Why WordPress AMP plugin is a must — 3 facts that will blow your mind

Why WordPress AMP plugin is a must - 3 reasons

Did you know the AMP plugin helps you in boosting your website in WordPress? Want to know how? Just stick to the article and learn more about how it works. But, before heading towards the main topic, let’s have a quick overview of WordPress AMP plugin.

WordPress AMP plugin – a quick overview

AMP or commonly called as “accelerated mobile pages” as the name suggests will make your website faster for the mobile users. AMP is also capable of improving content navigation on your mobile devices. It is one of the best WordPress plugins, and it is easy to install and simple to use.

Download the AMP plugin for free

It’s super easy to set up, and it’s the official plugin for the AMP. There is no reason not to download it.

Why should you install WordPress AMP plugin?

As you know, nowadays everything is automated, and people are more into using small digital gadgets rather than a bigger one. A small device like mobile, which is easy to carry and functions the same as any other computer devices have gained much popularity from the past decade. Smartphones are increasingly dominating their consumers to use it now and then. So, most people use their mobile phones for browsing websites rather than using their laptops and computers.

Usually, mobile devices are not capable of loading pages as fast as a computer can because of the capacity difference. So, every website owner seeks the fastest way to load their websites within milliseconds. But, when it comes to mobile phones, it will become a challenge for them to make a website which doesn’t consume much time in loading on mobile phones.

 If your web is taking too long to open, the user will get frustrated and automatically switch to another website. Ultimately it will result in your website will lose rankings, and you will start losing traffic to your website. That is the main reason why an AMP plugin should install on your WordPress. Besides, accelerating the speed of the web for mobile users, it has many other advantages as well.

AMP pages are the simplified version of the original website, and it contains all the essential contents while appearing on the mobile screen. According to research, when AMP landing pages were compared to non-AMP landing pages. The result was the main AMP landing pages were 85% faster than non AMP.

Another research shows that if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load. There is a chance that 40% of the users will switch to other websites. It clearly shows that a faster loading website, especially on mobile devices, will help to get a better conversion rate optimisation.

What is the procedure to build AMP pages?

Three components are considered to be the backbone of the AMP framework; these are:

  • AMP cache — Google serves as a storehouse for AMP pages to further optimise the page load speed by its cached version.
  • AMP HTML — This helps to replace all the standards HTML that tends to slow down the loading speed with a more straightforward and equivalent version.
  • AMP JS — it suppresses the JS scripts from the third party, it is only allowed for exceptional cases that use ultrafast libraries. 

It also contains some additional ready to use features which are further classified as:

  • Built-in
  • Experimental
  • Extended

Advantages of installing WordPress AMP plugin

  • It loads the websites within milliseconds
  • Bounce rate has been decreased and also an improvement has been noticed in the session drop out frequency.
  • The cherry on the top is that AMP also supports paid searches and advertisements.

What is the best time to use WordPress AMP plugin?

AMP provides the following two significant advantages:

1. It makes the website appear in the top search result of Google.
2. Secondly, they offer a quick and excellent version of the website.

AMP pages are considered to be the ideal pages for the content-focused websites. The reason being these websites need some additional escalation to render on smartphones. AMP boosts the availability of these pages/websites for all devices. However, you can choose its different versions such as;

  • A responsive website for mobile, tablet, and desktop and the AMP version for google (mobile) search engines.
  • An AMP mobile version and a desktop’s website
  • An active website for mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

Different types of people work for their websites; some might be working as content creators, some work as a developer, while some are the site owners, so AMP works differently for every user.

How does WordPress AMP plugin work for content creators?

AMP allows the content creators to assemble its compatible websites with distinctive configurations fully. They can also take advantage of AMP-compatible components. They help you to handle the validation issues and remove markups where possible. Also, they suppress all the incompatible plugins in AMP pages context.

How does WordPress AMP plugin work for developers?

AMP plugins provide powerful and useful developer tools for developers which help them to build compatible ecosystem components (like themes and plugins). Also, they offer a full ecosystem solution.

How is WordPress AMP plugin suitable for website owners?

AMP offers cost-effective tools to the website owners by which they can address performance and practicality for the site. It gives a high ROI with low resource investments.

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    WordPress AMP plugin supports the best plugin for WordPress. It helps the user to rank their sites as well as it gives many other advantages. Another feature is it is offering cost-effective tools which can easily be used by website owners, developers, and content creators. It supports both mobile and desktop versions. So, if you want to boost your web, you should install a WordPress AMP plugin without having any second choice in your mind. I use AMP on my own website, and it works perfectly fine.


    What AMP Plugin is best?

    The native AMP plugin made by AMP Project Contributors is the best. It’s easy to set up and gives you the performance needed. 

    Does the WordPress theme support AMP?

    Almost all the popular themes of WordPress, including the default one support AMP. But if you want to work hassle-free, you can always check for AMP-compatible themes. 

    Does WordPress AMP plugin provide validation tools?

    AMP does provide useful validation tools which help you to deal with incompatibilities of AMP. Also, they help in identifying the errors. 

    Do I need AMP for WordPress?

    It very much depends on your target group. If they live in areas with poor internet connection. Then you definitely need AMP.

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