Why to keep your plugins updated always – 3 important reasons

3 reasons why it's important to keep your plugins updated

It’s so important to keep your plugins updated. Too often I see my partners and clients websites with outdated plugins. It can be both dangerous for you and your business, plus you’re skipping features that could help you grow your business.
I will recommend you to learn to love updates, I love updates and I think it’s amazing every time a new update is coming to a plugin. Sometimes it’s just maintenance updates for the plugin to stay up to date, but other times it’s either performance improvements or brand new features you can implement in your business right away.

What is a plugin you might think? If you’re using a CMS system like WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Magento or similar, you might have seen it before. Plugins extend the functionality of your website endless. Nowadays you can download plugins that can do whatever you need them to do. Bear in mind, that the more plugins you install, the slower your website might be as I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post, where I give you 5 tools to optimise your WordPress website.

Plugins are for everyone, whether you’re a webshop, a news website or just a business card website. It can help you automate your processes which will make you save time, for you to spend on developing your business instead. It is like serving as the backbone of your websites so it is necessary to always keep your plugins updated.

Should you always just update your plugin? No! You need to be extremely careful updating major versions of your plugin as it can affect the functionality of your website. If your website is depending on a feature which has been removed in a new version of a plugin. Then you need to adapt your website to support this change before you update the plugin.


Reason 1: Security issues

The web is changing every day, which means plugins need to adapt to this situation. When a browser, server or something third makes a change. It can create a security hole for a plugin, and this hole needs to be closed as fast as possible. Your website is very vulnerable in this period where you’re running the plugin with a hole. By hole, I mean a backdoor where hackers can enter your website. Therefore it’s extremely important to keep your plugins updated to avoid this. There are so many parameters for the plugin developers to keep safe all the time, so do yourself a favour and update your plugins.

Reason 2: New features

This is one of the more awesome benefits of updating your plugin. You get new features and some times a new design to work from. This opens up a new world for you to use for your business. Often new features are implemented because the need is there for it. Keep your eyes open for the updates, every time you update your plugin you can see the new changes in the new version of the plugin. Maybe there is something you can easily implement to grow your business even more? this is also a reason for which you should keep you plugins updated.

Reason 3: Performance

My last reason is performance. Performance is everything when we talk about SEO and marketing in general. The faster your website is, the higher conversion rate you’ll be able to achieve. This has been proven by multiple tests done by the biggest hosting companies. Read about Hubspot’s take on it. So put your arms in the air if your plugin update container the famous words: “Performance improvements”.

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    As I get into the 3 reasons, it’s very different, but all 3 are benefiting you. Of course some times it also happens when you update a plugin, you don’t feel any changes. Still, when you see the sign of “plugins updated” you will feel a relief. The possible reason could be that the plugin developers are making ready for a bigger change, or it just is a behind-the-scenes change. When we have to conclude everything, you need to update your plugins, that’s my biggest recommendation.

    However in the process of updating your plugins, remember to backup your website, for you to be able to always go back should something unexpected happen. Promise me one thing after you’ve read this piece, keep your plugins updated.


    How is it necessary to keep your plugins updated always?

    Often you will see a menu in your back office with the title: “Updates”. Click in there and press update on the plugins you want to update.

    Whats is manual way to keep my plugins updated at WordPress?

    Go to your plugins, deactivate the plugin, delete the plugin. Press upload plugin, update the new version of the plugin and activate the plugin.

    Do you often keep your WordPress plugins updated?

    A big yes! You should most definitely update your plugins for the 3 reasons mentioned in this post.

    Should you update WordPress or plugins first?

    Always update your plugins first as your old version of the plugin isn’t necessarily supported by the new WordPress version.

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