How I Review SEO Tools

It’s important for me to stay transparent and unbiased when I review products, which is why I never do paid product reviews.

This page shows you my process of reviewing SEO tools so you get an idea behind the curtains of what I’m doing.

The first thing I always do is sign up for the product; sometimes, I use the free version and other times, I pay for a month; it depends on whether the free version gives me full access or not.

From there, I try to incorporate the tool into my everyday life and use it for about a week, where I note down all my good and bad thoughts based on using the product.

Now it’s time to rate the tool, and depending on whether it’s a keyword research tool, content optimization tool, or a third type of SEO tool, I try to rate it within 5 categories where 1 of the categories is related to the category of the product, and the other 4 are:

  • Ease of use
  • Features
  • Speed
  • Accuracy

Ease of use is how easy it is to use the product and navigate it and how well it solves the pain point it’s solving.

Features are whether it has all the features it needs within its category.

Speed is how fast the product is at executing requests, for example, when I run keyword research.

Accuracy is how accurate the data is; if it’s keyword research, how accurate is the search volume, for example?

Lastly, I make my script ready for the video, and I record and edit the video.

Lastly, I write a blog post with all my thoughts, videos, and screenshots and share them with you on my website.

As SEO tools constantly update, which is great, I don’t update my content constantly, and I’m only one person.

I try to update my content as often as I can, but sometimes it can take months.

However, if you find anything inaccurate or something I’ve missed with a tool, feel free to reach out so I can get that covered.

Lastly, I want to mention when I link to a tool that I like, and I use affiliate links that earn me a commission if you choose to buy the product; this is how I manage to run my website.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via the contact form.



How I Review SEO Tools

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