Rank Math PRO just launched — Should you buy it? — 3 features

Rank Math PRO just launched - Should you buy it?

If you have a website, you must have been familiar with Rank Math. Until now, Rank Math has been a popular tool and a plugin of choice when it comes to optimising your website. Whether you have a website or blog content, Rank Math goes beyond simple on-page optimisation with its outstanding features and functionality.

After this success, they have launched a new version and named it Rank Math PRO. In this article, I will highlight the core and basic features and see whether it is worth buying or not.

Unlike Rank Math, Rank Math PRO is not free. It is a premium version, and it may cost you a little, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay for the features that are currently free with Rank Math. So let’s start with its price plan to decide if it’s worth the price.

  1. Pricing strategy
  2. Features of Rank Math PRO
  3. Core features of the Rank Math PRO
  4. Rank Math PRO compared to its competitors
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQ

Pricing strategy

Rank Math has always been famous for its free version, especially for beginners, but unfortunately, its PRO version is a bit expensive. But the features they offer in this version are designed for large and complex websites that require broad search engine optimisation.

If you run a website on your own, it would be best to choose a $59 PRO plan. This plan offers you the tracking of 500 keywords, and the best part is that you can install this version on all your sites with no hidden costs. However, if you run an agency or if you are a freelancer, it is better to choose the business plan, as it is the only available option to install the plugin on your client’s website, and it will cost you $199/year (tentative).

The business plan has an even better offer as it provides tracking of 10,000 keywords and access to the schema generator, and 24/7 priority support. But remember that the monitoring of 10,000 keywords is available per plan and not per site. Therefore, choosing the business plan you need to be aware of this.

As we know, we are currently discussing the PRO version of the most popular SEO plugin of WordPress, so it is equipped with a number of advanced features. Let’s dig into it.

Features of Rank Math PRO

When you visit the Rank Math website, the first thing you will notice is that the free version features have become more advanced and are now available in Rank Math PRO. However, this does not mean that you have lost access to these features in the free version, but that you will have access to the more advanced features in this premium version.

Let’s have a deeper insight to the features that Rank Math PRO is offering.

SEO dashboard (PRO version)

seo dashboard pro version

Just have a look at the design of this PRO version. How beautiful and neat it is. No crowding and no overlapping. A simple but highly advanced design tells you the complete history of the keyword you are looking for.

The best thing about this layout is that it connects directly to Google Analytics and gives you the best possible search results based on the search engine. Also, you don’t have to scroll up and down your pointer to compare the statistics. All results and key metrics of Google search results are placed in a single layout on the main dashboard where you can easily reach your search terms.

Scrolling down the page gives you more options such as website analysis, search engine optimisation performance, your keyword rank tracker, and a detailed view of your keywords and their rankings.

Your keyword rank tracker is the best tool to see how your posts and pages performs over time, and it’s a key feature in any SEO software.

seo dashboard performance

Google is the most popular search engine ever, and Rank Math PRO scrapes data from Google Analytics. This means you get the most authentic information and also a better user interface.

Smaller options

While, this PRO version will give you some extra options that generally doesn’t contain their separate tabs but are very useful. For example, it monitors 404 errors, though not all sees it as an important feature, it is if you ask me, as we have discussed earlier the experience of your website is a high priority for Google. If a visitor meets a 404 page with errors, it’s a terrible experience.



Although WordPress 5.5 itself offers a sitemap plan, which means you don’t need to install any additional plugins. However, this PRO version provides a better sitemap that makes it easier for Google to index your content, and you also have control over the content you want to submit to Google.


Its schema is more powerful and simple than the others and helpful for those who publish their videos, reviews, and other posts individually. You can also configure the scheme manually. It is smarter enough to cover many aspects that an editor would need when publishing articles.

WooCommerce SEO

This awesome plugin offers great integration with WooCommerce, it’s advanced product scheme for WooCommerce products will help your products rank higher on Google. As Google earlier this year released a press release stating that it’s now also possible to get your products shown in the Shopping tab organically now. This integration will help your WooCommerce SEO skyrocket in the product results.

Facebook Group

They offer an exclusive Facebook Group for PRO members only to discuss the use of the plugin. People share everything from tips and tricks, to how to benefit the most from the plugin. Rank Math them self uses the Facebook Group to share news about the plugin, gather feedback and more. It’s a great way to get your wishes for an SEO plugin through to the developers.

Detect Orphan Pages

One of the most important features is, that Rank Math shows you which pages and posts you are not linking to. It is super important that you always interlink your pages and posts, as this is your way of telling Google you find it relevant for another page or post. The PRO version gives you an easy way to discover these pages and do something about them right away to not lose too much traffic.

Google Search Console

They integrate seamlessly with Google Search Console which is a treat. They pull all the information to show you in your WordPress website in a way which everyone can understand. They also use this integration to monitor your keywords, and with the pro plan you have a ton of keywords to track. It’s an important tool to see your ranking history over time. They do not monitor the Search Engine themselves, they use this integration which means the results can vary and you can of course always in the end go to Search Console yourself to check out more detailed information about your keywords.

Watermarked Social Media Images

To make sure people don’t use your images without your permission, you can add a protective layer with the pro version of this plugin. The plugin already offers a lot of possibilities to all the different types of social media. However, if someone tries to share your images, the plugin will add a water mark to the image, to protect you and your images.


This plugin integrates seamlessly with Elementor, this is not a pro feature, but all the pro features works in the integration with Elementor.

Elementor is the most popular Website builder among website owners as it makes it easy to build a whole website in no time. It’s filled with options and features which makes your possibilities endless. When you edit a page, you will in the left sidebar have a menu point named SEO, if you click there you will see all the features and help to SEO optimise your post.

Local SEO

This plugin optimises even for local SEO. It forms your website and sets it up for the best possible success in local searches. It supports multiple locations for your business in a great optimised way. It’s extremely easy to set up, for everyone to be able to do it.

Automated Image SEO

The PRO version comes with great features to support your image SEO. It will auto generate image captions which are optimised for the SERP results while you save a ton of time. Moreover, it lets you easily access your Alt option to add an awesome description of your image, which is required to make your image SEO skyrocket. Image SEO is a lost art, and it takes almost no effort to achieve great results, do yourself the favour and do it.

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets is a great way to get better results for your website in the SERP. There are a lot of different rich snippets to choose between. There are some with a photo, products with star ratings, and even entire recipes shown in the SERP. This is made via schema markup, and by structuring your content this way, it tells Google very fast what this piece of content is about.

The plugin offers the following rich snippets:

— Article
— Book
— Course
— Event
— Job Posting
— Music
— Person
— Product
— Recipe
— Restaurant
— Service
— Software Application
— Video

These makes sense by themselves, and it’s fast and easy for you to figure out what snippets to use for your specific pieces of content. Each of these schema markup comes with different types of settings. For instance a product snippet requires image, title, description, ratings etc., whereas the recipe snippet requires cooking time, list of ingredients and much more.

You can only choose one snippet per page type, as it would confuse Google if you chose more. Therefore, you should split up your content if you feel you have a page which could use multiple rich snippets.

Of course using these snippets won’t guarantee you the first spot in the search results as a ton of other ranking factors play a role, but you do higher your chances using these rich snippets. It’s just a click on a button and then you have more optimised content for Google.

Core features of the Rank Math PRO

The core feature that sets the PRO version apart from the rest is its ability to track keywords. In the business plan, you can track 10,000 keywords that are more helpful to employment agencies, freelancers, and large business start-ups. They have a much larger and more complex system of search engine optimisation.

Let me tell you more clearly how this feature will be helpful for you.

keywords tracking

When you search for the keyword in another SEO plugin, you will get all the information, not its position and ranking. But with the PRO version, you can track your website’s status by tracking your keyword’s position and seeing where it is in the key map.

For example, search for the keyword “Best social media platform in 2020” for your website. You will get all the information about that keyword, including how much competition you can expect, how well your website scores with that keyword, and more importantly, you can also see your website’s ranking using your targeted keyword.

This feature is beneficial for you, and you do not need to purchase keyword ranking tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush.

One of their great features is their advanced SEO Analysis. It’s not an in-depth analysis, but it gives you a great overview of the easiest fixes which will give the best result possible. This advanced SEO Analysis is very easy to generate, and you can generate it as often as you want. I do recommend you follow this SEO Analysis and generate it in-between your fixes to make sure your fixes are working.

Rank Math PRO compared to its competitors

As you all know, Rank Math has always been a popular plugin, not only because it’s free but also because it offers so many features. You can find a lot of comparisons for Rank Math with different SEO plugins. Yoast SEO is probably the biggest competitor and has been on the market the longest. However, Yoast SEO has been sleeping a bit the last 2 years and now the competitors are really fighting for the number one spot in WordPress.

This said, their biggest issue will be gaining market share against its competitors. Their free version has been out for a long time, and website owners do know it. Let’s see in the future how they handle this issue.

Depending on these comparisons, I have found that Rank Math is the best rated plugin that offers many features like integrations, keyword tracking, and on-page SEO. In contrast, other plugins focus more on on-page SEO only.

I’m not saying that other plugins aren’t worth buying, but what I’m trying to say that if you are using different SEO plugins, you also need to purchase other related tools, especially for keyword tracking. But with PRO version, you get all the tools in one package. That way you can save your money. Follow the chart to see what replacements they offer.

If you are interested in a comparison with Yoast, I have written an in-depth article about it. Yoast is great, and do also have a premium option, but do you get more features than Rank Math?

Should you buy it?

If you work alone on a single website, the free version of Rank Math alone can meet your needs. However, if you work with different customers or have multiple sites, the best option for you would be to purchase the PRO version. This way, you can save the money you spend on other plugins for different features.

This newly introduced version of RankMath is far too different from many other SEO plugins. In fact, it is efficient at work in both on-site and off-site SEO and has a combination of a variety of tools that no other SEO plugin can offer. However, it is not as efficient as using a tool like SEMrush, but the PRO version offers some tools that somehow work similarly to SEMrush.

This version is a better option for those who have subscribed to many tools and are looking for an alternative to save money, without compromising the quality.

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    I personally like the PRO version because of its unique keyword tracking and Google integration features. It enables me to stay within my WordPress website to work and optimise, I avoid using 10 different tools.

    It has helped me a working with my clients, and at the same time, I have saved a ton of time. So whether it’s worth buying for you or not, is essentially up to your self. Hopefully after this article you will know whether it’s for you or not.

    However, I would recommend you starting with the free version, and if you’re coming from Yoast SEO, you will see how easy it is to transition from Yoast into Rank Math SEO, there is an integration which makes it seamlessly to change, and you do not loose any of your settings you did set up in Yoast SEO. So what are you waiting for?

    Download it now, and start today.

    Are you still not convinced? I’ve written 13 reasons why you should change to use Rank Math SEO.


    Is the PRO version better than the free RankMath version?

    They both have the same features, but the PRO version is more intelligent and advanced than the free version, therefore the PRO performs better than the free version.

    Like the free version, is the PRO version free?

    No, the PRO version of RankMath is not free but comes with two plans: PRO and Business. Business is the more advanced version compared to the basic version.

    Will RankMath PRO prove to be a better replacement for Semrush?

    No SEMrush has its uniqueness, which cannot be replaced, but it works quite similarly to SEMrush.

    Does Rank Math PRO work with Google Analytics v4?

    No, not yet. As v4 is still in BETA they are waiting for the public release to support it.

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