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Marketing tool reviews

Every week I review
one new marketing tool.

I do it to share my passion with people like you. People who are looking for just the right SEO tool, email marketing platform or maybe a platform to manage your ads.

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Marketing tip

I share an actionable
marketing tip every week.

Like a weekly marketing tool review, I share an actionable marketing tip every week.

Some weeks it’ll be a tip you can perform in less than 5 minutes; other times, it’ll be a bit more extensive.



Here are some categories I focus on within marketing with my experience and expertise.



Email marketing

Find the perfect email marketing tool.

General ads

Ads tools can help find opportunities.


SEO tools are some of my favourites.

Landing pages

Landing pages are the foundation.

Social media

Social media tools can help you grow.

Cold outreach

Cold outreach is so underrated for marketing.

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GetGenie Review

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Email List Validation Review

"Hi, thank you for quality content."

Adscook Review

"hi and thanks for these informative videos."

Suma Ibrahimi

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