Why is video marketing key to success in 2021? — 7 tips to success

Why are videos key to marketing success in 2021? - 7 tips to success

Did you know that we all watch approximately 1 billion hours of YouTube social video per day? These numbers may not have surprised you because videos are getting increasingly popular these days. It’s because videos are easily digestible content, and also with the presence of an overabundance of textual content on intent, video content proved to be a breath of fresh air.

If you are related to the marketing world, you might know the power and Importance of digital marketing in today’s time. Video marketing is taking the lead amongst other digital marketing strategies and for all the right reasons.

  1. What is video marketing?
  2. What is the Importance of video marketing?
  3. How to make a video marketing strategy and get started with it?
  4. Can video marketing improve your SEO?
  5. What is the most popular type of video?
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ

What is video marketing?

Video marketing uses video content to promote your brand, service, or product and target your desired audience. You can use the video content for sales and increase your website visits, email sign ups, social media engagement, and improve customer services.

This relentless spike in video preference over textual content opens up the opportunity to connect with the customer more effectively.

What is the Importance of video marketing?

With the newer marketing trends, it is now impossible for brands to get their business highlighted in front of the potential audience with text and images alone. Digital video marketing has seen massive growth these days. Only in the United States video marketing is worth a $135 billion industry.

Because of this booming growth, if you still aren’t releasing your brand video regularly, you need to reconsider your marketing strategies.

Educating and informing

According to 97% of the marketing enthusiasts, videos help customers to understand the product better. Their claim is supported by the fact that most people now prefer to shop online, and the product that has a better video explaining the product is sold more.

Search engine optimisation

According to Cisco, by 2021, over 80% of all traffic generated will be driven by Video content. Search engines rank websites that have videos, and thus, the websites rank high that have good video content.

Stay in the competition

With the rise in the video marketing sector, more and more entrepreneurs are using videos as their primary marketing source, to be more precise it’s 81%.

How to make a video marketing strategy and get started with it?

With proper research and a solid plan, your released videos may not reach or target your desired audience. This is why it is essentially required to plan a sound strategy before getting started with it.

1. Outline your video goals

When you decide to create a video, you would not want to miss any marketing funnel stage. However, in the beginning, it is crucial to determine your main target stage to get things going in the right direction with a clear mind.

2. Find the target audience

The next step is to figure out what type of audience your video should be targeting. Without a specific audience’s point of view in mind, your video might flop.

The most significant step in this regard is to map the buyer’s persona. Any company creates the buyer’s persona when the product is in the developing stage. Presumably, the target people who you want to buy your product are ones you would wish your video to reach. Now finalise the audience strategy after figuring out the following:

  • Who your product or service is going to cater
  •  The primary purpose of your video
  • Where to target your desired audience, i.e., where to distribute your video

3. Plan the basic framework of your video story

This can be the most fun yet the most challenging part of your video making strategy. These essential points will help you create your story’s basic framework.

  • Use a protagonist that could connect with your target audience quickly and reach your target demographic.
  • Spot your audiences’ pain point and target it.
  • Introduce your service or product to the audience.
  • How your audience knows your product or service will help ease their problem (pain point).
  • Take your viewer on a journey using your video that aligns with your service or brand’s mission.

4. Prioritise your creative requirements

Now that you have your story on the page, get your creative requirements sorted before making a video. Keep your scripting, messaging, background, and the choice of music and other innovative instruments clear to avoid confusion when you are executing your storyline.

5. Make a proper budget

Without proper budget planning and even going ahead with things would be impossible. Certain types of videos may cost more than others, so it’s always a good idea to have proper research about the video you are trying to make and how much the technical and creative sources may cost.

6. Get the cameras rolling

Now that you have all your plans on track, it’s time to start the fun part. If you are new to the world of video marketing, then you may face some initial disappointments but don’t get discouraged because even masters have gone through this stage.

The key to remaining consistent is not to fret about the minor details going wrong; rather, indulge your team in the creative process.

If your first video fails to gather the desired amount of audience, don’t get disappointed yet. With every video released, you’ll receive feedback (good and bad both) and with every input, there are hints as to which part of your video you should improve.

7. Video distribution

Now that you have your video in hand and ready to present it to the audience, the question arrives as to how are you going to distribute it? With an effective distributing platform, your video can reach your desired viewers easily. Three main channels can help you spread your video. These include:

Owned distribution- Publishing your video on your channels is probably the easiest and the most cost-effective method. You can distribute your video using your website, blog, email, digital documents, apps, e-commerce pages, etc.

Paid distribution-You can pay some amount to increase the reach of your video. Paid distribution has become a crucial method to increase your video reach and hence get the desired views. Therefore, when planning for an overall video marketing budget, do not forget to add distribution funding.

You can distribute your video through search ads, social media (paid), native advertising, influencer outreach, etc.

Earned distribution-While this type of distribution may be tricky to start with but can be very effective. You are essentially leaving your video at a chance, but your brand can get the desired push with some effort. The earned distribution strategies include social media, asking for your product review, and sending the traditional PR’s to the influencers.

Can video marketing improve your SEO?

With so many benefits of video marketing, a critical aspect of it is improving your site’s ranking. It may sound a bit confusing, but it is entirely true. Search algorithms prioritise web pages that include videos, and videos mostly appear in around 55% of the Google keyword searches.

The reason is that sites that contain video content perform better than ones that lack it. Therefore, search engines prioritise the websites that get more engagement.

Apart from improving your website’s ranking in the search results, make your snippet more eye-catching and more prominent, and therefore, the viewers will probably notice your website first than the rest.

Are you more interested in working on your SEO? Then I would recommend you using a software to help you. I’ve written a thorough review of SE Ranking and it’s 7 features.

There are so many types of video formats, and you’ll have to choose one that suits your business or service. Let’s have a look at some:


Commercials are the small and brief video that highlights your business’s best features with a dynamic background. These are the most common types of videos that you may have across either on TV or on the internet.

Social content videos

These videos are made keeping in mind the dynamics of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. These are engaging and playing videos that are meant to be shared. They include lifestyle shots or even a beautiful shot of your product.

Explainer videos

The name itself tells what these videos are about. These videos are designed to explain your product with a call to action in the end.

Product videos

These videos describe your best-selling products or top-featured services. It helps increase customer’s confidence in your brand or company.


These most potent types of videos show your customers positive responses and honest personal feedback.

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    Currently, video is the most popular form of content, and it’s most likely here to stay because customers prefer video content over other textual content. Not only are fun content to make videos source to bring your brand and customer closer.

    Video content can be a step forward for the successful marketing of your business or your brand. Videos can prove to be gear to driving sales.


    What is video marketing?

    Video marketing is a message delivered via video to be presented to a targeted audience. This type of content marketing enables you to portray your business’s particular area in a quick and detailed manner.

    Why does my business need video marketing?

    Video marketing proves to be equally important for both small and large businesses. The businesses that have used the video marketing strategy to showcase their product have seen a massive boost in sales.

    How does video marketing work?

    Videos are the most consumable form of content. It conveys your message more quickly and efficiently; therefore, the audience feels more engaged and connected to it than another way of content.

    How to use videos to promote your business?

    Video provides you a platform to showcase your product and services most engagingly:
    – Upload positive customer experience
    – Make demonstration videos
    – Upload the stories of achievements
    – Showcase your product collection

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