Demystify Google

Google can be an incredible and rewarding entity, but at the same time, it can turn your website into dust. I'm here to help you analyze your website.​

Technical SEO

I started with technical SEO as I transitioned from programming. I want to show you how important having a solid technical setup is.

Link building

Link building is often misunderstood, and internal link building is where you can move the needle. I've seen it countless times.

Local SEO

Local SEO requires a completely different mindset, and here, we need to work with your Google Business profile and local keywords.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is something we do while making a topical map to ensure you achieve topical authority in your industry.

Content Writing

Content writing is something I love to do, and you can read about that in my SEO blog as well. It's crucial to optimize your content.

Website migration

If you are looking to migrate a website, then reach out to me? I've migrated hundreds of websites pain-free.

SEO Consulting

If you need overall SEO consulting for your strategy or as a project manager, contact me, and let's talk.

Website Speed

Google Core Web vitals are more critical than ever to rank well. I can help you improve your website speed.

Let's talk

Let’s take a 20-minute call, no strings attached, to review your current SEO state.
I would love to give my input on what we can improve together.


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