What WordPress theme should you choose in 2021? – 5 amazing options

Top 5 Wordpress themes in 2021

I’m looking into what Wordpress theme you should be using in 2021, and why you should be using it. Read about my findings and knowledge with Wordpress.

WordPress is the most worldwide used CMS today, but what WordPress theme should you choose? What WordPress do very well is they simplify the process of creating a website. In this post, I’ll dig down into top 5 WordPress themes in 2021 and what theme you should choose.

I have worked with WordPress in more than 10 years, and it’s my go-to CMS when I need to set up new websites.

When you work with WordPress, it’s only your imagination sets the limits. There are endless possibilities for building websites with WordPress. It started back in the time as being a blog CMS, but today you can do so much more. If you want to make a webshop, you just add a plugin like Woocommerce, and then you have a fully functioning web shop with minimal effort. On the other hand, if you want to create a newspaper, you just choose the right theme, and then you have a newspaper. If you want a membership website, you can install Memberpress, and then you have all the functionality you need to run a membership website. This is just three examples, but as you might see, plugins and themes are the main things in WordPress that can transform your website into anything you need.

WordPress is used by a ton of different companies. It’s easy to set up and you can customise it in any way you want. By standard WordPress is extremely SEO-optimised, but by plugins like Yoast, it’s possible to optimise it even more. With this huge variety of solutions, the target group for WordPress is endless. Which is why we see small companies using WordPress as huge companies using it. I will dig into 5 themes you can use to get started on your dream website, please continue to read on.

5 amazing WordPress themes


avada wordpress theme

Avada is the number one theme for so many WordPress theme. What makes Avada so great is it’s a way to adapt to any situation. Do you need a webshop? Avada is there. Do you need a blog? Avada is there, do you need anything? Avada is the WordPress theme for you to use.


bridge wordpress theme
Bridge is a very clean and neat theme. Again like Avada you really get a huge variety of different websites you can make using this theme. It’s a multi-purpose theme in every way you can imagine, and they do it in a very elegant way.


salient wordpress theme

I’ve used Salient previously, and it’s a really modern theme that uses images in a very elegant and smooth way. Salient is a multi-purpose theme as well, but in a more niche way. As you can see it’s very modern and it stays within blogs, business websites, portfolio websites and webshops. I’ve used it for a business webshop and it more than did the job, it was creating an amazing journey for my visitors, in many ways.


uncode wordpress theme

Uncode is also a newer design which is constantly updated. It contains the design part and “Uncode core”, which contains all functionality as a plugin. In this plugin, you can also update other plugins the theme use. Now to the designs and target group. Uncode is extremely good at expression your statements from your business. Whether it’s your SaaS business, your agency or just your freelance business. Uncode is perfect in these areas. It’s very creative and has a ton of demos you can go through to find out if this theme is for you.


impreza wordpress theme

Impreza is a more formal theme for consulting businesses, agencies and bigger firms. They take a creative approach to keep it formel and they really succeed. They are still supporting different industries within mobile apps, shops, agencies and more, but as mentioned they do it in a formal way.

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    So, what WordPress theme should you choose for your website?

    As you can see these are only 5 out of endless themes out there. What these themes do very well is their multi-purpose. You can use the same theme for 10 different business, but still, keep the same style within the businesses. If you read about the different themes, you will notice the differences between them.

    Before you choose a theme to go with, you need to be 100% sure in your decision. Don’t rush the solution as a theme is your visual face on the web. Set the different themes up against each other, write the pros and cons for your specific need. You will then reach a point where you know what theme is for you, and often it’s not what you through from the beginning.

    If you want some inspiration to your website, you can check out my cases.


    What are themes in WordPress?

    Themes are the way your WordPress website looks like. You can easily change your theme in WordPress, and you’ll then see your whole website change with no effort.

    Are WordPress themes free?

    There exist both free and premium WordPress themes. You often get a lot more value with premium WordPress themes which usually have a cost between USD 40-70. When you get started you can get very far with a free WordPress theme. You can find the free ones on here, and if you want a premium one, I recommend you looking on Themeforest.

    Where can I buy WordPress themes?

    You can buy WordPress themes at Themeforest.

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