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Task planning


Planzer is my own product, and I use it every single day.

It’s a task-planning app that helps you plan your day and synchronise your entire planning with your calendar to avoid double bookings. - Set your e-mail marketing on autopilot
E-mail Marketing


I use Encharge for my e-mail software as it’s the most agile and easy to use for me. I can set up automation flows and much more.

kinsta logo


I use Kinsta for my hosting. Kinsta has been the most stable Managed WordPress hosting I’ve tried, and they always deliver extraordinary performance.

Customer Service


For Customer Service and bug reporting, I use Gleap. It’s a super innovative platform with live chat, bug reporting, announcements, and more.

Happy Scribe - Automate your transcriptions and subtitles

Happy Scribe

If I want to add subtitles or transcribe my entire video, I use Happy Scribe.

Their AI is super precise and very impressive. logo
Content Writing


For writing my content, I use Frase. When I write articles that aren’t from my videos, Frase delivers great analysis and data I can use.

Important For

SEO Tools I Use

It’s super important for me that it solves my use case while at the same time being UI appealing.

Beautiful UI
and UX
Believe in the
Solve my
use case

Tools tested


Used on
daily basis

I would go so far as to say if a marketing tool solves my use case, but the design is super outdated, then I rather want to use a less ideal tool where I feel good with the UI while using it.


Ask yourself these questions before picking your tool

Does this solve my use case now?

The first and foremost important question is to figure out if the tool you have for eye is actually solving your use case, or if you're the slighest in doubt.

Do you believe in the future of this tool?

If you choose a tool, you'll be using this tool often. So you want to see improvements, new features and future use cases solved.

It's so important to have faith in the marketing tool you use, otherwise you'll end up switching in the end.

How is the support?

If it's a critical tool like a scheduling tool or a tool for your website. You want to ensure the support is top-notch and can help you 24 hours a day solving urgent matters.

This you can ensure by asking them in their support, or read on their support page.

What about integrations?

With integrations you can automate many manual processes, and this is incredible.

So ensure the marketing tool you go with supports integrations to other tools you use.


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