Web Asset Builders Review: Pricing, Speed, Content Quality

I stumbled upon Web Asset Builders in one of the SEO newsletters I receive weekly, and I wanted to check them out.

First, I ordered the package for them to help me write guest posts and do some outreach, and later on, I ordered one of their content packages.

Their content packages start high at 100,000 words, but it didn’t stop me from testing them.

I’ll share the process and how I felt the output was from Web Asset Builders, so let’s get into it.

I’m committed to providing unbiased opinions to you when reviewing SEO tools. I always test the product first-hand to provide a real user experience backed up with data. Combining this with my many years of experience in the SEO industry allows me to provide a great, unbiased review.

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Key Takeaways

  • They offer both link-building from external websites and written content.
  • The process was a little lengthy because of back-and-forth communication.
  • The content quality is very high, though lacking readability.

Pros And Cons Using Web Asset Builders

Now, after my first couple of orders with them, here are my pros and cons. I will say the delivery was postponed a lot because they received an overflow of orders.

Pros Using Web Asset Builders

  • The guest post outreach was super efficient and done within the time.
  • The content overall was of good quality after some iterations.

Cons Using Web Asset Builders

  • The communication is a bit slow and not streamlined through a platform.
  • The quality of the content lacked readability.

Web Asset Builders

My Quick Take

Copymate is great at generating content at high speed and in high amounts, but you don’t have much control of the content.

Quality of content
Guest post quality
Speed of Delivery


web asset builders website

Great for niche website builders who want to hand off their growth and get high-quality content.

Web Asset Builders Review: How Did They Perform?

This is the second content agency I’m testing, and I had high hopes based on my previous test of ContentPit.

I tried 2 services from Web Asset Builders, and I want to share my experience with their link-building and content production services.

Process signing up for the service


The process of signing up is super simple, but I feel it could have more questions to ensure they get it right.

I first bought the link-building package, and here, all I had to do was enter my website and describe what it was about.

I had to enter a list of keywords and other instructions for the content package, including a formatting guide. This is interesting as keyword research is part of the DFY package I bought, but maybe it’s just for inspiration.

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When you’ve bought the packages, you get a confirmation email, and that’s it for now. I was a bit confused about the process moving forward, and I didn’t hear anything for 2 days until they reached out via email.

Content Quality

Overall, the quality was good in the end after multiple iterations.

I would give it a score of 4 out of 5.

They lack readability and do not use lists, tables, or bolding words; that was a letdown.

You can read one of the articles I got back here about SEO writing.

For each blog post you get, you also get a content score that proves they’ve optimized the content. So overall, it’s a super detailed article packed with NLP terms.

You can also inform them of your affiliate links so they can add them to the text for you to earn your affiliate commission.

I ran all the content through Grammarly, and there were minor mistakes, but nothing out of this world.

Links Quality

The guest posts were of great quality and published pretty fast, linking back to my website.

They ensure do-follow links, and this process was super streamlined, 5/5, in my opinion.

They get you to describe your domain, and then they give you a list of domains.

You choose that number of domains depending on the number of links you’ve bought.

One of the domains they chose for me was uninterested, so they went with another upon my approval.

They’re super transparent throughout the process and ensure they write great content that will rank high in search engines.

This service is definitely made for niche website builders, and I’ll try it again in the future.

Pricing On The Services

The more you buy, the cheaper it gets, and as they’re already starting at around 50-100.000 words, this is where you buy in bulk orders.

If we compare with ContentPit for the DFY Content service, 50.000 words at ContentPit cost $1899, whereas it costs only $1150(on sale, normal price: $2500) at Web Asset Builders.

The difference, though? ContentPit interlinks the content.

If you want to buy fewer words, I recommend looking at ContentPit.

They have all types of services tailored for niche website builders, and the prices are super fair.

They often run discounts, so watch for that or write to them in the chat.

Speed and Delivery Time

The delivery time on the guest posts and links was on point; I don’t have any complaints about that. They usually have a turnaround time of 3-4 weeks, depending on the size of your order.

However, for my content order, it was too slow.

They told me it was due to an overflow of orders they received in 2023, so I understand. My problem was that they didn’t communicate this with me.

So, I would give them a 3/5 regarding speed and delivery time. The guest posts were on point, but they need to improve on the content.

It’s fair enough they’re delayed, but just communicate it.

Customer Service Before And During

The customer service throughout the process was great, with one exception.

I did get all my queries answered, both before ordering and after.

During my order, the customer service was lacking, as I didn’t know what was going on, and they didn’t tell me either.

As they don’t have a platform for communication either, it was all through email, so be aware of this.

I followed up a lot of times,

Communication Throughout The Process

The communication throughout the process has been a bit of a mix.

I’ve always received answers to my questions, but I’ve been missing them to be proactive about anything from delays to the further process.

I heard nothing once I bought one of the niche website builders services.

I had to reach out and ask what the process would be moving forward.

This became better as we moved into the process, but I felt a bit left out of the process.

What Services Does Web Asset Builders Provide?


 You can choose between 5 services at the moment:

  • DFY SEO Content
  • E-commerce Content
  • DFY Niche Sites
  • Digital Product Sites
  • Guest Posts

DFY SEO Content was the content service I tried where you provide your domain and a little description on your website, and then they do the keyword research, write the content, and publish it on your website.

You’re with them throughout the entire process. However, it does not include internal links, which disappointed me a bit since I got that with ContentPit.

E-commerce content is for websites running an e-commerce store, and they want help with keyword research and writing content. The process is the same; it’s just a different focus.

DFY Niche Sites is for niche website builders where you want a complete handoff approach and don’t want to do anything other than pay for them to grow your website. I’ve seen Niche Site Lady do this successfully.

Digital product sites are made for websites that are not content websites or e-commerce stores but are in between and still fall in the category of niche website builders. Here, you get content, keyword research, and, generally, a way to grow your website hands-off.

Guest Posts is the last service and also one I tried. You describe your website and give them some ideas to anchor texts, and then Web Assrt Builders do proper outreach and present you with your amount of links + 2 websites.

You choose between the websites, and then they do the outreach.

They write the guest posts for you, and you get to give feedback, as you’ll be the “person behind” the guest post.

Who Are Web Asset Builders For?

Web Asset Builders is for website owners who want to grow their website but don’t have the time to do it.

You can choose between high-quality content and guest post outreach services to completely hands-off niche website builders.

Their many services allow you to grow your website through their content creation service and optimization.

Alternatives To Web Asset Builders

Web Asset Builders offer various services, from managing your niche websites to content writing services.

Based on my experience, I can recommend one alternative.

Wrap-Up: Is Web Asset Builders Worth It?

Yes, Web Asset Builders is worth it as they offer high-quality services at a good price, and their hands-off service is among my favorites.

While they’re not my go-to for content production, I can see why people are excited to use them. The quality is great.

The first order always requires back-and-forth communication, as web asset builders must learn how you want your deliverables.

My order did surpass the deadline by almost 2 months because of an overflow of orders on their side. We did get it done in the end, though.

For guest post outreach, I can highly recommend them, but for content production, I’ll stick to ContentPit.

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Web Asset Builders Review: Pricing, Speed, Content Quality

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