13 reasons why Rank Math SEO is the best SEO plugin for WordPress

13 reasons why Rank Math SEO is the best SEO plugin for WordPress

We all know that SEO is a must-have for anyone with a vision to grow their online business. There are so many SEO plug-ins out there available for you, but you need to be very critical in selecting what’s best for your business.

A good SEO is one that meets all your needs by saving your time and money while giving you highly optimised content to create immense traffic in your account.  Whether you are new in this business or have been in this industry for the longest time, Rank Math SEO plugin is the best solution.  Its simplicity to use and highly sophisticated intelligent tools would make your account a dozen times better than it has ever been.

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What is Rank Math SEO?

Rank Math is a unique search engine optimisation plug-in for WordPress whose easy-to-use features makes it a favourite to many in optimising account content. Rank Math has in-built sophisticated suggestions on widely accepted best practices with crucial SEO setups to customise your page just the way you want it to appear. Installing Rank Math SEO plug-in to your site would be a game-changer to your business since it promises 100% efficiency.


Rank Math’s best features

Rank Math has countless exclusive features which offer you the best experience as it is highly compatible with WordPress. The step-by-step configuration ensures that you never get lost along the way until you have hit that one last step.

1. Easy-to-follow setup and configuration wizard

How about having a plug-in that would do everything just for you? Well, Rank Math does precisely that. It’s easy to follow the setup wizard is a perfect way to have your WordPress account up and running.

2. Rich Snippets integrated

Rank Math has made the configuration of Google Schema Markup effortless by use of numberless Schema Markups, such as FAQ Schema, Rating Schema and Block Schema to optimise your account.

3. Unlimited keywords

Rank Math knows that optimising your posts for unlimited focus keyword boost your confidence in your content. The plug-in has five default keywords, but with the right filters more is guaranteed.

4. Google search console

You no longer have to waste your time looking up for important information about your website. Rank Math is kind enough to provide this information right at your WordPress website.

5. Keywords ranking

Are you a WordPress user who always wants to be informed about their keyword rankings?  Don’t be afraid any more because, with Rank Math SEO, you can track your keyword rankings in Google.

6. Pre-Selected optimised setup tools

 I am aware that you do not have all day and installing plug-ins can get your anxiety on the rise, especially when you are in a hurry to get other things done. If you make Rank Math your companion, then all your troubles will be gone since it has optimal default settings ideal for your website, which can be changed at your own wish.

7. LSI Keyword tool integration

Rank Math has integrated Latent Semantic Indexing Keyword tools which provides you with the various focused keywords to drive traffic into your website. It needs a free account for you to utilise this amazing feature and take your business to high levels.

8. State of the art SEO analysis tool

You will never have problems performing SEO audit for your website because Rank Math volunteers do exactly that for you, with just a single click.

9. Module based system

Rank Math has been engineered into compartments with multiple independent systems.  Whenever you feel that you do not need a specific system, what you only have to do is to disable it to achieve speed and control of your website. Everybody loves to feel in control, right?

10. 404 error monitor

Do not let the 404 errors give you a headache any more.With Rank Math, you can do comprehensive surveillance of your website to find and resolve the errors and make your website user-friendly.

11. Role manager

Rank Math SEO plug-in allows you to be the boss that you are by allowing you to manage your website. It does not matter how many employees you have to manage your website because the plug-in offers you the platform to precisely control the accessibility of each employee in your website.

12. The Rank Math SEO plugin’s first time installation

The installation of Rank Math SEO plug-in should never be a worry because it is much easier than you can fathom. First things first. You will need to install the Rank Math plug-in before proceeding to set it up.

The installation is smooth because Rank Math SEO plugin has been facilitated by a step-by-step setup wizard which would help you configure Rank Math for your account. The plug-in configuration process becomes much easier because of the setup wizard, which helps you in choosing the variety of options available for you.

There are three ways in which a Rank Math SEO plug-in can be installed in your WordPress; you can opt to upload the plug-in through the WordPress admin panel, to the server by using FTP or download it directly to your server through SSH.

For starters, I would recommend the first option because it is simplest amongst the three methods. The last option is very advanced for starters since if one is unfamiliar with how SSH works, some complications may arise. Sometimes due to server settings, the installation may be declined, which will prompt you to use FTP installation method.

13. How do you activate the Rank Math SEO plugin?

Activating Rank Math Should not stress you out as you can do it as simple as clicking on a link. As you are aware by now, Rank Math has so many settings and options. However, the quick setup wizard allows you to proceed with the configuration smoothly with no hitches to get the best for your website.


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Rank Math has been designed in a manner that it can import settings from other SEO Plugin to ease the installation process. Because I am now 100% sure that you have decided to ditch your Yoast SEO plug-in, my advice is, import its features to your Rank Math SEO before giving it an eternal send-off! I have compared Rank Math SEO with Yoast SEO, read it to find out what plugin fits your need.


What is rank math plugin?

Rank Math is a SEO plugin for WordPress that helps the user to easily optimise their content via built-in suggestions that are based on widely-accepted best practices.

What is SEO plugin for WordPress?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation plugin offers you a comprehensive set of tools to that will help to improve your website ranking.

What is rank math SEO?

Rank Math SEO is a WordPress plugin which makes it easy for you to customise your SEO, make specific titles and description for pages and much more.

Is rank math free?

Yes, Rank Math SEO is completely free to use. You get a full-functioning plugin for free. Which is also one of the reasons why it's so popular.
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