WordPress hosting: Which one is the best hosting in 2021?

What is the best WordPress hosting?

We all know WordPress is the most recognised way of creating your blog or website. But did you know that WordPress powers almost 38% of the websites on the internet? Not only blogs and websites, but WordPress can help you run an e-commerce store, portfolios, and resumes as well.

  1. What is WordPress hosting?
  2. The 6 best WordPress hosting providers
    1. BlueHost
    2. Siteground
    3. HostGator
    4. DreamHost
    5. Hostinger
    6. A2Hosting
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQ

Are you running a website using WordPress? Then you have come across having to choose a WordPress hosting for your website. Choosing the right hosting provider for your website can be crucial for your success for your SEO results.

This article is focusing on hosts which are not necessarily managed WordPress hosting, but more general hosting providers which offers a broad choice of options within hosting.

What is WordPress hosting?

Hosting is one of the essential yet overlooked aspects of running a website smoothly. If you don’t have an excellent host to keep your website or blog working, it will be more susceptible to get hacked, will have a high downtime, or either will load slowly.

The same is the case with WordPress. To keep your website powered by WordPress running without slowing down, you need to choose a quality WordPress host that will improve your website’s performance and offer you many other additional advantages.

The requirements to run WordPress are very minimal, and WordPress can run in almost any style of the host. However, your WordPress hosts should have better support staff than standard hosting that knows and solves the technical problems about WordPress easily.

With many WordPress hosting companies offering attractive prices and features, it is easy to get confused. We have hand-picked some best WordPress hosting companies to avoid this confusion of yours.

The 6 best WordPress hosting providers


BlueHost has to be the best and not to mention the cheapest WordPress hosting company. It is widely known among the WordPress users who run small businesses and blogs mainly due to the best introductory price that this hosting company offers and the great additional features. With zero performance issues, BlueHost is easy to use.

If we have to list the WordPress host with the best cost/value ratio, BlueHost will undoubtedly top it. Pingdom speed monitoring tool shows that BlueHost has 99.98% of average uptime and only 35 outages. Moreover, it has almost 553ms average page loading speed that is unarguably best among the rest.

bluehost website

BlueHost not only comes with a range of attractive web hosting features but also offers other services like content creation, SEO services, social media marketing, domain names and business listings to help you maximise the traffic on your website.

BlueHost offers $2.75/month as an introductory price with a 36-month plan. However, you will have to pay $7.99/month as a renewal fee after the introductory period ends. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, one-click installation for WordPress, free SSL, and a free domain for a year, BlueHost WordPress hosting service is worth trying.


SiteGround is another WordPress hosting service that is widely getting popular, so much so that WordPress has itself recommended it along with the BlueHost and DreamHost. This WordPress hosting service is among the few that offer to change your data centre locations from Europe to the USA, suitable for those whose visitors are mainly from Europe.

SiteGround has an impeccable load time speed of around 643ms; however, it still is not as fast as HostGator and BlueHost. The uptime that this hosting service provides is 99.99%, with only 27 Outages, which is quite impressive.

siteground website

SiteGround works as well as BlueHost but is relatively expensive than it. The introductory 12-month plan is $6.99/month. However, the renewal price is $14.99/month, which is relatively high compared to others. 

The features like free SSL, free site-migration and free email make this WordPress hosting service a choice of many.


With over 8 million domains, HostGator can be easily termed as one of the most popular Web hosting services. This WordPress hosting service is more popular among the people that run their online business because HostGator provides the best web hosting service with faster loading time for websites that encounter high traffic. The load time of HostGator averages 284ms in their last 12 months, which is rather impressive.

hostgator website

With only 23 outages, the uptime that HostGator offers is 99.7%, which is comparable to other WordPress hosting services like SiteGround but cheaper than it. The HostGator web hosting service’s introductory price is $5.95/month if you choose a 36-month plan, which is relatively cheap. However, the renewal fee is slightly higher ($9.95/month) than other Web hosting services but still less than SiteGround. 

HostGator offers free site back-up and transfer, servers optimised for WordPress and unlimited bandwidth, which is why it is one of the most recommended WordPress hosting services.


DreamHost has been making web hosting easy for 18 years and is committed to WordPress for ten years, and this is why this hosting service is the most reliable service to date. DreamHost powers around 600,000 websites and blogs alone on WordPress, which shows how much of this hosting service is popular amongst the website holders.

dreamhost website

DreamHost’s loading time is around 894ms, making this hosting service an ideal for high visiting websites. It comes with 99.63 % of uptime, which is less than others in the hosting market. Also, DreamHost does not have server locations outside the USA.

You can choose from two introductory plans to get your WordPress website working. One starts at $2.59/month if you are willing to choose the 3-year commitment, and the other is $4.95/monthly. With unlimited bandwidth, drag and drop builder, and pre-installed WordPress feature, DreamHost has made it to the list of web hosting services recommended by WordPress itself.


From a small web host to now powering 29 million websites, hosting has grown at a steady rate over a decade. If you are looking for the WordPress hosting service in your budget and have a fast loading time, Hostinger will be the perfect choice for you.

Hostinger offers you to change server locations like from Europe to the USA after you have signed up. Not many web hosting companies offer this feature; therefore, Hostinger has this edge over them in this regard. The precisely written WordPress guides and tutorials make Hostinger easy to use.

hostinger website

Though Hostinger is the cheapest option in WordPress hosting services, it does compromise on the performance. With 308ms hosting time, Hostinger is only second to A2Hosting and HostGator, not to mention cheaper than both. Over the past 12-months, Hostinger has delivered 99.96% of uptime, comparable to any expensive web hosting service.

Their WordPress hosting plan of 48-months starts from 2.2/month. The service can be renewed at only $3.49/month, which makes Hostinger the safest and cheapest plan to try for a newbie.

Hostinger offers unlimited bandwidth, a free email account, and free SSL at the cheapest possible rates.


A2Hosting may seem to be new in the WordPress hosting game, but it is there in this field for ten years. A2Hosting proved not only to be the most developer-friendly, but it also offers impeccable performance along with top-notch security.

The extra scanning, layers of encryption and firewalls tend to slow down the loading speed. A2Hosting saves you from this hustle by providing lightning-fast speed while not compromising your content’s security.

a2hosting website

With a one-click installation feature, A2Hosting proves to developer-friendly and works seamlessly with not only WordPress but also other content management systems (CMS). 

If we talk about the speed, A2Hosting is the second-fastest WordPress Hosting service provider second to HostGator only. The loading speed is 303ms, which is better than many other expensive web hosting providers. The average uptime of A2Hosting is 99.98%, with a downtime of only 2% percent annually. 

If you wish to subscribe to a 36-month plan, then an initial introductory plan will cost you only $2.99/month, which is very budget-friendly; however, the cost hikes sharply at the renewal plan, and you’ll have to pay $8.99/month to get the hosting service working again. 

A2Hosting comes with unlimited bandwidth, free CDN, and free SSL, making the services less than other web hosting service providers.

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    Starting your blog or website with WordPress’s help is relatively easy compared to other site building services. However, you may require any hosting service’s assistance to keep your site powered by WordPress running smoothly. From the list of services that provides cheap and easy WordPress, BlueHost unarguably tops the list. However, there are many other hosting services available that you can from according to budget and plan. These hosting services may have additional features that would boost up your overall site performance. Just pick up the right plan, and your site is good to go.

    I have written an article about, how to easily install WordPress in 3 steps.


    Does WordPress do hosting?

    WordPress powers millions of blogs, websites and blogs. Website powered by WordPress can be hosted in three ways:
    — Hosted completely by WordPress
    — The upgraded hosting plan that offers self-hosting features like themes and plug-ins
    — Purchase hosting from another provider like BlueHost and Hostgator etc.

    What is the difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting?

    Web hosting refers to hosting all sorts of websites available. It is a general term used for any web hosting plan that you can find. However, the term WordPress hosting applies to the hosting plans that work with WordPress only.

    Which is better, WordPress or GoDaddy?

    WordPress and GoDaddy are two big names in the content management system (CMS) marketing and web hosting. For tech-savvy users, WordPress is their go-to option for powering their websites as WordPress offers a more involved and reliable website powering process. However, GoDaddy can be your ideal pick for an easy and quick experience if you are a newbie.

    Is GoDaddy hosting good for WordPress?

    GoDaddy has attractive features to offer outstanding performance; primarily, it works excellently with online stores. However, GoDaddy can host only a single website, and you can look for other WordPress hosting services if you want to host multiple websites. There are other better WordPress hosting services available than GoDaddy with cheaper rates.

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