Content Villain Review – Your AI Copywriting Partner In 2024

Are you looking to generate content with minimal effort? But do you still want an outstanding output?

Then, my Content Villain review might be the right tool for you; at least, I wanted to get some answers.

It is an alternative to Nichesss and Writesonic with more than 50+ different tools you can use to generate content.

So, let’s get started by looking at Contain Villain and how it can help you create your own AI assistant.

I’m committed to providing unbiased opinions to you when reviewing SEO tools. I always test the product first-hand to provide a real user experience backed up with data. Combining this with my many years of experience in the SEO industry allows me to provide a great, unbiased review.

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Key Takeaways

  • You get a powerful content creation tool that allows you to write high-quality blog posts, social media content, and articles in seconds.
  • It has advanced AI algorithms to help analyze the input and provide engaging content tailored to your needs.
  • The application offers a user-friendly experience and interface for writers and marketers, and you can ask for a custom-designed model.

Pros and Cons Using Content Villain

When Content Villain started, it was an email scraper. The best part is that the tool is still available and works great. However, as with any AI tool, it has advantages and disadvantages.

Pros Using Content Villain

  • You get API and integrations
  • Choose custom models
  • Suggests and writes unique posts
  • There are loads of modules to choose from
  • User-friendly process

Cons Using Content Villain

  • No free trial
  • Not made for teams
  • Some outputs do need additional editing
  • Limited language support

Content Villain

My Quick Take

It is a simple AI copywriting tool with email finder and god boss mode for better-optimized content, but it has a learning curve.

Quality of content
User Experience



I won’t recommend Content Villain; there are just better alternatives out there, like Writesonic.

What is Content Villain?

Content Villain is an AI-powered content writing tool. The content generator can suggest or write blog posts, articles, emails, product descriptions, social media content, ads, and more.

The tool can be used to rephrase texts, and it comes with different models you can choose to solve particular problems. You can also ask the team to create a custom design model that fits your needs.

Content Villain Review Features

Content Villain is packed with many features, but they come at a high price a bit later on; we will discuss this. Now, I will look at the features so that you can decide if it is a worthy option.

User Interface and Design

First, I want to share that you can choose either the chatbot UX or the Web app.

My Chatbot UX Experience

Before I discuss my feelings about the dashboard, I want to discuss the chatbot UX. It is not something that I would use, but it is there if it is more helpful for you.

It gives you some descriptions to produce better content. To provide you with an idea, I chose the Idea Generation, in which you fill in a product name and description to get ideas.

You can then generate content or ideas, and it will generate them for you. In my case, I needed to create a group for my followers, improve my brand recognition, and so on.

Then, you can choose whether you want more outputs or to send the data to a webhook (but more on this later).

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My Web App Experience

When you enter the dashboard, it is okay, but I found the app still poorly-honed. Also, the default text size is small, and the overall appearance is a bit off-putting.

You can only use the AI Tools once you create a document. This inconveniences me as I want to generate ideas without starting a new document.

But there is a menu where you can find all the tools you can use as follows:

  • Marketing Ideas
  • Growth Ideas
  • Business Ideas

It is the idea generator you can use to create product descriptions, blogs, or website copy.

You can write sales copy, provide customer service, create emails, create ads, classify text, manage social media, and more.

You also have bespoke models that Content Villain can create for you, which can be found here.

Still, it is only available on a high enough plan and is a way to get your AI tool made specifically for your business needs.

A quick example is a custom plan, which you can create to generate recipes with the necessary ingredients.

A positive is that this feature makes them stand out from their competitors, providing you with just basic tools. 

Integrations and API

If we look at the current integrations in Content Villain, it is in here and works through webhooks or low-code workflows.

So, you can send data from Content Villain to another application using:

  • Zapier
  • Pabbly
  • Integrately 
  • SyncSpider and more

Still, I found the output does not always match the request, and the formatting appearance of the text looks unattractive. The output is acceptable but does not always align with your user intention.

You can also use the API for other complex needs, such as finding email addresses from URLs, rephrasing text, getting saved data, long-form content, queue generations, and custom model endpoints.

Email Detective

The email detective was one of the first tools Content Villain was built upon. You enter a URL, and the email-finding tool scans the website to find the email address.

I used my website URL and found it provided my email address. It is a helpful tool for email campaigns and marketing.

Still, I would make some changes, as you find loads of empty boxes, and the tool feels out of place in the AI writer app unless you need both an SEO-friendly content-generation tool and an email-finding tool.

A positive is that it also comes with a webhook button you can click to automatically trigger the webhook to send content to whatever you set up.

But this works very well. I have tested it on different websites, and overall, it finds between 60 to 80 percent of the different emails out there compared to when we do it manually.

Writing AI-Driven Content

Great. Now, let’s generate some content. I wanted to see how Content Villain does at providing AI-generated content.

Video Introductions

During my test, I added the blog title and description to generate some introductions to see the output. I also compared it to other tools like Nichesss and Writesonic.

I did find the introductions less long than with the other AI tools, but overall, they were okay.

I liked that I could generate it again, send it to the webhook, or save it as a copy.

Important Note: During my first test, I did end up with empty results, and the reason was that I provided too much text. So, it is crucial to be precise when generating quality content.

Still, overall, the results are excellent. I also used it to generate some YouTube introductions. I received great results when entering a title for the video, “Active Campaign Automate Your Email Marketing,” and provided a video description.

The introductions I received were great, but you can still tweak them for better results. Still, it does not end here, as the blog creator for long-form content is next on the list.

Blog Creator Writing Tool

Okay, here I was not impressed with using it compared to Writesonic.

So, it generates an introduction based on the information provided, and then you will enter the blog creation suite to add sections and your conclusion.

You need to add information in sections. I also found some UX issues as the design is not always responsive.

Furthermore, when you add a section, you must provide what it needs to contain, as the outline uses Writesonic.

I was also excited to see an add conclusion button, but once I clicked, it was disappointing as you must build a conclusion from a higher level to generate it.

The Write for Me function does not work well and still glitches.

Who is Content Villain For?

Content Villain is a writing tool that can provide AI-generated content for marketers, businesses, copywriters, and content writers.

You get custom models for SEO-friendly content generation to save you time. These models will help suggest content, give ideas, write descriptions, write business emails, and more.

You can also use it to find email addresses and social details from any URL. Or you can have it custom-made to match your brand. Another great thing about the AI tool is that you can rephrase various text using the API.

You can also use the trained NLP model, which allows you to generate up to four different outputs of up to 600 words.

Alternative to Content Villain

The competitors to Content Villain are Nichesss and Writesonic, as I see it.

Content Villain Pricing


When we look at Content Villain’s pricing structure, we see that it consists of three plans.

You have the test drive plan, which costs $5. Then there is the Warrior plan, costing $49. And the power user, which is the highest plan, costs $79 monthly.

With the test drive plan, you have five days to try everything in the Warrior plan, including unlimited web app use, to see if it works for you.

You do get unlimited credit, but only for five days. Compared to Writesonic and Nichesss, you can test the product for free, but it has limited functions.

The only difference between the Warrior and Power User plans is that in the Power User, you get API access.

Wrap-Up: Is Content Villain Your AI Copywriter Partner

No, it still does not automate content well during a user interface. I love their YouTube tools, and the output was outstanding.

However, I did not find it very helpful for writing long-form blog content, as it is still a bit buggy. But it is perfect for creating blog introductions to ads and business emails.

There were also UX elements that I am not a massive fan of. But I like that automation is high on the list and is still a work in progress.

The fact that you need to pay for a trial plan is also not great, as you can try Writesonic and Nichesss for free for a few days.

Still, as soon as all the bugs are sorted out and fully automated, it will be an AI tool to watch in the future.


Which AI text generator offers the best UI/UX experience?

Writesonic is the AI text generator that offers the best UI/UX experience, but several AI text generators are available on the market, each offering a unique UI/UX experience.

What can you do with Content Villain?

Content Villain is an AI-powered tool that generates high-quality, SEO-friendly content for your website or blog. It provides topic ideas, performs keyword research, and optimizes your content for search engines.

How much does Content Villain cost?

Content Villain has two plans, Warrior and Power User, costing $420 and $780 per year respectively. The plans differ in API Access, Personal Onboarding, and Blank Canvas Access. There’s no free trial, but you can use the Warrior Plan features for five days by paying $5.

Why should you use Content Villain?

Content Villain streamlines content creation for businesses and creators with customizable models and unique training programs. This powerful tool allows you to create quality, plagiarism-free content efficiently and boost productivity.

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Content Villain Review – Your AI Copywriting Partner In 2024

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