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I'm Phillip, I'm an
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I love the technical aspect of SEO,
and then I love to write good content.

I enjoy weekly sharing SEO tool reviews and
actionable SEO tips in my newsletter.

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After programming for years I became an SEO Expert.

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Planzer is my own product, I use it every day for my task management.

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I've tested hundreds of SEO tools and shared more than 160 on my YouTube channel.

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"Phillip, very good job describing techniques and strategies using Topicmojo."
by Gilbert Starble

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I love to create

Here is a mix of my own products, which I’ve built,
and free e-books packed with my knowledge.

Find the best AI Copywriting tool

I’ve tested 50+ AI copywriting tools, and they all have unique use cases. I’ve collected my favourite 7 and made a beautiful e-book for you.


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I believe these 7 AI copywriting tools are the best, and I use the first one myself. What’s important to remember about AI content is that you need to edit it yourself if you really want to succeed long term.


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