Linguix Review | Grammar App Build On AI

I’ve used Linguix for 2 years and followed its development. It’s a grammar app that gets smarter the longer you use it.

Phillip Stemann: Linguix Review | Grammar App Build On AI
Linguix Review Grammar App Build On AI

Improve your writing with Linguix, the AI-powered grammar app that adapts to your writing style. Enhance your skills and write better today!

Price: 8

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Web

Application Category: Marketing

Editor's Rating:


  • Build on AI
  • Adapting to your writing


  • Sometimes slow to make changes
Phillip Stemann
Phillip Stemann
I love SEO. It's what I live and breathe. I took a different approach than the average SEO expert. I started as a programmer, transitioned into the technical aspect of SEO, which I've always found interesting, and then focused on content using the right tools, which I'm reviewing on my YouTube channel.

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Linguix Review | Grammar App Build On AI

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