have to take a screenshot, upload it to Webvizio, and then I can start commenting on it. So this saves us a lot of time, and it just makes it a lot easier to use. So if you’re going for the more mature product, then take a look at Ruttl. But if you want a faster and more lean product that might develop into something better in the future, then maybe stay with Webvizio at the moment.

    Future of Webvizio

    Now taking a look at the future of Webvizio they are first, working on a lot of integrations. This I’m really happy to see because integrations means automations, which means that we will save even more time. Imagine that you can sit, comment on a design within Webvizio and then automatically create a task in Trello and ClickUp or even in Slack. And this just shows this entire eco flow of how everything is connected together, because they are working on integration for these three programmes at the moment and more in the near future.

    Then they’re also adding a team productivity dashboard. And with this team productivity dashboard, we can see what our team members are doing. So it will be interesting to see how they will really develop this and what the use case exactly will be, because they are also working on task deadlines and task time log. So we can not only set deadlines, but we can also log the time we spend on a specific comment. I will say that these types of features are good to use. But Webvizio needs to be careful that they are not working too much towards being a project management system. But they need to keep within being able to give visual feedback because at deadlines and logging your time is something that we see within project management software and not within visual feedback systems. So let’s see how they will develop these features and what the use case will be.

    Pros & Cons using Webvizio

    Now after using Webvizio for some time, I really like that I can use multiple tabs for the same project and the same website, and then it’s just very easy to use.

    Two things I really want them to improve is developing a Chrome extension, so we can use it for localhost and then, when it is, we load websites. If your website is using lazy load, then it doesn’t load your images properly.

    Last thoughts about Webvizio

    With a tool like Webvizio we are really saving time on communication, and we just end up with a better product overall. I want to give Webvizio three and a half stars. The core functionality works perfectly, but websites with lazy load doesn’t load properly within Webvizio. And then I really need localhost feedback. That’s my review.

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