YouTube shorts is taking over after TikTok | Ep. #3

YouTube shorts is taking over after TikTok - Ep. #3

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YouTube Shorts is YouTube’s newest bet within web, you probably know TikTok and TikTok has been banned in numerous countries, but what was so good about TikTok was the format of the different videos. You could make a vertical video between 15 and 60 seconds. You could add music, you could add effects, you could add text and a lot of stuff like that. However, they are banned now, which means that there is an open hole in the market. YouTube was very fast there to release what’s called YouTube Shorts.

I say fast because they came fast after TikTok closed down. But they are still late to the market, which means that there is a huge potential in doing YouTube shorts right now. However, there are some different things you need to achieve before you can do it. And I have a little pro tip for you, so let’s get started. When you are doing a YouTube short, using the hashtag shorts will make you gain even more traffic. It’s very simple to get started and is a great way to get into the YouTube game.

However, you can only make YouTube shorts if you have ten thousand subscribers or more. That’s a lot. We are hoping that YouTube will release this feature for people with lower subscribers, for everyone to use it. A YouTube short will be shown both in the search results, in the feed, in the subscription feed and much more, and it’s a new thing. And YouTube really wants to get into this short format video market. They are really pushing it out on their platform, which is why there is a huge potential in it.

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I personally think it looks a bit funny when they appear between the search results, but that’s because all of the videos on YouTube are horizontally recorded, whereas these shorts are vertical recorded. The positive thing about that is that it makes it really stand out between all the videos. And I think by time it will blend in more. They’re doing what they can right now, but they still stand out. So how do you make these YouTube shorts? Well, first of all, you need to have at the moment ten thousand subscribers or more.

When you do so, then in the YouTube app, in the bottom, you have a plus. You can click on that plus and then you will have an option to say, create short video. Then you shoot your video, which should be between 15 and 60 seconds afterwards. You pick the music you want to incorporate into your YouTube short, completely free. Then you add a description to your YouTube short describing what this YouTube show is about. Remember the hashtag shorts afterwards, you press, publish, and then you are good to go, you have now published your first YouTube shorts and just go ahead and publish as many as you want, because as mentioned earlier, YouTube are really pushing this out right now.

So using this right now is your opportunity to get out there on YouTube. So I hope that this short format has been helpful for you. And let’s catch up on the next one.

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