TruConversion Review: Track Your Website’s Performance

TruConversion is an analytics tool to monitor the behavior of your website in multiple areas, and in this TruConversion review, I’ll take you through all its exciting features.

Whether you want to track the performance of a form or monitor the behavior on your website or something else, TruConversion is the tool you need.

So let’s get into it.

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Key Takeaways

  • Track your website visitors’ behavior on the website to get actionable insights.
  • Track your forms to see where people drop off.
  • Send mini-surveys to your visitors to ask if they found what they sought.

Pros And Cons Using TruConversion

I want to share my pros and cons after using TruConversion on my website for a couple of weeks.

Pros Using TruConversion

Cons Using TruConversion


My Quick Take

If you want to optimize your website and increase your conversion rate, use TruConversion to your advantage.

truconversion website
Advanced Website Analytics Tool

What Is TruConversion?

TruConversion is an analytics platform you can use to record people on your website to see what they’re doing and if they’re encountering any issues.

You can optimize your website for better performance and a higher conversion rate based on the session recordings.

You can also send mini-surveys on your website for people to quickly answer if they found what they sought.

Combine that with form tracking, smart funnels, and setting up a visitor journey to ensure your website always performs the best possible.

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TruConversion Review Features

TruConversion consists of many interesting features that are impossible with Google Analytics, for example.

You can get a lot from running both simultaneously, but here are my thoughts on TruConversion’s features.

Smart Funnel: Track Your Website Visitors

smart funnel tracking

Smart funnels is a super advanced funnel tracking system that is perfect for checkout forms and funnels, which vary a lot in their journey.

You can use more advanced options when setting up a smart funnel than a normal one.

I tested with a simple funnel where people should download my e-books, and you can see I have a conversion rate of 46.81%, but more interestingly, I can see where people come from. That’s super cool.

I wish we had more data and could identify that 46.81% in the visitor journey module so I could see what else they were browsing.

But if you have a lead magnet, an e-commerce store, or something else, the smart funnelse module is perfect because you can identify where people drop off in your flow.

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Funnels: Traditional tracking

funnel tracking

The funnel tracking is super interesting, and it’s not only for marketing professionals; it’s for everyone.

Setting up funnels can sometimes be a bit one-sided, as they’re not smart like smart funnel tracking, but it does allow you to track funnel conversions as long as they follow the path you’ve set up.

Many think you should only do this if you’re running ads, but your content works like ads. They read your content, and they like what they read so that they may click on another post, and then they can sign up for your newsletter.

That’s a funnel of 3 steps, which could be interesting to track.


Use the data from the visitor journey module to set up multiple funnels you can track, and it’s the best way to improve your conversion benchmarks.

Be patient in the beginning; it takes a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it takes you no time to set up a new funnel.

Heatmaps: Figure Out Where Visitors Are Clicking

heatmaps truconversion

To write compelling content, you need to know what your website visitors are looking for and if they’re using your website correctly, and that’s what you use the heatmap for.

It uses a bit like recordings; you can read further down, but you start a campaign on a URL, and then TruConversion tracks the visitors, where they click, scroll, and so on, and then you get a report.

Based on this report, you get a lot of information on improving your website. Maybe a button is not working, or people think they can click a specific place, but nothing happens, so you need to change the design.

There is much valuable information to get through setting up a heatmap.

Forms: Improve Your Conversion Rate

form tracking

This was the most difficult module to set up and where you get the most value.

Here, you can monitor your current forms on your website and create new ones that will be tracked automatically.

From there, you get form field reports to optimize your forms and increase the conversion rate overall.

What I like here is that I can see what field is why someone is not fulfilling the form to the end, and that’s so interesting to follow.

My marketing strategy for my website is to grow my email list, and I do that through forms. That’s why this module was so interesting to me.

Recordings: Record Your Website Visitors For Insights


Visitor Journey: Monitor How Visitors Use Your Website

Now, my favorite part of TruConversion is the recordings, and this is interesting because you can set up recordings for a specific page or the entire website or monitor recordings by event.

You have so many trigger options, and I really like how well it runs without ruining my Google PageSpeed score.

You set up a campaign, set a limit, and then let it run. Once it’s done, you can go through the recordings one by one, and this is the tedious part.

I wish they would use AI to find trends in all these reports. Maybe 80% of the users leave a specific page after only scrolling 20%. Or they don’t click on any links or something third.

Right now, it takes a lot of time to go through the recordings.

visitor journey

The visitor journey is where you can monitor specific visitors and what they do on your website. If you combine this with form tracking, you can identify the leads and, based on that, have even more data.

From this, you can integrate into an email marketing platform and send tailored emails on your website based on their behavior.

With the visitor journey, you can give the website visitor a great experience by customizing the experience completely.

It’s a cool module, and I hope they’ll enhance the possibilities to track even more and make integration with email marketing platforms easier.

Microsurveys: Did The Website Visitors Find What They Sought?


Micro-surveys are perfect for getting direct customer feedback. You can make multiple small micro-surveys for specific use cases.

Maybe you have some blog posts answering a query, and then you ask the reader whether they got their question answered.

Or, if you have a little tool that does something specific, open a microsurvey to ask how the result was.

I like this module, and it’s simple to use and great overall.

Surveys: Run Surveys On Your Website


If the micro surveys are insufficient, you can build more elaborate surveys with the survey module here.

You can see on the right side you have all the questions and the answers to each question.

I like the logic you have around it, and while it’s not a super advanced survey module, you do get some functionality to ask questions, and that’s what it’s all about.

It’s about improving your website’s ability to convert visitors and provide value, and by doing this, you need to monitor customer behavior and get feedback from your customers with surveys.

The survey tool is made as a survey builder, and it is so simple to use, with drag-and-drop options.

Who Is TruConversion Made For?

TruConversion is made for anyone with a website who wants to improve their website, both the user experience and the ability to convert visitors.

With the combination of recordings, form analytics, tracking your sales funnel, and all the other optimization tools, you can improve your abandonment rate and conversion rate.

So, if you feel your website hasn’t been performing well lately, this might be your cue to try out TruConversion and improve it.

Alternatives To TruConversion

TruConversion is unique in its combination of features, but there are 2 alternatives where you can achieve some of the same features.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is entirely free to use, and I’ll recommend it to anyone, whether you’re deciding to use TruConversion or not.

You get so much supplemental data you can use with TruConversion, but you can also replace some features.

google analytics website

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is more of a trigger platform, but you can monitor a lot of things combining it with Google Analytics as you can with TruConversion.

Nevertheless, then you can set up TruConversion through Google Tag Manager.

google tag manager website

TruConversion Pricing

TruConversion Pricing

You can start using TruConversion for free for 14 days, and I recommend you do that to figure out whether TruConversion suits you.

Maybe Google Analytics is enough, or you’re just not at a point where you need all these features, which is important to start with.

You can also easily upgrade between the plans, so start with a basic plan if you feel TruConversion is for you, and then go from there. 100,000 monthly page views is quite a lot.

Wrap-Up: Is TruConversion Worth It?

Yes, TruConversion is worth it. You get so much functionality and recording features to add to your website to improve it further.

Sometimes visitors will experience issues because they have a specific browser or setup, something you would never catch, but because of TruConversion, you can actually see it and reproduce it.

By continuing to improve your website, you’ll increase the conversion rate and end up with a much better website.

So, if you’re up for it, I’ll recommend you try TruConversion.


My Last Thoughts

TruConversion is incredible for gathering data from your website to help you make data-driven decisions to get a better website.

truconversion website
Gather data from your website in one place
TruConversion review

In this TruConversion review, I review how to track your visitors to improve your conversion rate and create a better user experience.

Price: 49

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Web

Application Category: SEO

Editor's Rating:


  • Monitor all your website visitors' actions on your website.
  • Track forms to see where people drop off.
  • Build smart funnels to ensure people are using your website correctly.


  • It's time-consuming looking through all session recordings on your website.
  • It's not straightforward to set up form tracking.
  • You don't get generic statistical data on your visitors like Google Analytics.
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TruConversion Review: Track Your Website’s Performance


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