Authoritas Review: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Are you also spending a lot of time in Google Analytics, finding bounce rates, or seeing where traffic comes from a specific page on your website?

Well, then, this Authoritas Review will change your mind. Over the years, SEO has become crucial for any business to succeed online and be found on search engines.

Authoritas is an essential SEO tool for competitive analysis, similar to Semrush. It can help you grow your business organically.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the Authoritas review to test this powerful tool.

I’m committed to providing unbiased opinions to you when reviewing SEO tools. I always test the product first-hand to provide a real user experience backed up with data. Combining this with my many years of experience in the SEO industry allows me to provide a great, unbiased review.

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Key Takeaways

  • Authoritas can help you improve your business’s online visibility and attract more traffic.
  • You get a range of user interfaces and features, including keyword research, keyword rankings, competitor research, content optimization, and more.
  • You can optimize your content with recommendations to improve your search engine rankings.
  • You can use it to track your business progress with the customizable dashboard, reports, and alerts.

Pros and Cons Of Authoritas

Overall, Authoritas is a powerful and comprehensive SEO tool that can help improve your business online. It has significant advantages, but it also has some disadvantages.

Pros of Authoritas

  • It helps you find endless content ideas
  • Powerful keyword research module
  • Detailed competitor analysis
  • The Market Share tool is great to have
  • The user interface is simple, with excellent reporting features
  • More affordable than other SEM platforms

Cons of Authoritas

  • The keyword explorer is not easy to use to find keywords but has a fast return.
  • The content assistant module is not suitable for generating an entire blog post.
  • The Content360 is challenging to navigate.


My Quick Take

Authoritas is excellent for competitor analysis, but it falls short on other features, such as keyword research.

Keyword Research
Speed of Platform
User Experience



If you’re data-driven and want in-depth competitor analysis for your website, then Authoritas is the tool for you.

What is Authoritas?

Authoritas is a search engine optimization platform that can help your business with every stage of its SEO process.

Its features include Market Analysis, keyword analysis, and site audit. With the Market Analysis tool, you can compare your domain against your competitors based on what keywords rank.

So, it can help you with the following SEO processes:

  • Competitor and Market Research
  • Technical SEO Auditing
  • Content Creation and Optimizing
  • SEO Strategy and Forecasting
  • SEO Outreach PR and Link-Building
  • Measuring Results and Refining Your Approach

Authoritas Review Features

The Authoritas SEO tool is made for use on major search engines and is loaded with features I will discuss soon. When I used it, I wanted to see my share of the search on my last position, so let’s see what happened.

Packed With SEO Tools

As explained, I wanted to see my share of the search, so I added the widget. You go in and press save, and it updates your data right there.


So, depending on your business, it shows you what is relevant, and what is appropriate to me may be different for you. It is a great feature to have.

When I started using the tool in 2021, I found that the design was not great, but they have updated it and are running with a new design.

You can also use task management to add tasks and follow tasks assigned to your different teammates.

As you know, it will be mostly SEO tasks, but in the end, you can use it for whatever you want.

Still, there are many other widgets available, as seen here:

  • Site Explorer: The widget helps you explore your website and gives you insights into the overall performance, including domain authority, page authority, and other metrics.
  • SERP Features: With the widget, you analyze your SERP on Google for keywords for your website. 
  • Keyword Research: Gives you keyword ideas to identify relevant keywords for your website. 
  • Keyword Rankings: It helps you track specific keyword rankings on your website.

Furthermore, you can use competitor analysis, backlink analysis, and on-page audit widgets.

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Market Analysis

Now, this is where things start to get interesting. It is known as the visibility explorer, where you can analyze competitors.

If you watch my videos, Neil Patel is one person I often look into. So, I added him and found that he has many more keywords than I do.

At the time, he had 180,000 keyword rankings. Even his ranking URLs are way higher than mine.

I found that I could compare everything fast, and it was easy to use. His organic visibility is higher. 

You can also see the different ranking URLs he ranks for. This is where you can get inspiration to generate content ideas using the information available.

Hence, you can compare the keywords with competitors to see which of your keywords are ranking.

For example, I checked my newsletter platform and saw my keyword ranking compared to a competitor’s.

You can add as many competitors as you want to compare ranking keywords, and it is a powerful tool.

Keywords Module


The keywords module offers many features, and we will explore each now! You have the keyword research tool and keyword rank tool.

Keyword Research Tool

You can choose from four advanced tools to explore by market, keyword or question, domain, and page in keyword research.

  • Keyword Explorer

Here is where you start doing your keyword research. Using my news platform as an example, I checked to see if there were other keywords I could rank on.

At the time, I compared it to BiQ.Cloud I did not get many keywords, but they have improved on this in the latest design.

Another thing I found was that it gave me interesting secondary keywords to use, such as the best software for email marketing.

You also get other smaller keywords you can focus on as secondary keywords, which is a powerful tool for me.

The only problem I found using it is that I did not find it easy to find keywords to rank for, but it is fast and does return many keywords.

You do get a lot of commercial keywords.

  • FAQ Explorer

I’m a big fan of these FAQs, and I shared how my newsletter platform ranks on my FAQ.

The FAQ Explorer is a great place to generate questions about anything to see if there are any other FAQs.

As in the previous feature, you use it when adding more information. It will provide you with questions you can use.

You can create content that people are asking questions about from these questions.

Hence, you end up with 30 related questions for a search term you will enter. It also works in any language.

  • Visibility Explorer

Next, you have the Visibility Explorer module, which allows me to see what keyword my competitors rank for and how it compares to my site.

I also compared my SEO visibility with ranking data and discovered important keywords. You get a gap analysis to tell you whether your keyword ranks. 

So, you use it to mine your competitor’s keywords to uncover ranking opportunities. 

  • Market Explorer

Everything is automated as it analyzes relevant ranking keywords to over 100 competitors to create unique keywords you can use. Furthermore, it is also easy to customize.

Keyword Ranking Tool

Here, you can keep track of your ranking on different keywords. It shows you how many keywords you rank on.

It shows you the keyword, user intent, and search intent, whether navigational, informational, research, or transactional.

Further, I found it divided into minor categories. So, you get SGE tracking monitoring Goole with a new Search Generative Experience.

It tells you who ranks before and after the SGE element is clicked. Even the user interface is easy to connect with Google Sheets or Excel using your internal SEO dashboard or their Platform API.

With it, you also get estimated search volumes and cost-per-click for the keywords you research and track. It automatically collects keywords CPC data and is segmented by user intent.

Another highlight the tool helps with is it manages your ranking flux and keyword cannibalization. So, you need not compete with yourself as you see all your pages ranking over time for a specific keyword. 

You can choose your daily, weekly, or monthly rank tracking frequency. It will help predict the ROI for your different SEO campaigns using the SEO forecasting tool.

Hence, it helps you predict increases in your organic visits based on possible improvements within your rankings. With website analytics data, you can predict your future conversions and calculate your return on investment.

Optimize Your Page Using The Content 360 Tool


I use the newsletter platform for 100% research; it is an immense opportunity to improve and get a higher ranking.

You get SERP features that you rank on, as, in my case, I ranked on People Also Ask and FAQ.

You can also optimize your page and see the search volume on a keyword, but this is only an estimation.

Lastly, also get statistics on how often the program checks the keyword. It even takes a snapshot to view the full rankings of the keyword.

I found I could go back and edit my keyword and trash it. Still, the cool 😎 thing is if I want to optimize the page, you can use the 360 tool.

For example, if you want to optimize your page to rank higher, you need information about your visitors and where they come from. Everything is direct and organic and depends on the situation.

It tells you how to improve your article and get more traffic. You will see your bounce rates, the average time a visitor spends on your page, and where it comes from.

Still, I found navigating the content360 tool and the content assistant very difficult. I was not able to generate an entire blog post using them.

Page Analysis 

Using the page analysis, I got an overview of all my page rankings at the time. So, you will see how your content ranks for one keyword, the search volume, estimated traffic, and other elements.

Then, there are two other modules, tag analysis and share of search, which I have not explored much. In short, the tag analysis will show you the tags you use and analyze their relevance to the importance of using them on search engines.

While the share of search feature shows you the percentage of total searches for a specific keyword or phrase, your website receives.

Authoritas Review Search Modules

With the search modules, you can integrate your Google Search Console and Google Analytics to utilize your data.

While it shows you the information you can find in your Google Search Console, such as keywords, position you rank, clicks, query impressions, CTR, and more, there is something different.

Authoritas tries to map keywords to pages. For instance, when users search Neuraltext review, they see it ranks from multiple keywords and will see the highlighted niche.

You get different keywords for which your specific page ranks. This is a powerful way to see keywords compared to your pages.

You look at a specific page and use the last module in the search console, the CTR model.

It shows you the same as before but divides the keywords into branded and non-branded.

Author Discovery Tool

It is an exciting tool that you can look at from different directions.

You can enter many keywords here to find more authors writing about a keyword. You can also add or search by domain or go to the browser.

So, if you start with a search, you can add some keywords and get three different authors writing about those keywords. It is another way to gain a competitor analysis.

Then, you can place the domains they are writing on in the market analysis to check your performance compared to the authors. It is a powerful module.

The last two modules are basic for adding SEO campaigns and tracking them over time. You can also choose your crawl schedules in your campaign lists to manage your CTRs.

Technical Audit Tool

Another helpful tool in my Authoritas review is using it for a technical audit. It is very effective when I use it with my website.

The tool crawls your website and analyzes various technical aspects, such as site speed, indexability, crawlability, security, and mobile friendliness.

It provided me with a detailed report and highlighted all the issues I needed to fix. It gave me recommendations on how to resolve and optimize the problems for improved search engine visibility.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot. With the technical audit, you can run a Google Page Speed Insight report within Authoritas, and it is super cool.

Who is Authoritas For?

Authoritas is a digital marketing software made for businesses and digital marketing agencies.

With it, you can improve your SEO performance, track your rankings, analyze competitors, and optimize your content.

Whether you are a small business, marketing professional, or SEO specialist, you can benefit from using Authoritas. 

Alternatives to Authoritas

Regarding my Authoritas review and competitors, I would like to mention Semrush and SE Ranking.

Authoritas Pricing


Authoritas can be expensive if you haven’t used any SEO tool before, but when you compare it to Semrush and SE Ranking, their competitors, it’s in between.

It isn’t easy to compare the plans as SE Ranking focuses on keywords, whereas Authoritas focuses on how the keywords are, and Semrush is a third way. So it isn’t easy to compare, but they are in between.

The starter plan starts at £99/year ($1,271) and is made for small businesses to cover the essential SEO tasks. You also have plans available for teams and enterprises.

You can also start it free and decide if you want to move to the payment plans. 

Wrap-Up: Is Authoritas Worth It?

Looking back from the first time I used Authoritas until recently, I would say it is worth it as it has grown. 

They have built a robust backend, allowing you to gain more insight into your data and keywords.

When I tested it for the first time, their keywords were over 125 million and have grown immensely.

The design has changed, but talking to other users, especially beginners in SEO, they found the platform has a huge learning curve.

I’m still using it. The keyword research module is a powerful tool that helped me generate endless content ideas.

The competitor analysis has helped me to focus on where I can get the most traffic.


Will Authoritas replace Ahrefs?

I do not think Authoritas will replace Ahrefs, as both have unique features and depend on your needs. With Authoritas, you get keyword research, content optimization, competitor analysis, and more. Meanwhile, Ahrefs offers a backlink analysis tool, site audit tool, and rank tracking tool.

How does Authoritas help businesses improve their search engine rankings? 

Authoritas provides businesses with the tools and insights they need to optimize their website for search engines, including keyword research, content optimization, and competitor analysis. By identifying the right keywords and optimizing their content, businesses can improve their search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic to their website.

How does Authoritas compare to other SEO tools on the market?

Authoritas offers unique features and benefits that differentiate it from other SEO tools, such as its AI-powered insights and advanced content optimization tool. However, the choice between Authoritas and other SEO tools ultimately depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

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Authoritas Review: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

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